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Withdrawal of proposed increases in Resident Parking Permit Charges and introduction of shared use parking bays

Withdraw its proposed increase in resident parking permit charges in Controlled Parking Zones and the proposed introduction of shared use parking bays in CPZs

The Council plans to increase resident permit charges in CPZs by up to 60% from next year. This is with the express aim of raising an extra £500,000 of revenue from residents. That makes it a tax, which the Council is not allowed to levy. CPZ permit schemes are a traffic management tool and are expressly forbidden by law to be used to raise revenue.

This proposal was not publicised by Labour candidates before the local council elections and was only introduced by the administration after the elections. It was mentioned vaguely on page 31 in their 35 page manifesto, under environment rather than transport.

The Council claim the new charges will deter people from owning what they call 'more polluting' vehicles but they have produced no evidence to support this. It will simply tax families, the elderly, those who rely on a car for work, people who live in shared houses and those on lower incomes who cannot afford to change their cars.

The proposal will not affect anyone living outside the CPZ areas who has a 'polluting' vehicle, not those who park their vehicles on private drives within CPZs. Nor will it have any effect on the heavy vehicles that pass through the borough every day which contribute far more to poor air quality than residents do.

The policy simply makes no sense.

Furthermore, the Council wants to introduce shared use parking bays into CPZ areas, again with the idea of raising revenue. This would allow non-residents to drive to a CPZ, pay £4.50 to park for the day, and then drive home again. This will increase traffic and pollution in the borough and put added pressure on roads where parking is already a problem. All this is contrary to the Council's stated aim of reducing pollution and traffic congestion.

The shared use bay scheme is to be trialled in Chiswick and then rolled out across the borough. Again, no publicity has been attached to this scheme. It is simply being imposed.


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Thursday, 21 June 2018
Friday, 20 July 2018
Simon Hayes
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This petition has been reviewed and the following response has been offered:

Dear petitioners,

I’d like to thank Mr Hayes for bringing this petition together and all those who’ve taken the time to sign it and express their concerns.

I do however have to disagree with the premise and content of the petition.

Firstly, there is no trial of shared-use parking bays in Southfield or Chiswick, this is not a trial programme. It is not a new policy; it was first introduced back in 2012 when 82 spaces were converted to shared use in Drayton Green (Zone NN).

Since then Ealing council has added 10 more zones, and across all 11 CPZs with shared bays there are almost 1,000 (965) such spaces in operation.

Ealing operates some 52,000 bays in total, the latest proposals and the plan going forward will see an adjustment in bays so where there is little or no use of the spaces, we will offer scope for the bays to be utilised. The total number of shared-use bays will form around 10% of the total bays we operate, although this will be significantly lower in some areas. Hence, we are only looking at a small selection of bays, not whole CPZs.

It will not be a ‘free-for-all’ across the CPZs since existing permit holders can park in those shared bays and furthermore, share bays cannot be booked in advance.

We will also be looking to encourage the take up of electric vehicles by installing the infrastructure like charging points. The evidence to date shows that they will help make better use of our road space.

The plan going forward is to map usage in our CPZs, identify and implement shared bays and review them once they have bedded in. The evidence to date shows that they work, meaning better take up of under-used bays and little disruption to regular CPZ usage, but we will keep them under review.

The overall ‘Transport Strategy’ approved in June, which underpins CPZ charges (the strategy does mention shared bays at all – nothing to do with it), is a plan for a modal shift. The strategy is designed to encourage Ealing’s motorists to make more sustainable travel decisions by incentivising lower polluting vehicles and car sharing. The express aim of the changes is threefold:

  • Improve air quality – by discouraging the use of old diesel vehicles.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of motoring – by supporting drivers who use lower emission vehicles.
  • Improve road safety and traffic – to lower the number of vehicles used as more people share vehicles, join car club schemes or use sustainable modes of transport such a tube, bus, bike, or walking, instead of car journeys.

Poor air quality is a serious public health issue, as it causes early deaths for up to 10,000 people annually in London (of which an estimated 387 will occur in Ealing). 

Diesel vehicles are responsible for 40% of the pollution which is why they are charged at a higher rate. It is time for action, but we aren’t doing this alone. Fifteen other London boroughs have emission based charging and our pricing levels remain fair and are not out of step with comparable boroughs.

The Transport Strategy is designed to help clean up our air, incentivise residents to make environmentally sound choices and make healthier choices like cycling or walking. Part of that strategy is the introduction of emissions based charging for parking permits and this follows the practice in other boroughs.  Our prediction is that we will receive a 13% reduction in parking permits as residents move to walking, cycling and public transport instead of using the car, and our hope is this percentage reduction increases over the coming years.

The Transport Strategy is fair, comprehensive, and has our stated aims at its heart.

For these reasons we cannot accept your petition, I will not withdraw the transport strategy and we will continue with the roll out of our shared use bays, CPZ charge changes and press on to clean up our air and save lives.

Best wishes,

Cllr Mik Sabiers

Cabinet member for Environment & Highways.


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