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Removal of Speed Humps on Tring Avenue, Ealing

Many of the residents who are living in Tring Avenue are unhappy with the current traffic calming measures which were installed on Tring Avenue in 2001, after a consultation by the Council which many were not aware of.We request the immediate removal of the speed humps on Tring Avenue.

Almost 2 decades have passed and since then, extensive research have shown speed humps drastically reduce air quality in the surrounding area by causing a monumental increase in nitrogen monoxide and nitrogen dioxide emitted from vehicles due to the constant braking and accelerating. Speed humps are massive hindrance to emergency services including police, ambulance and the fire service, significantly reduce response times, and cause an incredibly painful journey for certain ambulance patients.

Speed humps also caused increased noise pollution, cause excruciating pain for people with spinal / back problems, as well as elderly people, prevent certain or older / classic types of vehicle passing them without causing damage, cause constant damage / wear on suspension systems in all vehicles (even passing at speeds below 10mph), decreases property prices in the area, and prevent your right to a smooth and unhindered drive. Michael Gove, the Environment Secretary has told councils to remove speed humps to reduce dangerous pollution levels caused by them  as we are already facing vastly illegal levels of pollutants (according to EU legalisation) across many parts of the capital. Ealing Council have responded by doing the complete opposite and continue to install speed humps.

It is now 2018 and the majority of us are truly fed up with Ealing Council’s outdated, ruthless and discriminate traffic calming policy across the borough. We would like to see Ealing council follow in the steps Barnet Council took to improve road safety without such aggressive traffic calming measures, including actually removing many of their speed humps. Research by scientists at Imperial College London showed a diesel car emits 98% more nitrogen dioxide when driving over speed bumps compared to speed cushions - and this is just compared to speed cushions. The difference from driving on a flat road as opposed to a road with humps is even greater! It is a silent killer and is overlooked so much as you can't see it or barely smell it. It can cause respiratory effects including airway inflammation in healthy people and increased respiratory symptoms in people with asthma.

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Thursday, 12 April 2018
Monday, 14 May 2018
Tring Avenue Residents
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Emel Alaoui
Nicholsa Arratoon
John Bennett
Jane Bennett
Louise Bicknell
Simon Bicknell
Paulo da Silva
Amerjit Deu
ravinder dhesi
Natasha Doman
This petition has been reviewed and the following response has been offered:

We have considered your comments along with those of the residents that have contacted the Council directly - 24 emails received; 8 in favour and 16 against the removal of the speed bumps and have concluded that we will not be moving forward with the removal of the speed bumps.  Road safety is one of the Council main transport objectives, therefore, it is the Council policy to reduce traffic speed and, consequently, the severity of road collisions.  Traffic calming is, therefore, an important element of this.

In terms of addressing some of the points raised in correspondence on this topic

  • Air quality - whereas there maybe evidence of a localised increase in pollutants from vehicles travelling over speed bumps, we do not believe removing the speed bumps in Tring Avenue will have a notable positive impact on the health of residents.  In fact, the likely increase in traffic using Tring Avenue should the speed humps be removed would have a negative impact on air quality along the whole road. 


  • Emergency Services – Prior to implementation, all proposed Traffic and Highway schemes are sent to the Emergency services (Ambulance, Police, Fire Brigade) as part of a statutory consultation process for comment.  The impact on response times of traffic calming in Tring Avenue is negligible.


  • Lowering Property Prices – Research has shown that the impact of traffic calming on property prices is very subjective, with conclusions varying from positive to negative.  On balance, therefore, the Council believes that the impact of a severe road traffic collision is much more serious, and will continue to implement schemes which reduce the severity of collisions.


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