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Ask the council to, Debate, consult in public and review the dockless bike schemes in Ealing Borough.

We petition the council to carry out a wide-ranging public consultation on the operation of dockless bike schemes in the borough

Had enough of dockless bikes left anywhere in our streets?

If like me you are sick of seeing dockless hire bikes left around the roads, please contribute to this petition.

- If you agree that seeing orange and green (or any other) bike from a commercial enterprise, left in strange and inconvenient places, or even piled up against trees, or apparently thrown on the ground taking pavement space, please contribute to this petition
- We pay council tax, to enjoy safe highways, the scheme operators pay nothing.
- Don’t you think it’s a bit too much for kiddies, Mums with pushchairs and older neighbours to have to navigate these bikes left all over the place – if this is what you think – please contribute
- These bikes threaten our safety because they have been used by criminals to commit crime – if you don’t want this – please contribute.

If you feel strongly about this please NOW do these things!

·     Contribute to the petition

·     Tell your friends and neighbours because we need 1500 +replies to force the council to debate this.

More details
You may agree with the principle behind these schemes and the overall initiative  may be something you agree with and you appreciate the council’s decision to introduce the schemes.
But users just leave the bikes anywhere so unless it is possible to create designated dockless spaces where the bikes must be left, users will continue to make the pavements areas where bikes are left.

Leaving the bikes in a multitude of places makes it harder for new users to find and use them.

Press coverage states Manchester council rejected the Mobike scheme for reasons you’ll guess.


·    Bikes left around, vandalised and stole

     The bikes are reputedly easy to vandalise and steal - smash the lock off, disable the GPS tracker and away you        go.

     The bike goes “off grid” and is frozen in time on the Mobike app

·      Bike batteries run down so they can’t be “geo located”


Mobike and other operators are controlled by TfL's code of practice and it is debatable the schemes fully comply. A simple reading of the conditions suggests the operators are in breach and the state of the streets we pay to use suggest that these schemes are simply NOT MANAGED

TFL Code of Practice
Section 7. Operations -
Dockless bike share schemes must be operated so as not to cause disruption. The deposit or use of shared dockless bikes (individually or collectively) must not cause Nuisance or Obstruction, and

must not restrict or affect the use or enjoyment of property on Public Roads, the premises of any Highway Authority, or private land.

7.1. Where an Obstruction occurs, the Dockless Bike or Bikes involved must be moved to a compliant parking space within the Timescales set out in Section 6.3. Failure to comply may result in removal, a formal warning, FPN or prosecution.

Hounslow Council has launched a consultation to see what the public think. This petition therefore asks Ealing Council to

carry out a wide-ranging public consultation to learn what the public in Ealing borough think about the operation of dockless bike schemes in the borough



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Friday, 22 February 2019
Saturday, 23 March 2019
Don Tanswell
This petition currently has 334 signatures in total.
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Richard Ackland
Katherine Adam
Ian Alexander
Michael Ambrose
Padideh Asgari
Luisa Asirvatham
Michael Babiak
Maria Babiak
Dennis Bailey
This petition has been reviewed and the following response has been offered:

The Council’s policy is to increase the cycling mode share, this has significant air quality and health benefits and is likely to reduce demand for car parking spaces over time.


As such, the dockless cycle hire scheme is helping us achieve this policy.  There were over 2,000 rides last week week using dockless cycles and with very few complaints from the public since the scheme was first implemented in September 2017.  The vast majority of bikes are left in reasonable locations for future hire.  Leaving them in multiple places actually increases, not decreases access to a bicycle as claimed.


If you do see a bicycle completely blocking the footway, the contact details on the bike will allow you to report it; the operators have a few hours to respond as per our agreement with them and to date they have been reasonably good at doing so and have been generally compliant with both the TfL code of practice and the agreement with the Council.


Also, it is incorrect to state that Manchester rejected the scheme.  It was a commercial decision by Mobike to withdraw the service.  The levels of vandalism and theft are significantly lower in Ealing, but there is no cost to the public purse when this does occasionally occur.

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