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12 Apr 2016 - 19:00 to 22:00
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Standard Items
1 Apologies for Absence

Councillors Dabrowska, Dhindsa, Gulaid, Khan, R. Mann,  Nagpal, Steed,  and Woodroofe gave their apologies.

2 Urgent Matters
Any urgent matters arising since the despatch of the agenda that the Mayor has agreed should be considered at the meeting.
The Mayor announced that she would move Item 12 A up the agenda to follow item 9 to allow John Beastall, Chair of the Standards Committee to address Council.
3 Declarations of Interest
To note any declarations of interest made by members
Councillor Mason declared an interest on item 12B- Schools DPD.
4 Matters to be Considered in Private
There were none.
5 Minutes
To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 23rd February 2016.
The minutes of the meeting on 26th February 2016 were agreed.
6 Mayor's Announcements
The Mayor welcomed Ealing’s new Chief Executive, Paul Najsarek, to his first Council meeting.
She informed Council that she would be celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday, on 21st April, at The Royal Logistic Corps, Army Reserve Centre in Southall where a beacon would be lit as part of a chain of celebratory beacons across the land.
Finally she informed Council of the death, on 7th March of Mrs Beryl Dhanjal, a well-known lecturer and author who lived in Southall.

Councillor Dheer rose to say a few words in tribute to her life.
7 Petitions from Members of the Public
Submitted under Council and Committee Procedure Rule 9.

a) Mr Phillip Harrison of Northfields W5 presented a petition with 203 signatures

We petition the Council to take positive and proactive action to, not only stop the increase in closure of independent shops on Northfields high street (having now lost the book shop, darch and duff to name a few) but also support and encourage, through affirmative action, the opening of new independent businesses

Councillor Bell responded

Thank you for your petition, I appreciate your proactive efforts and we wish to support you however we can. I must start by saying It is not the Council’s direct role or responsibility to prevent local retailers from closing their business.
However the Council is of course very interested in ensuring that its High Streets and local centres such as Northfields Avenue are vibrant places that provide a range of shops and services that local people want to visit. The Council’s main role in this has been to ensure there is a clean, safe and attractive environment for local businesses and retailers to flourish in. The Council has invested over £1m per year for the last 6 years through the shopping parades programme to improve the local shopping streets in the borough. This excludes bigger projects like Southall Boulevard and Ealing Broadway paving.
The Council is also working to assist small businesses in the borough to flourish by establishing a business Enterprise Hub in West Ealing and we have just secured £0.5m from GLA to do this. The Hub will provide affordable business space for businesses where they can co-locate with other businesses; access shared services and collaborate with each other.
The Council works with a number of business networks across the borough and recently facilitated an opportunity for small businesses in the borough to showcase their goods and services at the Ealing Business Expo. Given that success we fully expect to do that again and would welcome any businesses from Northfields to be a part of that. We also have the Ealing business partnership where again we try to support business and their interactions with the council and put on presentations on how they can make the most of their relationship with us.
Our regeneration team work across the borough with our subsidised shop frontage policy and we will look to see if there is interest in this policy in Northfield Avenue. Generally speaking we are very happy to work with you as a group and further discuss and develop your ideas.

Mrs Sally Flowers, of North Ealing Primary School W5 presented a petition with 308 signatures 

We, the undersigned, call upon the council to protect the health and safety of the children attending North Ealing primary school and other users of the pavement concerned by revoking the Tree Preservation Order which protects the tree in the grounds of Park Lodge and which, in providing a roosting spot for feral pigeons, is the major contributory factor in the public nuisance created by the significant, year round droppings from the roosting pigeons onto the pavement immediately outside the main entrance to the school on Pitshanger Lane and which the Council, under s130(1) Highways Act 1980 has a duty to abate.

Additionally, we do not consider that the tree concerned has sufficient amenity value to warrant protection under a TPO. 

Councillor Bell responded

Thank you for bringing your petition this evening. There is a TPO covering 7 trees on this site. The TPO was made in 1997. A TPO does not mean that works cannot be carried out to a tree it means that consent is required to do works to the tree. We are not aware of any applications having been made to do work to any of the trees covered by this TPO.
TPOs can also be reviewed. Since this one was made almost 20 years ago the Council could review it, however it would be unusual to de-designate a tree unless it had become damaged and was no longer worthy of the designation.
The trees are on private land so the owner would need to apply and undertake the works to the tree. I will contact the petitioners outside of this meeting to offer assistance in establishing what action can be taken.

8 Petitions from Members of the Council
Submitted under Council and Committee Procedure Rule 9.

Councillor Roz Reece presented a petition signed by 57 residents requesting a  CPZ  in Chestnut Grove.

9 Questions from Members of the Public
Submitted under Council and Committee Procedure Rule 9. To consider any questions from members of the public, due notice having been received.
a) Mr Andrew Butcher of Clovelly Road W5 asked the Portfolio Holder for Transport and Environment

While we recognise the need for the Council to reduce its investment in the Summer Festival, under current proposals the Jazz Festival will be cut by three days and the Festival site will be closed for two days with the infrastructure in place so still incurring cost. With this in mind, what is the financial detail supporting claims by the Council that cutting only the jazz festival (the highest growth Walpole event since 2012) with loss of revenue from admissions, concessions from the bar, food and other outlets, will still reduce cost by at least £45000 (£15000 to £20000 per day)? And if these proposed savings are not achievable will the Council reconsider reallocating at least the two closed days as Jazz Festival days?

Councillor Mahfouz responded

Thank you for your attendance this evening. I and many of my colleagues are big fans of the Ealing jazz festival and I was delighted to take responsibility for the festival just over a year ago.
As you know from our recent meetings and email correspondence we are working with a backdrop of significant cuts to the council’s funding. Many other boroughs have decided to cancel their events programme in order to save money. In Ealing we have taken a different and more considered approach.
All of our summer events work together mainly from Walpole park. We have reduced the number of days for the jazz festival as part of a wider reduction in the amount of time the marquee and security fencing is up. The reduction from two weeks from three weeks reduces the numbers of days it is not in use and saves the council £40k.
In addition there are opportunities to hire the space out to other events and we would be happy to hear proposals from you about using the additional two days for more jazz.
We have also eliminated commercial risk to council tax payers who would have to meet any shortfall of revenue if ticket sales did not meet the costs of the events. Last year the jazz festival made a loss of £20k. The proposals we are putting forward are a way of continuing the summer festivals without the need for council taxpayers to pick up the cost. We have done this by condensing the festival into two days which have historically been the most popular. We are reviewing the programme but we are looking to start earlier and have an additional stage and have a quicker turnaround of acts. We are hoping to have 74% of the number of acts over five days previously.
The council wants a successful jazz festival and so a lot of planning has gone into ensuring that this year’s festival is a success. We’ve been in touch with local musicians and many have had a lot of interest. We are also working on securing a headliner. We are working with the musicians union who understand and are on board with what we are trying to achieve.
I would like to take the opportunity to put on record our thanks to Dick Esmond who founded the jazz festival and I hope he will accept our invitation for him to perform at this year’s festival.

Mr Butcher also asked a supplementary question

b) Ms Siobhan Bryar of W5 asked the Portfolio holder for Children and Young People

Given that we are a good month into the three month review of the future of the Heller House site, can you detail progress you have made such as site inspections, preparation for sale, contact with potential investors, and specifically, and in detail all progress on the “third option”?

Councillor Rai responded

We understand and appreciate the concern expressed but it’s important for us to take time to carry out a thorough review of options given the complexity and sensitivity of the matter. It is only right we take a careful and considered approach to any decisions that need to be made.
You will recall that cabinet agreed to two feasibility studies the first under discussion here tonight relating to the Heller House site and the other is the feasibility study of 16+ in borough service to support the transition into adulthood for young people with disabilities. Work is ongoing on both and as agreed these reviews will report to cabinet and I’m sure all interested parties will be contacted in due course.
Ms Bryar asked a supplementary question

c) Mr Mike Wood re 42 Lower Boston Road asked The Leader of the Council

What are the Council's long term ambitions for 42 Lower Boston Road and can you give an assurance that it will remain designated as D1 usage?

Councillor Bell responded

We recognise that the school has requested that the council maintain its support for 42 Lower Boston Road to retain the zoning of D1 within the DPD process. The Schools DPD is due to be adopted in the near future and will be subject to review before the end of the plan period in 2021. For the sites in the DPD, the protection for school use is safeguarded above other D1 uses. The DPD policy 1 states:
"The sites allocated for school use in Table 4.1 (shortlist of sites) will be safeguarded for school use. Development for non-school uses will only be considered on land allocated in Table 4.1, if:
a) Other uses are already envisaged as part of a mixed proposal incorporating a school; or
b) It can be demonstrated that the site is surplus to requirements, and is no longer required for a school use."
We report to Cabinet each year on the demand and need for places, the next report will probably be in the autumn of this year.
Mr Wood asked a supplementary question

10 Questions from Members of the Council
To deal with questions of which notice has been given in accordance with Rule 10 of the Council and Committee Procedure Rules.
Question 1

Councillor Proud asked the Portfolio Holder for Transport, Environment & Leisure

“Transport for London (TfL) has confirmed that mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan’s proposal to freeze fares will cost £1.9 billion. Which of the transport schemes for Ealing recently approved as part of its £7m LIP funding will have to be scrapped to plug Mr Khan’s £1.9 billion black hole?”

Councillor Mahfouz replied

Cllr Proud is incorrect in his assertion; Sadiq Khan’s pledge to freeze fares is fully costed. There will be no effect on LIP schemes which have already been agreed as part of TFLs 16/17 budget. It is worth noting that under Mayor Boris Johnson LIP funding has been repeatedly cut.
Since 2010 we’ve faced budget cuts of 50%, TFL have been facing virtually no budget cuts. We have delivered the Greenford lift for roughly a fifth of what TFL said it would cost so I am confident there are savings to be found in TFLs budget and Sadiq Khan will find them.
Councillors Proud and Mason asked supplementary questions

Question 2:

Councillor Malcolm asked the Portfolio Holder for Transport, Environment & Leisure

“How many annual parking permit holders are there which Ealing Council does not have the email address of on file, to be able to send them annual reminders?”

Councillor Mahfouz replied

Almost 90% of our customers have registered their email address. 3,504 customers are still to register and it is expected that this will take place when these customers go through the renewal process between now and the end of June 2016.
Letters are sent to customers who have not registered their details with us yet in advance of the expiration of their permit encouraging them to do so if they want to receive specific reminder emails and this will continue until the full annual cycle of renewals at the end of June 2016.
Councillors Malcolm and Manro asked supplementary questions

Question 3

Councillor Mohan asked the Portfolio Holder for Transport, Environment & Leisure

“Could the portfolio holder tell us how much more the average Ealing commuter in fares pays now compared to May 2008?”

Councillor Mahfouz replied

A commuter in my ward of Northolt West End with an annual travel card commuting into central London everyday now pays £532 more a year which is an increase of 32%.
Councillors Mohan and Morrissey asked supplementary questions

Question 4

Councillor A. Stafford asked the Portfolio Holder for Transport, Environment & Leisure

“The Council is proposing to charge churches and other community groups for waste collection. How much is the Council expecting to raise in total from this proposal?”

Councillor Mahfouz replied

"The proposal approved by Cabinet is not to charge churches for waste collection.
Charges are to be made in connection with waste emanating from halls and function rooms associated with places of worship. Charges also apply to charities.
As part of the proposal, there is a 25% reduction on the commercial charge for initial bulk waste container provision or initial 10 bags. This discount covers the provision in connection with the majority of relevant premises, as most use only a single bulk container or 10 or less bags weekly. The estimated income from the proposal is £100k.
In addition to this we will be extending our recycling offer to places that do not currently have to increase our recycling rates across the borough".

Councillors A. Stafford and Midha asked supplementary questions

Question 5

Councillor Mahmood asked the Leader of the Council

“Is the leader of the council disappointed by the Conservative mayoral candidate’s attempts to divide ethnic groups in Ealing with crude literature based on stereotypes?”

Councillor Bell replied

Yes I am. This borough is one of the most diverse in the entire country. Every time we ask residents about community cohesion they always tell us, with overwhelming majorities, that Ealing is a place where there is a strong feeling of togetherness and different cultures and ethnicities are respected.
We have built this community cohesion through respect, toleration and most importantly a shared sense that we all belong to Ealing as a community. I am always extremely proud to say that I represent Ealing, a borough that only this weekend hosted the biggest Vaisakhi celebration in Europe.
The Conservative campaign for mayor has displayed none of these values. Treating British Asians like they do not care about the same things as all other Londoners is truly appalling. If I were a Conservative knocking on doors in Ealing I would be ashamed of the literature their campaign has put out.
The Conservatives in this borough need to join me in condemning this campaign.

Councillors Mahmood and G. Stafford asked supplementary questions

Question 6

Councillor Millican asked The Leader of the Council

“Now that the Planning Committee has approved the expansion of St Mark’s Primary School within its own site, what is the status of 42 Lower Boston Road, next door, which is listed for education use in the Planning for School’s Development Plan?”
Councillor Bell replied
The DPD document will be brought to council at the earliest opportunity. Once the Schools DPD is adopted it will be subject to review before the end of the plan period in 2021. For the sites in the DPD, the protection for school use is safeguarded above other D1 uses. The DPD policy 1 states:
“The sites allocated for school use in Table 4.1 (Short list of sites) will be safeguarded for school use. Development for non-school uses will only be considered on land allocated in Table 4.1, if:
a) Other uses are already envisaged as part of a mixed proposal incorporating a school; or
b) It can be demonstrated that the site is surplus to requirements, and is no longer required for a school use.”
We report to Cabinet each year on the demand and need for places, the next report will be later this year or early 2016.

Councillors Millican and R. Wall asked supplementary questions

Question 7

Councillor Bagha asked the Portfolio Holder for Housing

“How many people in this borough are currently sleeping rough in the borough? Has Boris Johnson succeeded in his promise to end rough sleeping in London?

Councillor Anand replied

"At the annual rough sleeping counts which take place each autumn, the count for Ealing over the last five years has been:

2010   2011   2012   2013   2014   2015

5          15        11        15        17        31

Sadly as we can see from the figures not only has Boris Johnson failed in his promise to end rough sleeping under his watch the number of rough sleepers in our borough is up over 600%.

We work very closely with St Mungo’s Ealing Outreach Services who deliver an assertive outreach service and StreetMed service working with rough sleepers in Ealing. We focus not just on housing, but on their physical and mental wellbeing, substance misuse, immigration, etc. to find effective and sustainable solutions away from rough sleeping. We also are involved in a lot of homeless prevention work.

The statistics show that the number of rough sleepers in London has more than doubled in five years. In Ealing we saw a reduction in 2014-15 but this year the final figure is expected to be higher, in line with the overall trend.

Overall there has been a lot of good work and initiatives to reduce rough sleeping, with services such as No Second Night Out, and rough sleeping prevention work, including the Homelessness Prevention & Engagement (HoPE) Worker.

In Ealing we work very closely with the statutory and non-statutory services across the board to help rough sleepers".

Councillors Bagha and Seema Kumar asked supplementary questions

11 Motions with Notice
To deal with motions where notice has been given in accordance with Rule 11 of the Council and Committee Procedure Rules.
11A Shadow Cabinet Motion

Against Wheelie Bins

Councillor G Stafford to move

“This Council notes that over 7,000 residents signed a petition and hundreds joined the protest outside the Town Hall last July against the Labour Administration’s plan to impose wheelie bins on Ealing households.

This Council regrets that the Labour Administration continues to ignore such a significant petition and impose this major controversial service change without consulting residents.

This Council believes that Labour’s approach is contemptuous and will do nothing to improve the borough’s declining recycling rates.

This Council therefore calls upon the Labour Administration to abandon this unnecessary and expensive plan to introduce a forced fortnightly wheelie bin service.”
Councillor G. Stafford moved the motion and accepted the amendment
Councillor Sumner seconded the motion
Councillor Malcolm responded and moved the amendment Councillor Busuttil seconded the amendment
Councillor Mahfouz responded
Councillor Blacker responded
Councillor Sumner responded
Councillor Millican responded
Councillor G. Stafford summed up
After a vote the motion was lost.
11b Other Motions for Debate

“Ealing is better IN Europe”

Councillor Malcolm to move

"Ealing Council agrees that both Ealing and the United Kingdom would be better staying within the European Union, rather than leaving."
Councillor Malcolm moved the motion
Councillor Busuttil seconded the motion
Councillor Mason responded
Councillor Raza Responded
Councillor Ball responded
Councillor G. Stafford responded
At this point the Mayor reminded Council of the time
Councillor Malcolm summed up
Council called for a recorded vote

For: Councillors Ahmed, Anand, Aslam, Bagha, Ball, Bell, Blacker, Busuttil, Byrne, Camadoo, Cogan, Conlan, Conti, D. Crawford, K. Crawford, Dhami, Dheer, Dhindsa, Gavan, Gordon, Hynes, Johnson, Jones, Kang, Kelly, Kohli, Mahfouz, Mahmoud, Malcolm, G. Mann, Manro, Martin, Mason, McCartan, Midha, Millican, Mohan, Murray, Murtagh, Padda, Rai, Roz Reece, Raza, Rodgers, Sabiers, Sharma, Shaw, Summers, Sumner, Tailor, Walker, L. Wall, and R. Wall,

Against: Councillors Theresa Mullins, A. Stafford, G. Stafford, and Young.

Abstained: Councillors Seema Kumar, Joy Morrissey, and Proud.

Councillor Kaur – Dheer no vote

The motion was agreed
11c Motions not for Debate

11C (i) Gurnell Leisure Centre

Councillor Proud to move

"This Council calls on the Labour administration to consult as early as possible on proposals for the new Gurnell Leisure Centre so that the residents of Ealing have the opportunity to submit ideas and suggestions, so that the Council and residents can gain the maximum benefit from this development."

11C (ii) 

Councillor Bell to move

!This council encourages all of our residents to participate in the upcoming Mayoral and assembly elections on 5th May.
This council believes that Sadiq Khan has the right experience and qualities to be a mayor for all Londoners
Council welcomes his top ten priorities for London which are to:
• Tackle the housing crisis, building thousands more homes for Londoners each year, setting an ambitious target of 50 per cent of new homes being genuinely affordable, and getting a better deal for renters.
• Freeze London transport fares for four years and introduce a one-hour bus ‘Hopper’ ticket, paid for by making TfL more efficient and exploring new revenue-raising opportunities. Londoners won’t pay a penny more for their travel in 2020 than they do today.
• Make London safer, with action to restore neighbourhood policing, tackle gangs and knife crime, a plan to tackle the spread of extremism, and a review of the resourcing of our fire service.
• Be the most pro-business Mayor yet, working in partnership with industry to deliver on skills, infrastructure, and growth.
• Restore London’s air quality to legal and safe levels, with action to make travel greener and pedestrianise Oxford Street, while protecting the green belt.
• Set up ‘Skills for Londoners’ to ensure all Londoners have the opportunity to train in the skills that our economy needs.
• Tackle low pay, working with employers to make London a Living Wage City.
• Challenge gender inequality, working to close the gender pay gap and support women to break the glass ceiling while helping to remove the barriers to women’s success.
• Make cycling and walking safer, with more segregated cycle routes, action on dangerous junctions, and safer lorries.
• Make London a fairer and more tolerant city, open and accessible to all, and one in which all can live and prosper free from prejudice.
This Council believes that Sadiq Khan will be the best mayor for London and the best London Mayor for Ealing. We urge all local residents to cast a vote for Sadiq Khan on May 5th and re-elect Dr Onkar Sahota as Ealing’s London assembly member".
11C (i) Gurnell Leisure Centre

Councillor Proud moved the motion
Councillor G Stafford seconded the motion
Councillor Rodgers moved an amendment

After a vote the amendment was agreed
After a vote the motion, as amended, was agreed unanimously.

The amended motion read
Council welcomes the Labour administrations ambitious plans to provide a brand new state of the art leisure centre at Gurnell to replace the current centre which has reached the end of its natural life.
This Council notes the Labour administration's plan to consult as early as possible on proposals for the new Gurnell Leisure Centre, as presented to Cleveland ward forum, so that the residents of Ealing have the opportunity to submit ideas and suggestions, and so that the Council and residents can gain the maximum benefit from this development.

11C (ii)

Councillor Bell moved the motion
Councillor Gordon seconded the motion

After a vote the motion was agreed
12 Reports from Officers
This was considered after item 9

Councillor Bell moved the report
Councillor Young seconded the report
Mr John Beastall- Chair of the Standards Committee addressed Council.

He stated he was pleased that there had been no complaints that needed to be considered by the Committee – indicative of the continuing high standard of behaviour of all members.
This shortage of business means that the committee will have less scheduled meetings in the forthcoming municipal year though dates have been pencilled in to be used as required.
His one message to Councillors was to use social media with care and forethought.

He told Council that the committee also looked at performance in relation to Freedom of Information requests and was pleased that 87% were dealt with in the statutory timescales, given the context of an ever increasing number of requests.
Where FOI issues had been raised to the FOI commissioner he noted on that six of the seven occasions the finding was in the Council’s favour.

Finally Mr Beastall thanked the Whips of all three Parties for their help and co-operation over the year as well as the work of the independent persons on the committee.
He also gave a special mention to Helen Harris and Linda Zimmerman for all their help and support over the year.

Council agreed unanimously to note the report.
This item was withdrawn due to a printing error.
Councillor Bell moved the report and, though it was after the guillotine rose to ask the Mayor if he could make a statement.

The Mayor said she would take a statement from each of the parties.

Councillor Bell spoke on the report indicating that all the reponses to the changes to the constitution had been considered.

Councillor G. Stafford made a statement

Councillor Ball made a statement

Councillor Gordon seconded the report

After a vote Council agreed to

1.1 approve the changes to the constitution as set out in appendix 3, and
1.2 note that the Director of Legal and Democratic Services has amended the meetings programme to instigate a cycle of monthly Planning Committee meetings
13 Appointments to Committees and Other Bodies
Councillor Gordon moved and Councillor Roz Reece seconded
the appointment of Mr Stephen Donnelly to the Acton Middlesex Charities.
14 Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held on 10th May 2016.
The meeting ended at 21.42.

Additional Meeting Documents

Declarations of Interests

Member NameItem Ref.DetailsNature of DeclarationAction
No declarations of interest have been entered for this meeting.


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