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Corporate Parent Committee
21 Jul 2016 - 19:00 to 22:00
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Standard Items
1 Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Sharma (substituted by Councillor Murray) and Carol Yates.
2 Urgent Matters
Any urgent matters that the Chair has agreed should be considered at the meeting.


There were none.
3 Matters to be Considered in Private


There were none.
4 Declarations of Interest
To note any declarations of interest made by members.


There were none.
5 Minutes
To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 21st July 2016.


The Committee noted an error on the agenda wherein the minutes were listed as the minutes of the meeting on 21st July 2016. This should read 21st April 2016.

That the minutes of the meeting held on 21st April 2016 be agreed as a true and correct record.


Judith Finlay (Executive Director, Children, Adults and Public Health) told the Committee that since the last meeting the Children’s Services department had undergone an Ofsted inspection, and gave thanks to all members of staff for their effort, as well as Ealing’s Young People, who had made useful contributions to the inspection. There had been some very positive feedback about the Horizons Centre during the inspection, which had done the department proud. A lot of hard work had gone towards the inspection and it was much appreciated.

Judith Finlay then offered a vote of thanks to W, who was attending his last meeting as Lead Mentor, and was starting a job at a restaurant in Earls Court. The Committee thanked W for his excellent work as Lead Mentor and wished him well for the future.

The Committee congratulated Sally Obado (LAC Teacher/Caseworker) for winning Ealing Council’s Employee of the Year Award for 2016, as a result of her great work with the Junior Council and the Virtual School.

6 Update from Junior Council
Verbal Update


H, a Young Persons Representative, introduced this item. The Junior Council had been promoting and informing others of their work, hoping to inspire others, and there had been 3 recent opportunities to do so at big events. The Junior Council gave a tour of Horizons and then a presentation to visiting officers from the Tri-Borough. Their response was very positive, saying that they needed a facility as good as Horizons was. The Junior Council had also contributed to the Ofsted inspection in June. Current and former Junior Council members had spoken to inspectors about their work and activity. The Junior Council demonstrated their projects such as the green bags, leaflets and memory folders. The Junior Council had also been represented at the Children’s Commissioner Conference in Westminster, and had told the conference about their projects. The conference had been attended by MPs, charities and the DfE, amongst other notable people. It had been a great event and the Junior Council had received lots of compliments, as well as a certificate and a letter of thanks for their contribution.

The Junior Council had also hosted a tea party, at which they each received one of the new memory folders. The aim was for all Young People of Primary School age to have a memory folder by September. H passed around a memory folder for the Committee to look at. It had many features, and included a message from the Junior Council about all the possible uses for it. The Committee thanked H for his excellent presentation.
7 Feedback from the Horizons ShoutOut Forum
Verbal Update


There was no presentation from the Horizons ShoutOut Council (HSC) as they were on their summer break, and would report to the next meeting.
8 My Education Mentors Project Update
Verbal Update


W, a Young Persons Representative and Lead Mentor, introduced this item, updating the Committee on the Mentors Project’s activity during the summer term. There had been sessions with the Reading Hack project at Hanwell Library, focussing on libraries and encouraging young people to read. During the course of the Tri-Borough visit, colleagues from the Tri-Borough had met with staff from the Mentoring Project to observe part of a session on identity. This session had been led by a guest speaker from the ‘Who Cares?’ Trust. W had also led a Ready Steady Cook session which had been a success. During the Ofsted inspection, there was a week-long visit to Horizons. Ofsted inspectors had observed the Mentors Project, finding it powerful and moving, and were impressed with the confidence of the young people, and the sense of community and family. For the last session, the group went bowling, which had been a great end to the term. It had been a great year with positives all round.

As it was W’s last meeting as Lead Mentor, he passed over to Z, who would be the new Lead Mentor. Z had just finished university, gaining a 2:1 in International Tourism Management. Z had been on the Mentors Project as a Mentor for a year, and had been a Mentee before that. Z told the Committee that being a Mentee had really helped her with her confidence and behaviour, and she had grown as a person whilst being involved with the Project. Z was looking forward to the challenge of being Lead Mentor.

(Executive Director, Children, Adults and Public Health)


Bridie McDonagh (Head of Behaviour Strategy and Inclusion & Virtual School Head LAC) introduced this report, informing members of the progress against targets for attainment in the public exams summer 2016 for Looked After Children in Year 11, updating members on the current performance at the end of Key Stages 1 and 2 and Post 16, and providing a brief overview of the academic performance in other key stages. The report contained the Virtual School Head Teacher’s Annual Report for 2014-15, and some aspects of education that were not regularly reported at Corporate Parent Committee.

The key priorities for the year had included targeting improvements in attendance, exclusions and Personal Education Plans (PEP). There had been success with PEPs and PEP compliance, which had previously been an issue but was now at over 95%. Attendance and absence figures were set out on pages 26 and 27 of the agenda. LAC attendance was up on the previous year and had been higher than both the Ealing schools average and London LAC average. Absences were in line with the national average and had decreased from the previous year. Unauthorised absences had decreased which was crucial, and were lower than the national and London averages. Authorised absences had gone up but this was natural if unauthorised absences were down. Persistent absences were down significantly on the previous year and were lower than the London and national averages. Overall the figures were very positive. A lot of work had been done on improving the data sets available and the Virtual School now got daily attendance reports which were very helpful. 

There was also a good trend in exclusions. The trend for LACs with 1 or more fixed term exclusion was downwards and had been decreasing over the last 3 years. Last year the average exclusions for Ealing LAC had reduced and were lower than both the national average and London average for 2013/14. There was much better data available on exclusions now and they could be reported on regularly. Social workers would be able to focus on exclusions more as a result. The Virtual School team now had an Educational Psychologist to help in this area. The priorities for 2015/16 were set out on page 33 of the agenda.

The Key Stage 2 summer exam results would be reported at the next meeting. There was a new assessment system in place and levels had been replaced by a standardised score of 100. There were currently 18 children in Year 6. Many of these children achieved level 2s in their Key Stage 1 SATs which suggests a high-achieving cohort, however the new curriculum made it more difficult for a child to achieve nationally expected levels and it was likely that even those who had made progress in line with national expectations may not achieve the score of 100. There was an update on the other key stages and age groups in the main body of the report. There were 46 young people currently studying at University and this was 20% of Care Leavers. Seven were expected to graduate this summer with a further 3 expected to graduate postgraduate courses. Some results had already come in and these were very good results, including a 1st, three 2:1s and a Merit & Distinction amongst the postgraduates.

RESOLVED: That the report be noted.

(Executive Director, Children, Adults and Public Health)


Marcella Phelan (Assistant Director, Planning, Commissioning and Partnerships) introduced this report, updating Members on progress in implementing the Brighter Futures programme between March and June 2016. This included initial feedback on the programme from the recent Ofsted Safeguarding inspection. The main implementation update was set out on page 38 of the agenda. The Edge of Care MAST teams and the In Care Connect Team were all up and running and were expanding. More and more families were being supported by the programme and there were approximately 159 families being supported through the MAST teams at end of June. The In Care Connect Team was supporting 46 children and the teams were close to achieving their full targets. Twelve young people had moved from residential places out of the borough to local lower cost placements, achieving cashable savings. The number of LACs had gone up but this was a national trend and the increase was significantly below the national increase. 

The external funding for the programme was coming to an end, and an evaluation report had been commissioned. The young people evaluation of the programme had been positive and supported various elements such as the range of workers available to them under the programme. There had been discussions regarding moving the programme forward. The Cabinet at their July meeting had approved the use of up to £3.15m from the Council’s Transformation Fund to finish the roll out of the programme, and a Project Plan was being developed. The four weeks of external scrutiny from Ofsted had proved useful. Ofsted had shown much interest in the model. There had been some verbal feedback and the impressions had been positive. The Brighter Futures model continued to attract a lot of external interest, and the programme had recently won a national award at the Municipal Journal Achievement awards, in the Reinventing Public Services category.

That Members note the report and continue to review progress on the Brighter Futures programme during 2016/17.
11 pdf Fostering Recruitment (5282Kb)

(Executive Director, Children, Adults and Public Health)


Carolyn Fair (Head of Children in Care) introduced Debbie Gabriel (Operations Manager, Children’s Placement Services), who presented this item. The report gave Members a summary of Ealing’s recent fostering recruitment activity. Officers had been working with connections to retain a profile in the borough and a team was working on branding for the department and recruitment exercises. London was a very competitive market with many agencies trying to recruit from the same limited pool, with some other local authorities advertising in Ealing. Housing and the lack of space was the main challenge in Ealing. It was planned to review activity in September. There was limited flexibility on the website which was being worked on. Web presence was a problem and a microsite just for fostering was needed. The new campaign was promising as the branding team had had some great ideas, and improving the website would be high on the agenda.

RESOLVED: That the report be noted.
12 Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 13th October 2016.


The next Corporate Parent Committee meeting was scheduled for Thursday 13th October 2016.

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