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Make Ealing's Uxbridge Road Safe for All
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Following the recent tragic death of a woman on the Uxbr­idge Road, we feel Transport for London and Ealing Council have not achieved enough in their goals for a safer borough. There are many juncti­ons and crossings that are hazardous for pe­destrians, wheelchair users and cyclis­ts and difficult to negotiate for driver­s. This petition calls for a review of road safety along the le­ngth of the Uxbridge Road in Ealing. We wou­ld like this to be followed with a renew­ed and specific comm­itment from Ealing Council to provide protected space for vulnerable road users, and in­vest in safety impro­vements along the road to make it safe for all. 

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Wednesday, 25 October 2017
Monday, 27 November 2017
Ealing Cycle Campaign
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This petition has been reviewed and the following response has been offered:
Councillor Mahfouz responded to the debate on the petition as below First, on behalf of myself and the Labour Group may I pass on my deepest condolences to the families and friends of Claudia Manera and Darshan Singh Heer. Any loss of life on our streets is an absolute devastating tragedy. Thank you to Andy, Helen and everyone who has worked so tirelessly to collect this petition and raise the profile of this issue. I want to say up front that we will conduct the independent review requested. Many politicians may say that road safety is top priority, but for myself and this Labour administration it really is true. Road safety is the reason I came into politics. It is, above all others, the key performance indicator that I measure myself against. Whilst I am proud of the record we have since coming into power in 2010 of declining numbers of killed and serious injuries on our roads, we have new challenges. The impact of the deaths of Claudia and Darshan is evident. Both, in many ways, model citizens of our borough. Their contributions to society were immeasurable and positive. We must harness the positivity they exalted in life into tangible actions that make a positive difference for others around Ealing. We in the Labour Party are committed to doing that. Residents and members will remember we already highlighted the Uxbridge Road as the key corridor that we wanted to see improved with our comprehensive Mini Holland bid. It had support from the Leader and myself, the Labour Group and the Lib Dem group. However, the then leader of the Tory Group opposed the plans and well, we know that this cost this borough and its cyclists millions of pounds of investment in cycle infrastructure. Going forward we want to establish Ealing as one of the most cycle friendly boroughs in London. At the heart of that strategy will be a vision that has more people cycling because more people feel safe cycling in our borough. We have pushed back against local opposition and obstacles such as TfL to make pedestrian safety a reality at Hanwell Church Road junction and the Lido, but we want to see that gusto deliver results for safer cycling. In addition to bold new infrastructure proposals that make people feel safe on our roads, we need other measures in the meantime: That is why I personally visited the Met Police at TfL HQ to request Close Pass come to Ealing, which was recently delivered alongside education for cyclists and fines for drivers who flouted the laws of the road including going into Advanced Stop Lines for cyclists. I have also pushed for a return visit and hi vis presence in Ealing in January and will be escalating the task in order to get Ealing’s fair share of support from this team going forward. We also pioneered the Cycle Safety Shield in Ealing. Truly lifesaving technology. A collision alarm system that detects and alerts only when there is the possibility of a collision with a pedestrian or cyclist. We’ve put it onto every one of our contractor’s vehicles, but this needs to be installed on more vehicles travelling through our borough and our city. We are looking at new ways to be able to enforce against illegal dangerous parking Whilst I was meeting with the Met we also got details of how cyclists and others can report bad driving and actioned. We are also looking to see as part of the strategy how we can do our part to gather evidence of bad driving to pass onto the Met for actioning. As you will know, we have made some minor immediate changes at the Lido junction and we have been successful in our £8m bid to the Mayor which we will use to transform that part of the borough for pedestrians and cyclists. You have in us a partner ready to do what it takes to transform the borough for cyclists. We want to continue that partnership as we collectively create the way forward. When we do put these proposals forward. That will be the time that we all in this chamber will be judged. Tonight I am placing a marker down that when we table such proposals I want to see every member in this chamber support those proposals with the passion and determination that will truly put road safety first in Ealing .I can give you my solemn promise that we on this side, will. Council also debated a motion on the same topic and the following motion was agreed unanimously The motion read This Council notes that following the tragic death of Claudia Manera on the Uxbridge Road (October 2017), a local group, Make Uxbridge Road Safe, formed with the stated objective to campaign for roads across London – including and especially the Uxbridge Road, to offer protected space for cycling in line with the Mayor’s promise to triple and especially the this protected space. This comes after the death of 2 cyclists and 2 pedestrians on this stretch of road and 46 more suffering serious injuries in the past 5 years. In support of this stated objective and to help prevent future tragedies, this Council will: 1) Carry out a review of pedestrian accident “black spots” along the Uxbridge Road. Following the review, carry out work to make the pedestrian “black spots” safer, giving priority to completing the most dangerous sections first. The review and safety measures should give special consideration to wheelchair users, parents with young children, older residents and other vulnerable groups, including motorcyclists. 2) Carry out a Cycle Level of Service (CLoS) audit of the Uxbridge Road, which has already been identified by TfL in its own analysis, as one of the top 25 in London for development. The review will be done in accordance with TfL’s London Cycling Design Standards (LCDS) 2014, Chapter 2, to identify the sections that fail to meet LCDS standards. Following the review, carry out improvements where appropriate, so that the Uxbridge Road conforms to LCDS where possible, giving priority to completing the most dangerous sections first. 3) The Review to include local and independent stakeholders who will work with Ealing Council and Ealing Cycling Commission to deliver improved road safety for all users. The Review be completed by July 2019. This Council welcomes the good work that has been done by Ealing Council in recent years to encourage greater numbers of residents to take up cycling including initiatives like cycle training, hangars, the distribution of anti-crime devices and improving cycle infrastructure, making cycling easier in Ealing.
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