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Save our Streets Hanwell

We call upon the LONDON BOROUGH OF EALING to listen and act on this petition to come up with a structured plan, by working with team SOS, residents, the Met police, local charities and outreach partners, in order to make and ensure our streets are safe for our children, elderly and vulnerable members of our local and friendly community.

We, the people of Hanwell, want to reclaim our streets

From the drug addicts, drug dealing, street drinkers and gangs. We want to see all the anti-social behaviour gone from our community, which includes harassment to local peeople with street begging, abuse, muggings, urinating and defecating in broad daylight, drug paraphernalia left lying around the streets, in phone boxes, in houses entrances, people being sexually harassed, children are exposed to this daily, this is not what we want as a community to endure. The increase in ASB has risen significantly, since the proposed Public Safety Protection Order for Hanwell was dismissed in favour of a borough wide one which could take a year to implement if it is approved, Hanwell is now between the PSPO in Southall and West Ealing which has significantly increased the ASB in our community.

We urge our Elected leaders to act now to ensure a safe community for us all to enjoy 

Save our Streets Make Hanwell Safe!

Team SOS are not associated with any political group.

We simply care to how our local and friendly community is supported, respected and protected.

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Friday, 29 June 2018
Monday, 30 July 2018
Save our streets
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Mary Aboukhalil
Pippa Abrahams
Caroline Allen
Geoff Allen
Julija Andrejeva
Cybulska Anna
Simone Asquith
Joanne Aulds
Rita Barany
Elizabeth Barquin
This petition has been reviewed and the following response has been offered:

The commitment to support work to address antisocial behaviour in Hanwell is strongly welcomed. The police, council and local councillors have been involved in ongoing engagement with residents and resident groups, including representatives from Hanwell SOS, this year. These discussions highlighted concerns about a perceived increase in antisocial behaviour locally. Listening carefully to and responding to these concerns, the police and council adopted a targeted approach over summer 2018 to address the issues raised in the areas where residents said they felt unsafe. As part of this approach, joined up patrols of key parts of Hanwell were undertaken by police officers from the safer neighbourhoods team and Parkguard.  Proactive CCTV taskings were also put in place to ensure optimum use was made of Hanwell’s existing good CCTV coverage to gather evidence against and tackle offenders. Additionally, officers in the council’s commissioned rough sleeping outreach services and drug and alcohol intervention and treatment services placed greater focus on Hanwell during this time to identify individuals in need of enhanced support. Partnership days were also held which focused on joint high visibility patrols and resident and business engagement, compliance visits to licenced premises, targeted parking enforcement, fly-tip clearance and weapons and drugs sweeps, as well as a pop up stall offering crime prevention advice. 


The approach had successful outcomes: A high number of Community Protection Warning Notices were issued to individuals identified as involved in anti-social behaviour, resulting in a number being banned from the Hanwell area and having specific behavioural requirements placed around them. Further, police and council officers successfully worked together to obtain injunctions against key individuals associated with more serious anti-social and criminal behaviours. Those injunctions have been successful in managing the behaviours of those individuals, and robust enforcement of the injunctions has resulted in custodial sentences for those who have breached their orders. We were pleased to hear residents feel there has been a marked improvement in the area since this partnership work was conducted.


Looking ahead, it is imperative that residents report antisocial behaviour and crime through the appropriate channels and let their local councillors know if they are experiencing any issues with reporting. It is only through reporting that the police can respond to perpetrators in the ways outlined and provide the council with the evidence it needs to support decision-making around addressing the causes of antisocial behaviour. At present, the evidence shows that the rate and volume of crime in Hanwell remains lower than many other parts of the borough and is 16% lower than the borough average. This clearly does not match up with resident perception and a true reflection of the scale of the issue will only achieved through reporting.


With regards to a longer-term approach, Ealing Council has committed to compiling evidence for and consulting on a borough-wide PSPO in 2019. If the consultation results in support for the implementation of a PSPO Hanwell will be included, with a commitment that targeted conditions will be considered to tackle the specific behaviours found to impact detrimentally on Hanwell residents and those working in and visiting the area.


Violent crime and antisocial behaviour is undeniably a blight on our community. The council is committed to continuing to work with its police partners to ensure Hanwell remains a safe place for residents to live, work in and visit. However, to tackle this, we need to work together to address the causes of antisocial behaviour and handle incidents when they take place. We thank you for your support and assistance with this endeavour.




Cllr Joanna Camadoo

Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Inclusion

Labour Councillor for Elthorne

Tel: 07960777921



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