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Meeting Details

8 Dec 2015 - 19:00 to 22:00
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Standard Items
1 Apologies for Absence
Councillors: Byrne, Cogan, Manro, McCartan and Mason gave their apologies.
2 Urgent Matters
Any urgent matters arising since the despatch of the agenda that the Mayor has agreed should be considered at the meeting.
Councillor Johnson rose to withdraw item 12A as the recommendation from Cabinet in November had been called in and would not be considered by the Overview & Scrutiny Committee until 17th December.
4 Declarations of Interest
To note any declarations of interest made by members
There were none.
3 Matters to be Considered in Private

Item 12C appendix 3 contains information that is exempt from disclosure by virtue of Paragraph 3 of Part 1 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972.

This item was not discussed.
5 Minutes
To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 13th October 2015.
The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.
Councillor Young asked that in future the minutes should also show amendments proposed but not accepted.
This was agreed.
6 Mayor's Announcements
The Mayor welcomed members and visitors including their youngest visitor Luke Kelly.

She also welcomed Noise Response Officer John Stanton and his family. John is a Queen's Scout in the Ealing and Hanwell District Scouts and was selected as one of the Scouts for guard duties at the Cenotaph in central London when the Queen took part in the Remembrance ceremony on November 8.

The Mayor congratulated Councillor Rodgers on his appointment as Advisor Member of the Principles Committee of the International Co-operative Alliance. The International Co-operative Alliance represents 1.2 billion Co-operative Members worldwide, is politically non-aligned and is officially recognised as a consultative body by both the United Nations and the International Labour Organisation. He was appointed as Advisor Member of the Principles Committee in recognition for his work interpreting and editing the Alliance's new Guidance Notes to the application of the Co-operative Principles to co-operative enterprise in the 21st Century.

The mayor reminded Council that Pitshanger Lane,W5, had been crowned London winner of the Great British High Street competition and congratulated the many residents businesses and members involved.
The Mayor announce that two services had won national awards for excellence in service provision,
• the Enforcement award 2015 for partnership work with Ivy Legal to tackle the illegal outhouses and rogue landlord
• Silver Safer Travel Award for in recognition of the work with partners and local police to cut back on cycle theft at Haven Green

The Mayor then made two sad announcements:
• She said that 27th October Lord Galum Noon had passed away and spoke of Lord Noon’s many and great contributions to the community.
• She announced the death of Mr Frank Kenneth Impey, who served as a councillor for West End Northolt ward for 20 years.
Councillors L. Wall and Young spoke of his contribution to the Council and his ward.
Council then stood in silence for one minute.
Finally she reminded Members and Officers that the Mayors Charity Christmas Dinner would be on Saturday 12th December.
7 Petitions from Members of the Public
Submitted under Council and Committee Procedure Rule 9.
a) Matthew Price of Valetta Road W3 presented a petition with 127 signatures stating

Request for Valetta Road, W3 to be resurfaced down the eastern half from Larden Road to St Elmos Road
We the undersigned call upon Ealing Council to upgrade the tarmac on Valetta Road, which in its current potholed and cracked state is dangerous for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

Councillor Mahfouz replied
Thank you for collecting this petition and drawing our attention to this section of Valetta Road. Every year we do an independent condition rating of all of the borough’s roads and we use those scores to decide which roads will be resurfaced.
Last year the section of Valetta Road which you have mentioned scored 76/100 with 100 being the worst possible score. As you have mentioned we have had significant cuts to our budgets but we have continued to make significant improvements and investments in resurfacing across the borough.
Given that the road scored 76 last year and the threshold was around 80 there is a good chance that in the assessments going on at the moment the road will be recommended for resurfacing in next year’s programme. I cannot guarantee that however as the process is independent and takes account of all roads in the borough. In the meantime I am happy to work with you to take any action necessary to ensure that the surface remains safe for traffic.

b). Gareth James and Greg Edwards W3 presented a petition with 34 signatures stating
“We petition Ealing Council to install sheltered bike storage, including at least one secure Bikehanger, within a 5 minute walk of Acton Central station.”

Councillor Mahfouz replied
I am keen cyclist myself and we have a good record on cycle parking in this borough which offers exactly what you are asking for. I was out in Acton central this weekend with your local councillor Cllr Dan Crawford and I saw first-hand the huge number of bikes parked at the station.
We have successfully secured £800,000 of funding interventions to continue the transformation and enhancement of Acton town centre, which includes the area around Acton Central Station. This will include a full review of public realm interventions including cycle parking in the area. It is expected that the majority of improvements will be delivered in 2016.

c). Susan Deans W5 Chair Gordon Road and Surrounding Streets Residents’ Association (GRASS) presented a petition with 117 signatures stating

The council intend to conduct a trial closure of left turns out of Longfield Avenue onto the Uxbridge Rd and right turns into Longfield Avenue from the Uxbridge Road. Our local councillors have opposed the trial.
The Council says its objectives are:
• Accident reduction at this junction.
• Preventing the road being used as a through route.
• Reducing traffic queues.
GRASS says:
• There are no published accident statistics or evidence about traffic queuing. Many other local junctions have similar problems to those on Longfield Ave. Moreover, the Council has not shown the impact of this intervention on homes in the area.
• The displaced cars and commercial traffic will move into surrounding residential roads and cause congestion, queuing, accidents and declining air quality.
• Now is not the time for this experiment just before Dickens Yard is fully open and when plans are being actively pursued to demolish Perceval House and convert the Town Hall into a hotel,
• This trial should not proceed until it has been properly thought through and officers involved have discussed it with our Ward Councillors and the local community.
We should not be at the mercy of un-elected council officers.
We believe that this ban without any consultation or survey is unacceptable.

Councillor Mahfouz replied
We have had two serious pedestrian accidents and road safety is a priority of this administration. We have asked officers to engage with local ward councillors and local residents, businesses and other stakeholders on this issue.
The trial has been proposed in order to monitor the impact of the suggested changes before any final decisions are taken. We do have some data on the impact of closures in 2013 as works were going on at the front of Dickens Yard and the impact of displacement at that time was not significant.
You have our assurance that the trial will be monitored and the information will be shared with local councillors and resident groups before a final decision will be taken.
8 Petitions from Members of the Council
Submitted under Council and Committee Procedure Rule 9.
No petitions were presented.
9 Questions from Members of the Public
Submitted under Council and Committee Procedure Rule 9. To consider any questions from members of the public, due notice having been received.
No members of the public had submitted questions.
10 Questions from Members of the Council
To deal with questions of which notice has been given in accordance with Rule 10 of the Council and Committee Procedure Rules.
Question 1:
Councillor Mohan asked the Portfolio Holder for Children and Young People
“Could the portfolio holder inform me where the borough ranks for helping very young disadvantaged children to achieve a good level of development?”

 Councillor Rai replied
I am pleased to report that Ealing is in the top 10 local authorities nationally for helping very young disadvantaged children to achieve a good level of development. We rank 9th out of 151 authorities, with 61% of children in Ealing schools who are entitled to free school meals achieving a good level of development in 2015. This has increased from 55% in 2014 and is above the London average (59%) and significantly higher than the national average (51%). The gap between pupils known to be eligible for free school meals and their peers is 10% points in Ealing, compared to 18% points nationally. As Members will appreciate giving young children a great early start in life and helping them to do well at School is a very high priority for this administration.
.Councillor Mohan and Councillor Roz Reece asked supplementary questions

Question 2:
Councillor Millican asked the Leader of the Council
On 14 Sept you issued a press statement saying “we will do everything we can locally to support refugees in the current crisis.” How many child refugees has Ealing Council taken into care since then?

Councillor Bell replied
“We have received one unaccompanied minor under the Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children (UASC) scheme.
Ealing council is participating in the Government’s refugee resettlement scheme. However we are still in the planning stages of accepting refugees through the scheme, allowing refugees into the country is a central government responsibility.
We have made it clear to the appropriate departments we are willing to take our fair share of refugees.”
Councillor Millican and Councillor R. Wall asked supplementary questions

Question 3: Councillor Raza asked the Portfolio Holder for Health and Adults’ Services
Could the Portfolio Holder welcome the Mansfield report and agree with its conclusions?

Councillor Tailor replied
It is important to acknowledge the hard work of all those who contributed to the commission including the commissioners, politicians, clinicians, campaigners, residents and witnesses. This report is an illustration of how a proper independent conclusion can be reached with the information available and even with some not available. The report makes clear in some cases information was not made available by the NHS.
The commission chose to listen to the challenges we’ve as part of our duty as elected officials to represent local residents on this issue. We stressed the importance of local services and how decisions to remove them have been taken from on high, with insufficient consideration and understanding of the impacts of the decisions reached.
The process the NHS has followed is a top down reorganisation that sought to reconfigure services across eight different boroughs on a scale that has never been seen before. That fragmentation of services seriously risks the health and well-being of residents across northwest London at the heart of this was the ambition to make savings.
I do welcome the report and the five main findings set out in the report. They are that:
• There is no completed, up-to-date business plan in place that sets out the case for delivering the Shaping a Healthier Future (SaHF) programme, demonstrating that the programme is affordable and deliverable.
• There was limited and inadequate public consultation on the SaHF proposals and those proposals themselves did not provide an accurate view of the costs and risks to the people affected.
• The escalating cost of the programme does not represent value for money and is a waste of precious public resources.
• NHS facilities, delivering important public healthcare services, have been closed without adequate alternative provision being put in place.
• The original business case seriously underestimated the increasing size of the population in North West London and fails to address the increasing need for services.
Councillor Raza and Councillor Morrissey asked supplementary questions

Question 4:
Councillor Conti asked the Portfolio Holder for Health and Adults’ Services
Will the Portfolio Holder confirm the announcement by Ealing CCG at the recent Health Scrutiny Panel that Ealing A&E will not close?

Councillor Tailor replied
It is not my role to announce which hospital departments the Tory-run NHS intends to close next.
My understanding of the meeting is that the NHS stance has not changed. They remain committed to shaping a healthier future which has already closed two local A&Es. They are awaiting the outcome of the Keogh review before deciding the future of Ealing A&E.
Our position is clear if it doesn’t accept blue light emergencies and isn’t backed by consultants the NHS can call it what they want but it won’t be an A&E.
Councillor Conti asked a supplementary question

Question 5: Councillor Malcolm asked the Leader of the Council
Following on from the debate in Council recently could you please update us on how many Syrian refugees are likely to be housed in our borough? And what support is to be given by government to assist us with this?

Councillor Bell replied
Ealing was one of the first London boroughs to answer the call for assistance. We have a proud tradition of welcoming refugees to our borough. Details on how many refuges and when they would be resettled in Ealing are still to be confirmed, however, the Council has committed to helping settle a fair share of the arrivals. There are significant on-going costs associated with resettlement, in particular in London. We have been working with Government to encourage them to provide long term funding commitments to ensure a workable scheme. At the end of November the DCLG confirmed that in the Government will provide funding to assist with costs incurred by local authorities in years two to five of the resettlement programme. This will be allocated on a tariff basis over four years, tapering from £5,000 per person in year two to £1,000 per person in year five. We are also working closely with local community and voluntary organisations to determine what other local support can be given to anyone who comes to live in Ealing. I will be hosting a summit to address this issue in January.
Councillor Malcolm and Councillor Midha asked supplementary questions

Question: 6 Councillor G. Mann asked the Portfolio Holder for Prosperity, Skills and Employment
Could the portfolio holder update us on how the council’s living wage campaign is progressing?

Councillor Hynes replied
It is worth stating that this council is a living wage employer and we are leading by example in the borough.
Ealing Council announced its intention to consider a discount on business rates for firms accredited by the Living Wage Foundation on 3 November as part of Living Wage week. Cabinet will make a final decision on the scheme in February.
The council has already been approached informally by a nine local employers expressing interest in the scheme. If cabinet approves the discount scheme, the council will step up the promotion of the scheme and is currently working with its partners, the Living Wage Foundation and other groups on ensuring this happens effectively.
There is currently just one accredited living wage employer in the borough, apart from Ealing Council, so we are hopeful that the discount scheme will encourage a significant increase in that number.
Councillor G. Mann and Councillor Seema Kumar asked supplementary questions

Question 7:
 Councillor Theresa Mullins asked the Leader of the Council
Can the Leader confirm whether all Cabinet Members are taking their special responsibility allowance?

Councillor Bell replied
I can confirm that all members of the Cabinet are in receipt of their Special Responsibility Allowance.
Councillor Mullins and Councillor Padda asked supplementary questions
11 Motions with Notice
To deal with motions where notice has been given in accordance with Rule 11 of the Council and Committee Procedure Rules.
11.1 Shadow Cabinet Motion
Councillor Proud to move

London Help to Buy

This Council welcomes the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement on London Help to Buy including Help to Buy: Shared Ownership to help people get on the housing ladder, as well as the announcement that £6.3m will be available to build affordable and shared ownership homes. These initiatives will help to alleviate the housing shortage in Ealing and will help to build a reputation for Ealing as an attractive place to live and work.
Councillor Proud moved the motion
Councillor Sumner seconded the motion
Councillor Busuttil moved an amendment
Councillor Malcolm seconded the amendment
The amendment changed the motion as follows
(additions in bold)

This Council welcomes the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement on London Help to Buy including Help to Buy: Shared Ownership to help people get on the housing ladder, as well as the announcement that £6.3m will be available to build affordable and shared ownership homes. These Initiatives and others such as the following will help to alleviate the housing shortage in Ealing and will help to build a reputation for Ealing as an attractive place to live and work.
• Enforcing a 50% affordable proportion on private housing schemes.
• The London Assembly to build new homes for social rent on brownfield land across London using what is now the Olympic levy.
• Measures to bring more empty homes back into use.

Councillor Sumner responded
Councillor Anand responded
Councillor Rogers responded
Councillor Morrissey responded
Councillor G. Stafford responded
Councillor Midha responded
Councillor D. Crawford responded
Councillor Roz Reece responded
Councillor Busuttil summed up
Councillor Proud summed up
After a vote Councillor Busuttil’s amendment was lost
After a vote the motion was lost
11.2 Other Motions for Debate
Councillor Dheer to move
Councillor Dheer moved the motion
Councillor Blacker seconded the motion
Councillor Ball moved an amendment to the motion
Councillor Steed seconded the amendment
The amendment was as follows

The motion to read as above with the addition of
To support Caroline Pidgeon's campaign to save Police Community Support Officers." Inserted above the last two bullet points

Councillor Blacker responded
Councillor Seema Kumar responded
The Mayor reminded members of the time
Councillor Ball summed up
Councillor Dheer summed up
After a vote the amendment was lost
After a vote the motion was agreed

Police and crime

This Council notes:
• The Government’s ‘protection’ of police budgets is only protection at the current budget levels which have already been decimated by cuts from this Government.
• Since May 2010, as a result of Government cuts London has lost 3,170 dedicated neighbourhood PCSOs, a cut of over 70% compared with May 2010.
• The ‘Safer Neighbourhood Team’ (SNT) model introduced by the previous Labour Government was widely welcomed by communities and saw each ward allocated a dedicated team of six officers (1 sergeant, 2 PCs and 3 PCSOs).
• The introduction of Boris Johnson's Local Policing Model dismantled SNTs reducing them to just a single dedicated PC and PCSO per ward.
• The Metropolitan Police's Management Board has considered proposals to scrap neighbourhood PCSOs all together which could result in a loss of over 1,000 officers.
• That whilst PCSOs have been informed of the Met's intention to make this decision there has been no meaningful consultation with boroughs, the public or PCSOs about the impact of scrapping PCSOs.
• The tragic events in Paris last month and the pressing need for our police forces to be properly resourced in order to combat terrorist attacks of this nature.
• The Metropolitan Police is also considering an end to borough based policing with the merging of local boroughs, sharing borough commanders and the possibility that after the closure of Ealing police station our local police will be based outside of the borough in Alperton.
This Council believes:
• Our local Police officers do an excellent job of keeping the borough safe whilst having their resources repeatedly cut by the Conservative government and Conservative mayor
• The cuts handed down from Government have devastated the police service in the capital despite promises from the Mayor of London and Home Secretary that they would not hit the frontline.
• That the introduction of neighbourhood policing teams transformed local policing, increased public confidence and provided an integral link between communities and the police.
• Scrapping neighbourhood PCSOs would be the final nail in the coffin for neighbourhood policing as SNTs would be reduced to just a single dedicated PC.
• These proposals would have a profound impact on the shape of London's police force and its ability to tackle terrorism and crime. They should be subject to full public consultation if approved by the Met Management Board.
This Council resolves:
• To endorse the letter written by the Leader and Deputy Leader of the council to the Home Secretary on this issue.
• To support our London assembly member Dr Onkar Sahota’s call for a knife amnesty in Ealing to combat the scourge of knife violence.
• To oppose any Metropolitan Police decision to cut officers, end neighbourhood policing and merge borough commands.
• To condemn attempts to reshape London's police force by stealth and call on the Mayor and Metropolitan Police to set out the true impacts of Government cuts and engage in meaningful consultation with Londoners about the future of policing in the capital.
11.3 Motions not for Debate
11a – Balancing the Budget

Councillor Johnson moved the motion
Councillor Bell seconded the motion.

After a vote the motion was agreed.

Balancing the Budget
The council must set a balanced budget, we must act responsibly with local peoples money. We will focus the money the council spends on delivering our principles. They are:
• Making every effort to protect those at risk in our borough including elderly, disabled, children and young people who use our services.

• Building residents’ resilience and social capital through acting as an enabling council.

• Intervening in problems as early as possible to deliver the best results for residents.

• Seeking solutions that make use of local people’s knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment to the borough.

• Seeking to maximise employment and economic growth in the borough by being an exemplary employer and by encouraging local business growth.

• Making our services and those we commission world class and focused on what matters to local people.
Whilst implementing these principles we will see to it that public money is used as efficiently as possible by cutting out waste, using new technologies to make services more efficient and seeking to work collaboratively with all our partners in the public sector and beyond.

11b - Housing & Planning Bill

Councillor Anand moved the motion
Councillor Rogers seconded the motion

After a vote the motion was agreed

Housing and Planning Bill
This council notes:
• That the Housing and Planning Bill is currently being debated in Parliament, and if passed would threaten the provision of affordable homes for rent and buy through:
o forcing 'high-value' council homes to be sold on the open market;
o extending the right-to-buy to housing association tenants; and
o undermining section 106 requirements on private developers to provide affordable homes.

• That there is no commitment in the Bill that affordable homes will be replaced like-for-like in the local area.
• That whilst measures to help first-time buyers are welcome, the 'starter homes' proposals in the Bill will be unaffordable to families and young people on ordinary incomes in most parts of the country; will not preserve the taxpayer investment; and will be built at the expense of genuinely-affordable homes to rent and buy.
• That the Bill undermines localism by taking 32 new wide and open-ended powers for the Secretary over councils and local communities, including the ability to override local plans, to mandate rents for social tenants, and to impose a levy on stock-holding councils, violating the terms of the housing revenue account self-financing deal.
• That the Bill, whilst introducing some welcome measures to get to grips with rogue landlords, does not help with the high rents, poor conditions and insecurity affecting many of England's 11m private renters – including one in four families with children – and does nothing to help arrest the recent rise in homelessness.

This council resolves:

• To analyse and report on the likely impact of the forced sale of council homes, the extension of right-to-buy and the 'starter homes' requirement on the local availability of affordable homes.
• To analyse and report on any further likely impacts of the Bill on the local area.
• To use this information to:
o support the Leader of the Council in writing to the Secretary of State with our concerns about the Bill;
o set up an urgent meeting between the Leader of the Council and the Chief Executive with the local Members of Parliament to raise our concerns;
o make public our concerns, including by publishing the above information on the council's website and promoting through the local press.

11c – Trade Unions

Councillor Bell moved the motion
Councillor Johnson seconded the motion

After a vote the motion was agreed

Trade Unions
This Council recognises the positive contribution that trade unions and trade union members make in our workplaces.
This Council values the constructive relationship that we have with our trade unions and we recognise their commitment, and the commitment of all our staff, to the delivery of good quality public services.
This Council notes with concern the Trade Union Bill which is currently being proposed by the Government and which would affect this Council’s relationship with our trade unions and our workforce as a whole. This Council rejects this Bill’s attack on local democracy and the attack on localism.
This Council is clear that facility time, negotiated and agreed by us and our trade unions to suit our own specific needs, has a valuable role to play in the creation of good quality and responsive local services. Controlling facility time centrally will require cumbersome central bureaucracy. This will undermine the case that savings can be made. The policy is also running contrary to the Government’s stated desire to see decisions devolved to a local level.
This Council sees no benefit in scrapping the system for deducting trade union membership subscriptions through our payroll. The council will continue to have a check off system in place for other schemes like season ticket loans, bike loans and charitable giving. Therefore it is extremely unlikely there will be any saving to be made by abolishing it. This system is an administrative matter for the Council and should not be interfered with by national government or primary legislation.
This Council resolves to support the campaign against the unnecessary, anti-democratic and bureaucratic Trade Union Bill. We will continue to make representations to parliamentarians urging them to abandon the bill.
This Council further resolves to seek to continue its own locally agreed industrial relations strategy and good relations with our workforce and their representatives.

11d – Civic Events

Councillor G. Stafford moved the motion
Councillor Roz Reece seconded the motion

After a vote the motion was lost.

11e – Council Meeting Filming

Councillor G. Stafford moved the motion
Councillor Young seconded the motion
Councillor Ball moved an amendment
Councillor Malcolm seconded the amendment
Councillor G. Stafford accepted the amendment.

After a vote the motion, as amended, was agreed unanimously.

Council Meeting Filming
This Council believes that an important part of local democracy is the ease by which residents can view meetings of the Council.
Therefore this Council asks officers to produce a report into options for the live streaming or video recording of Council meetings.
This Council believes that an important part of local democracy is the ease by which residents can view meetings of the Council.
However, Council recognises that it must be mindful of the current financial climate.

Therefore this Council asks officers to produce a report into options for the live streaming or video recording of Council meetings.
1. clearly stating the costs of each option
2. draft a revised filming protocol which encourages councillors, journalists and members of the public to live stream any public meeting of the Council without prior permission."
12 Reports from Officers
Councillor Bell moved the report
Councillor G. Stafford seconded the report.

Council agreed:
1.1 To amend the constitution as set out in the appendix

1.2 To authorise the Director of Legal & Democratic Services to revise the allocation of current officer delegations to reflect recent restructuring at senior management level within all affected departments
  1. pdf Appendix 2 - Prudential Indicators 1516 Mid Year Outturn (228Kb)
  2. Private and Confidential - Lending List Appendix 3
    • Information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person (including the authority holding that information);
Councillor Johnson moved the report
Councillor G. Stafford seconded the report


1.1 Noted the Treasury Management activities and performance against targets for the six months to 30 September 2015.

1.2 Noted the Council's investment balance of £194.225m as at 30 September 2015 of which £50.802m was invested in other Local Authorities (set out in Appendix 1).

1.3 Noted the Council's position on prudential indicators (set out in Appendix 2).

1.4 Noted the Council’s current lending list (set out in confidential Appendix 3).
13 Appointments to Committees and Other Bodies
The following appointments were considered


Governor Name

Governing Body

Term Start

Term End

Political Affiliation


Date Approved

Cllr Dr Aysha Raza

William Perkin CE HS







OPDC Planning Committee- Councillor Tailor appointed as Council representative
To note that Councillor McCartan was appointed by Cabinet as the representative for Groundwork West London 2015.
14 Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held on 23rd February 2016.
The next meeting of the Council will be an Extraordinary meeting to be held before 31st January 2016.

The next Ordinary meeting of the Council will be on 23rd February 2016.

The meeting finished at 21.28.

Additional Meeting Documents

Declarations of Interests

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No declarations of interest have been entered for this meeting.


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