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Prevent the closure of the Young Adults Centre in Southall #SaveTheYAC

Prevent the closure of the Young Adults Centre, protect it from demolition and keep it as the safe space the young people of Southall deserve.

In the borough of Ealing, there are only 3 purpose-built youth centres. In the area of Southall there are over 16,000 young people, many of whom rely on the Young Adults Centre (YAC) as their source of social interaction as well as it being a hub for extracurricular sport and clubs. If Ealing council close the YAC, a certain demographic of young people, living in an already disadvantaged area, will suffer more due to the lack of social interaction. The YAC is a vital community hub in Southall and their young people deserve the same opportunities with the same qualities as those within and outside of the borough of Ealing. It's closure would be a critical blow not only to Ealing's young people, but also to the wider community.



  • Ealing Young Champions are a group of young people who live, work or study in Ealing and are passionate about getting Ealing's young voices heard.  They are part of the Young Ealing Foundation.
  • The YAC has been on the council's asset disposal list for sometime and the current plan is for it to be demolished  and turned into a block of flats
  • The YAC has been underused for sometime despite having a variety of facilities such as a sports hall, outdoor football pitch, music studio, beauty therapy rooms, gym, IT room and juice bar
  • The YAC was gifted to the Council from the Southall community over 30 years ago
  • Over a third of Ealing's population is under the age of 25
  • Young people's mental health is at an all time low
  • During COVID the YAC was used as a vital food hub
  • There are many voluntary sector youth groups in the local area who have expressed an interest in delivering services in the YAC and turning it into the thriving community hub it once was and still has the potential to be
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Tuesday, 29 June 2021
Tuesday, 31 August 2021
Ealing Young Champions
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