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Ealing council to reject any proposal for telecommunication masts to be installed on the roof of Oakley House, Oakley Avenue, W5
We ask that Ealing Council rejects any proposal for telecommunication masts to be installed on the roof of Oakley House, Oakley Avenue, W5
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Friday, 27 November 2020
Sunday, 20 December 2020
Jonathan Hill-Brown
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Shamis Ali
Graham Burton
John Collingbourne
Jasbir Dhillon
Philippe Gehin
Siobhán Géhin
Daljit Ghosh
Gautam Ghosh
Paul Grabowski
This petition has been reviewed and the following response has been offered:

Dear Residents,

Thank you for your petition which has been passed to me to deal with, as the Director Place Delivery. Given the limited detail on the reasons behind your objection to the proposed installation of telecommunications apparatus on the roof of Oakley House, it is difficult to address those concerns directly, however I welcome the opportunity to discuss with you in more detail.

In the meantime, I have set out some of the factors that have been considered as part of the decision to allow telecommunications apparatus to be installed on Oakley House. I hope that this is helpful for residents.

Government policy

At national level, the Government is committed to supporting investment in high-quality, reliable digital connectivity so that communities can benefit from faster economic growth and greater social inclusion.

It is essential to keep pace with growing demand for internet bandwidth and mobile data from local businesses, residents and those who visit our communities.

Creating and maintaining the digital networks that the UK needs depends to a significant extent on communications network operators being able to install, maintain and upgrade their apparatus quickly and efficiently. As the Council owns properties such as Oakley House, we can have a role in making this happen.

The Electronic Communications Code

Agreements that give communications network operators rights to access private and public land and buildings for network installation and maintenance are regulated by the Electronic Communications Code (the Code).

The Code was substantially revised in 2017 and gave operators the ability to apply to Court for an agreement to be imposed on landowners where parties are not able to agree consensually.

Any landowner faced with a request from a Code operator is only able to resist the imposition of an agreement in limited circumstances (such as a settled intent to redevelop the land). In the case of Oakley House these circumstances do not apply.

It was also felt that clear guidance from central Government and the significant legal costs in unsuccessfully defending the imposition of an agreement without reasonable grounds would not be in the best interests of any party. Therefore, the decision was made to negotiate and reach agreement consensually.

A Telecoms installation at Oakley House

Any Code agreement, whether agreed consensually or ordered by Court balances the requirements and rights requested by the operator against the likely impact and burden on the landowner in the exercise of those rights.

In this regard, the Council has taken advice from independent telecoms property and legal experts during negotiations, such that all relevant factors have been considered and proposed to protect both the Council property asset and the residents of Oakley House.

The proposed terms of the agreement cover many areas including: conditions of access, structural assessment and assurance, noise and other elements of potential nuisance along with other restrictions and obligations on the operator to minimise their impact over the term.

It is understood that residents may have concerns regarding the visual impact of the installation or health matters relating to mobile base stations. These two issues have been addressed directly within the operator’s application for permitted development to the Council’s planning department and with the consultation, officer recommendation and decision which followed. Full details of the application, representations and decision can be found on the Council’s planning website and by entering the reference: 202549PNT.

I trust that this response addresses some of the concerns which residents at Oakley House may have and give assurance that the decision to reach a consensual agreement with the operator has been given following due regard for central Government policy on telecoms and use of public assets, planning policy, professional technical and legal support in this area.   Council approval to the installation of telecommunication equipment at Oakley House will be governed in the usual way and consideration will be given not only to the telecommunications Act 2017 but will also consider human rights and Equality Assessment implications.

Yours faithfully,


Dipti Patel

Director Place Delivery

Ealing Council

Perceval House

14-16 Uxbridge Road


W5 2HL

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