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Resolve the parking issues in Bellevue Road and neighbouring streets caused by the introduction of the Kent CPZ zone TT
Resolve the parking issues in Bellevue Road and neighbouring streets caused by the introduction of the Kent CPZ - zone TT.
Since the introduction of the Kent CPZ, parking in Bellevue Road  has become extremely difficult. Displaced commuters and shoppers fill the street during the day meaning residents are frequently unable to park near their homes and often not in the same street. Consider the effect on the elderly, disabled, people with shopping and people with small children. In addition the extra cars that now park along Scotch Common cause major traffic hold-ups as two large vehicles can no longer pass each other. Scotch Common is a bus route.
Bellevue Road residents were not consulted regarding the Kent CPZ, when clearly Bellevue Road should have been considered as an "outer" area that would be affected by its introduction.
Clearly some roads within  the Kent CPZ had their own issues which may have been resolved by its introduction. However, Cleveland Road is now largely empty of cars. So, not only has the inclusion of Cleveland Road in the CPZ helped create parking stress in Bellevue Road and surrounding streets, it would appear that it is also raising very little money for Ealing Council.
This petition is for an immediate review of CPZ TT  and for location 9951 - Cleveland Road - to revert to free parking.
A paper version of this petition is also being circulated by Bellevue Road residents and amongst our local traders in Pitshanger lane. Please only sign once - either online or on paper. However, all members of a household who feel affected can of course sign individually.
This petition has been started by residents of Bellevue Road, but we realise that many other streets may be feeling the knock-on effect of this CPZ. So please do sign if you feel you have been negatively impacted. The solution is not to keep implementing more CPZs which will exacerbate the problem, but to take action now to fix the current issues.  
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Tuesday, 27 March 2018
Tuesday, 24 April 2018
Bellevue Road Residents
This petition currently has 136 signatures in total.
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Andrew Akerman
Tanya Alvares
Christie Archer
Zufrila Aziz
Sarah Badger
Patricia Bedford
Deborah Bell
James Bell
Chris Bellinger
Lovlina Bindra
This petition has been reviewed and the following response has been offered:


Councillor Mahfouz replied to the petition when it was presented to Council on 24th April as follows

Thank you for your petition. I should start by saying that I have lived in the borough for over 30 years and know your road and Scotch Common well. For as long as I have known it, there have always been serious parking pressures on Bellevue Road. The implementation of a CPZ in neighbouring streets has not made this a new phenomenon.


You have asked us to review the Zone TT CPZ. As per our policy, compulsory CPZ reviews no longer happen because we found in the vast majority of them, no change was necessary. We will conduct a review where there is a “substantial” level of requests. The petition you have collected would be deemed as a “substantial” number of signatories. However, they are all from people who live outside of the zone. It is not possible for residents outside a zone to ask for a review within it, it would be for those residents to request such a review.


What we would be able to consider would be the options made available to you via officers. The original boundary of the CPZ consultation was determined by the councillors at the time, as they paid for the consultation.


Had Bellevue Road have been included in the original CPZ consultation boundary in the outer zone, and had you voted against as you suggest would have been the case, then you would be in the same position as you are now: outside of the zone.


In relation to reviewing the charging of dual use bays within the zone, this will be something that we will follow through with




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