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Request the Council to review the timings of CPZ Zone L

CPZ Zone L has been implementated in Southall Broadway for over a decade

There has often been a call in ward forums/emails for this CPZ to be reviewed but to no avail.

A FOI request highlighted that Zone L generates the highest revenue for a CPZ in the borough fo Ealing

The petition request is to review the current end timings of 8pm (Mon-Sun) - if this review prompts an entire reqieve of CPZ L then that is also acceptable.

Due to the many restaurants that operate in Southall Broadway, it was noted that visitors were seen to be parking and waiting from 7pm resulting in no parking for the many residents who often work unsociable shifts (not just 9-5)

It was also noted that due to the waiting issue of visitors, such days for Religious events, of which there are many in the area, it was impossible for residents to find any parking after 8pm, often meaning vehicles circling the many 1-way routes which isnt good for the health due to emissions but due to work shifts, having to walk almost a mile back to their property even at 12am!



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Monday, 2 December 2019
Thursday, 2 January 2020
R Gill
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R Gill - Petitioner
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03/01/2020 00:20(System Event)Petition Closed (responder emailed requesting response)Response Pending
28/11/2019 16:40 Sam Bailey Petition Updated:
Closing Date changed from "27/03/2020" to "02/01/2020"
Awaiting Opening Date
28/11/2019 16:38 Sam Bailey Petitioner notified by email that petition has been approvedAwaiting Opening Date
28/11/2019 16:38 Sam Bailey Petition Signed - R Gill - PetitionerAwaiting Opening Date
28/11/2019 16:38 Sam Bailey Approver Allocated: SamBaileyAwaiting Opening Date
28/11/2019 16:38 Sam Bailey Responder Allocated: SamBaileyAwaiting Approver Allocation
28/11/2019 16:37 Sam Bailey Petition ApprovedAwaiting Responder Allocation
25/11/2019 11:30 R Gill Petition Submitted: Request the Council to review the timings of CPZ Zone LPending Approval

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