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Constitution of the Council

Ealing Council's Committees and Panels

Audit Committee

The purpose of the Audit Committee is to provide independent assurance of the adequacy of the risk management framework and the associated control environment, independent scrutiny of the authority’s financial and non-financial performance to the extent that it affects the authority’s exposure to risk and weakens the control environment, and to oversee the financial reporting process

Boundaries Panel

This Panel considers and determines where necessary, any matters arising on the boundaries and polling places for: (a) Polling districts (b) Wards (c) London Boroughs (d) GLA constituencies (e) Parliamentary constituencies (f) European parliamentary constituencies


Cabinet has the Leader and nine members; each member has a specific area of responsibility known as a 'portfolio' and is accountable for the council's decision-making process. Cabinet carries out all the local authority's functions which are not the responsibility of any other part of the local authority.

Chief Officers Appointments Panel

This panel is responsible for agreeing arrangements, shortlisting & interviewing candidates and making appointments, if appropriate, to chief officer posts.

Corporate Parent Committee

To ensure the corporate discharge of the council's responsibilities as corporate parent and scrutinise the quality of services to looked after children.


Council is where all 69 councillors come together to debate issues and take major decisions.

Council and Trade Union Joint Committee

This committee allows for the Council and the Trade Unions to consider relevant matters.

Ealing Business Partnership

The Ealing Business Partnership is a business led forum, where the council and local businesses work closely together over both service and delivery issues, especially regulatory services. It is a key mechanism for consulting and working with the business community across the borough. Annually it is used to present the council's annual budget with the business community.

Ealing Safer Neighbourhood Board

London's Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) asked London boroughs to set up Safer Neighbourhood Boards (SNB). The SNB is an accountability and engagement mechanism that will ensure police focus on the priorities of local communities. It meets in private three times a year and holds one public meeting.

Ealing Schools Forum

A forum used by the LEA to consult on: 1) any proposed changes to the school funding formula including the financial effect of any such change; 2) the terms of an proposed contract for supplies and services where the estimated value of the proposed public services contract is not less than the specific threshold which applies to the LEA; 3) the LEAs function relating to the schools budget in connection with education of pupils with special educational needs, early years education, use of pupil referral units, education of children otherwise than at school, insurance, free school meals, allocation of central government grants and scheme for the financing of schools.

Education Joint Committee

To consider and report to the appropriate cabinet member on matters requiring consultation with representatives of teaching staff in schools

Employment Committee(Inactive since 14/05/2013)

This no longer meets in this municipal year

General Purposes Committee

To exercise any council side functions not falling within the remit of any other committee . To exercise part or all of any cabinet function that is referred to the Committee by the joint agreement of the Chair and the relevant cabinet member(s) following consultation with the relevant shadow cabinet member(s). To approve minor changes to the constitution, on recommendation from the monitoring officer.

Health and Wellbeing Board

The Board aims to improve the health and wellbeing of the residents of Ealing and reduce current inequalities of outcomes.

Joint Safety Committee

This committee considers safety issues.

Leonardo Aggio Trust

To consider the financial position and investment strategy of the Leonardo Aggio Trust. To agree on the distribution of grants to musicians through Leonardo Aggio Trust Awards.

Licensing Committee

This Committee considers Licensing issues.

Licensing Panel

This Panel considers residual Licensing functions in relation to SEVs, pet shops, tattoo parlours etc.

Licensing Sub-Committee

This Panel considers Licensing matters delegated to the Licensing Sub-Committee under legislation set out in the Licensing Act 2003.

Local Development Plan Advisory Committee

This is a committee to advise and make recommendations on the Council's Local Plan.

Local Strategic Partnership Executive Board

The LSP Executive provides strategic leadership, actively problem solves and leads on project work on key local issues, with the aim of delivering improved outcomes on strategic issues no single organisation could achieve on its own. The Board meets on a quarterly basis and brings together senior executives from the statutory and voluntary sectors as well as business representatives.

Overview and Scrutiny Committee

OSC oversees and manages the scrutiny function of the Council. This includes developing the Members involved in scrutiny and the structures in which scrutiny operates. It also undertakes scrutiny of core aspects of the Council’s operation e.g. performance, budget strategy, crime and disorder, and call-ins and reviews the performance of the Local Strategic Partnership. It also looks at some policies before they go to Cabinet for decision. OSC also ensures that compatible work programmes are developed by all associated Panels and reports annually to Council on the work of scrutiny. The Overview and Scrutiny Committee is able to set up review panels to consider specific issues. The review panels have a fixed term and have to work to an agreed programme.

2021-2022 Panels

These are the Scrutiny Panels active during the 2021-2022 municipal year.

Health and Adult Social Services Standing Scrutiny Panel

This panel will consider Health and Adult Social Services.

Pension Fund Panel

(i) To decide all matters relating to policy and target setting for, and monitoring the investment performance of, the pension fund (ii) To consider and decide all matters regarding the management of the pension fund’s investments, including sales and acquisitions of properties to be owned by the Council for statutory pension purposes (iii) To consider and make recommendations on policy and staff related issues which have an impact on the pension fund directly or indirectly through changes in employer pension contribution rates There is also a Local Pensions Board

Planning Committee

To exercise the council's functions as a local planning authority including approval under Building Regulations, Hedgerow Regulations and related matter, the Unitary Development Plan and Strategic Planning but excluding planning policies which include the UDP and strategy planning, except those planning policy areas as follows: Planning briefs, Conservation area designations, Conservation area, design guides, Conservation area character statements and/or action plan, Article 4 directions, Conservation area panels membership.

Regulatory Committee(Inactive since 09/05/2017)

The Regulatory Committee is now defunct and no longer meets. The role of the Committee was to take an overview of regulatory functions such as development control, licensing, parliamentary proceedings, election, registration and inspection of homes and Member training; and to exercise any Cabinet function referred to it.

Schools Admission Forum

This yearly forum considers school admissions policy

Scrutiny Review Panels (Archive 2013-2020)

A list of previously completed Scrutiny Review Panels. For current Review Panels, please refer to '2019-2020 Panels' listed under Overview and Scrutiny Committee

(2013/14) Scrutiny Review Panel 1 (Governance)(Inactive since 26/05/2014)

This Panel reviewed the existing governance arrangements with a view to making recommendations for the future governance arrangements for Ealing Council.

(2013/14) Scrutiny Review Panel 2 (Transport)(Inactive since 26/05/2014)

This panel considered aspects of transport within the borough and made recommendations on how these could be made more efficient and effective.

(2013/14) Scrutiny Review Panel 3 (Economic Growth and Business Development)(Inactive since 26/05/2014)

This panel considered prospects for further economic growth and business development in the borough.

(2014/15) Scrutiny Review Panel 1 (Ealing's Contracts, Demands & Partnerships)(Inactive since 05/05/2015)

This Panel considered key areas of contractual arrangements, demand management, joint procurement, procurement frameworks and shared services within the borough and made recommendations on how these can be made more efficient and effective.

(2014/15) Scrutiny Review Panel 2 (Ealing 360 Degrees)(Inactive since 08/05/2015)

This Panel looked at different aspects of council services, particularly those that had not been looked at recently.

(2014/15) Scrutiny Review Panel 3 (Ealing's Customers)(Inactive since 08/05/2015)

This Panel looked at how the Council engages and interacts with Ealing's residents and businesses.

(2014/15) Scrutiny Review Panel 4 (Ealing 2024)(Inactive since 08/05/2015)

This Panel looked to envisage how Ealing would look in 10 years’ time particularly in relation to population pressures and the impact on public services.

(2015/16) Scrutiny Review Panel 1 (Ealing 360 Degrees)(Inactive since 09/05/2016)

This Panel looked at different aspects of council services, particularly those that had not been looked at recently.

(2015/16) Scrutiny Review Panel 2 (Community Centres)(Inactive since 09/05/2016)

This Panel considered how the Council would implement a policy that allowed for community centre self-suffiency going forward.

(2015/16) Scrutiny Review Panel 3 (Co-operative Enterprises)(Inactive since 09/05/2016)

This Panel examined the possibility of enabling co-operatives and social enterprise.

(2016/17) Scrutiny Review Panel 1 (Inequalities)(Inactive since 09/05/2017)

This Panel considered inequalities within the Council's service provision.

(2016/17) Scrutiny Review Panel 2 (Transport)(Inactive since 09/05/2017)

This Panel considered transport issues in the borough.

(2016/17) Scrutiny Review Panel 3 (Emergency Planning & Business Continuity)(Inactive since 09/05/2017)

This Panel considered how emergency planning and business continuity procedures were undertaken by the Council.

(2016/17) Scrutiny Review Panel 4 (Digital Services)(Inactive since 09/05/2017)

This Panel considered the Council's digital practices.

(2017/18) Scrutiny Review Panel 1 (Violence Against Women and Girls)(Inactive since 02/05/2018)

This Panel considered the Council's response to violence against women and girls.

(2017/18) Scrutiny Review Panel 2 (Licensing Policy)(Inactive since 02/05/2018)

This Panel reviewed the robustness of the Council's current Licensing Policy.

(2017/18) Scrutiny Review Panel 3 (Future Ealing)(Inactive since 02/05/2018)

This Panel considered the Council's approach to the 'Future Ealing' policy.

(2017/18) Scrutiny Review Panel 4 (Transport)(Inactive since 02/05/2018)

This Panel considered transport issues in the borough.

(2018/19) Scrutiny Review Panel 1 (Housing and Planning)(Inactive since 06/05/2019)

This Panel will consider housing and planning issues in the borough.

(2018/19) Scrutiny Review Panel 2 (Knife Crime & Youth Engagement)(Inactive since 06/05/2019)

This Panel will consider issues around knife crime and youth engagement in the borough.

(2018/19) Scrutiny Review Panel 3 (Air Quality)(Inactive since 06/05/2019)

This Panel will consider air quality issues in the borough.

(2018/19) Scrutiny Review Panel 4 (Future Ealing)(Inactive since 06/05/2019)

This Panel will continue to consider the Council's approach to its 'Future Ealing' strategy.

(2019/20) Scrutiny Review Panel 1 (Education)

This Panel will consider education matters in the borough.

(2019/20) Scrutiny Review Panel 2 (Active Citizenship)

This Panel will consider Active Citizenship initiatives in the borough.

(2019/20) Scrutiny Review Panel 3 (Local Effects of National Issues)

This Panel will consider the effects of current national issues upon the borough.

(2019/20) Scrutiny Review Panel 4 (Leisure)

This Panel will look at the Leisure offer in the borough.

Shadow Cabinet

For meetings of the Shadow Cabinet.

Standards Committee

This Committee promotes and maintains high standards of conduct by councillors and co-opted members. It determines allegations referred to it under the Council's Standards Procedures, that a member or co-opted member has failed to comply with the Local Code of Conduct for Councillors.

Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education

This Committee considers Religious Education matters.

Ward Forums

Here you will find details of your Ward Forum. If you are not sure of your ward search for your councillors under the Councillors tab. For further details about Ward Forums use the A-Z tab

West London Economic Prosperity Board

The London Boroughs of Barnet, Brent, Ealing, Hammersmith, Harrow and Hounslow (“the Participating Boroughs”) have established the Joint Committee pursuant to powers under the Local Government Acts 1972 and 2000, and under the Local Authorities (Arrangements for the Discharge of Functions) (England) Regulations 2012. The Joint Committee’s role and purpose on behalf of the Participating Boroughs relates to ensuring appropriate, effective and formal governance is in place for the purposes of delivering the West London Vision for Growth and advancing Participating Boroughs’ aspirations for greater economic prosperity in West London, including promoting “the Economic Prosperity Agenda”, in partnership with employers, representatives from regional and central government, and education and skills providers.

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