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Ealing Schools Forum

A forum used by the LEA to consult on: 1) any proposed changes to the school funding formula including the financial effect of any such change; 2) the terms of an proposed contract for supplies and services where the estimated value of the proposed public services contract is not less than the specific threshold which applies to the LEA; 3) the LEAs function relating to the schools budget in connection with education of pupils with special educational needs, early years education, use of pupil referral units, education of children otherwise than at school, insurance, free school meals, allocation of central government grants and scheme for the financing of schools.
06 February 2003 - onwards
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PartyNameRoleMembership DatesAttendance
Councillor Paul Driscoll Member 22/05/2018 - current 83%
Councillor Carlo Lusuardi Member 22/05/2018 - current 50%
Councillor David Millican Member 13/05/2015 - current 87%


NameRoleMembership DatesAttendance
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Paul Adair Member 12/04/2013 - current 91%
Ms Emma Appelby Member 16/04/2020 - current 100%
Ian Buchanan Member 01/11/2016 - current 100%
Ms Marion Budd Member 06/11/2020 - current 100%
Ms Kathleen Coll Member 01/10/2018 - current 100%
Ms Susan Dhillon Member 24/06/2019 - 23/06/2022 67%
Belinda Ewart Member 12/04/2013 - current 87%
John Goddard Member 12/04/2013 - current 61%
Mr Jeremy Hannay Member 16/04/2020 - current 100%
Mr Jon Hicks Member 01/10/2018 - current 100%


No Substitute information needs to be specified as the Substitution type is all. Any elected member may substitute.

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