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18 Jul 2017 - 19:00 to 22:00
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Standard Items
1 Apologies for Absence

Councillors Bagha, Byrne, K. Crawford, Gavan, Kaur-Dheer, Manro, Joy Morrissey, Nagpal and Roz Reece had given their apologies for absence.

2 Urgent Matters
Any urgent matters arising since the despatch of the agenda that the Mayor has agreed should be considered at the meeting.

Councillor Gordon moved a procedural motion to enable some longer speeches on item 12A and for the three Party Leaders to sum up at the end of the debate.

Councillor G. Stafford seconded the motion which was agreed.

3 Declarations of Interest
To note any declarations of interest made by members
There were none.
4 Matters to be Considered in Private

Items 12D, Appendix 3 contains information that is exempt from disclosure by virtue of Paragraph 3 of Part 1 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972.

The Mayor drew Council's attention to appendix 3 of item 12D.
5 Minutes
To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 9 May 2017
The minutes of the meeting on 9th May were agreed.
6 Mayor's Announcements

The Mayor commenced by offering good wishes to Councillor A. Stafford, who married Natalie a few weeks ago.

He then reminded Council that the Town Hall would remain open for the rest of this Mayoral year with meetings held in the Council Chamber and thanked members for coming to the Mayor making and making it a success.

The Mayor said that of his many engagements he had attended an induction by the London Mayors Association, enjoyed a Buckingham Palace garden party and acted as Returning Officer at the General Election.

There had been a successful Armed Forces week, which included a march through the town centre.

He had  attended the three carnivals in the borough, in Hanwell, Greenford and Acton.

The Mayor expressed his sadness that there had been four occasions when we have had a minutes silence on the Town Hall steps- for

the attacks in Westminster & Manchester, the Grenfell Tower tragedy, and the incident in Finsbury Park.

He reminded Council  that his charities were the Log Cabin and Age UK (Ealing), who were both winners in the Atul Pathak awards at an event he attended in the House of Commons.

Finally he said that Age UK Ealing were  holding a quiz night on July 29 at the London Marathon Playfields, Birkbeck Avenue, Greenford on July 29 and hoped members would be able to attend.



7 Petitions from Members of the Public
Submitted under Council and Committee Procedure Rule 9.

Mr Basran presented a petition signed, by I005 residents, stating

We petition Ealing Council to immediately stop the sale and disposal of Southall Town Hall and to develop new ways of keeping the building open for the public.

Councillor Bell replied

We have met before and I am aware of your views and concerns. We have listened but I would respectfully say we have a difference of opinion.

The ongoing viability of the Council running Southall Town Hall is not possible. Given ongoing austerity and £168million in cuts to our budgets as a result of Conservative government.

Back in 2003 we took a decision as a Council that we couldn’t justify running services from Southall Town Hall any more. We did try, and invest but it didn’t work and residents still came to Ealing Town Hall instead.

I can guarantee that if we make the decision to lease the building we will find somewhere to house the Southall Community Alliance in future.

Mr Basran commented on the response.

8 Petitions from Members of the Council
Submitted under Council and Committee Procedure Rule 9.
9 Questions from Members of the Public
Submitted under Council and Committee Procedure Rule 9. To consider any questions from members of the public, due notice having been received.
There were none.
10 Questions from Members of the Council
To deal with questions of which notice has been given in accordance with Rule 10 of the Council and Committee Procedure Rules.

Question 1

Councillor Mohan asked the Leader of the Council

 “Can the Leader update us on the strong and stable leadership of Ealing Borough as a result of the snap general election?”

Councillor Bell replied

“It became a bit of a joke, strong and stable Tory campaign nationally and it quickly became weak and wobbly.

It’s fair to say in Ealing the strong leadership that we’ve shown in this council as a Labour authority, is delivering for local people.

The reason we keep winning in Ealing is because people recognise that we offer strong leadership in the Borough, whether on the council, in parliament or on the GLA”.

Councillors Mohan and G. Stafford asked supplementary questions. 

 Question 2

 Councillor Conti asked the portfolio holder for Health and Adult Services

“On 6 July 2017, the CQC issued a statement reporting that Ealing is one of the worst performing Local Authorities when it comes to adult social care. Can the Portfolio Holder please detail the percentage of the service providers that are rated either requiring improvement or inadequate?”

Councillor Tailor replied

“It’s important to state, so not to misunderstand, the CQC report covers all regulated services located in a local authority area, not the performance of the local authority.

The CQC state of care report indicates (on Page 11) that Ealing is currently placed within the bottom 20% for adult social care services based in the Borough. However, we have not been able to view any of the specific comparable data for London - further dialogue with the CQC is required to validate this position. However, the picture as of today (18.07.17) indicates that Ealing’s ‘actual’ position appears to be slightly improved on the National picture and slightly below the London picture as set out in the report.

  • The ‘National’ picture taken from CQC’s website today (18.07.17) stands at:

    Outstanding                                 2%      (27 providers)

    Good                                            65%    (978 providers)

    Requires improvement               27%    (407 providers)

    Inadequate                                   6%      (90 providers)


  • The ‘London’ picture as outlined on Page 10 of the report indicates:

    Outstanding                                 1%      (Provider numbers not available)

    Good                                            78%    (Provider numbers not available)

    Requires improvement               20%    (Provider numbers not available)

    Inadequate                                   1%      (Provider numbers not available)

    Whereas the ‘Ealing’ picture as of today (18.07.17) stands at:

  • Outstanding                                 1%      (1 provider)

    Good                                            76%    (72 providers)

    Requires improvement               22%    (21 providers)

    Inadequate                                   1%      (1 provider)

    Note - The Councils own in-house CQC registered services are rated as ‘Good’

    That said there are (and has been for some time) noted pressures and concerns within the local, regional and national care markets and as such there is clearly no room for complacency in the need to address this matter. Consequently, local action has and is being actively undertaken by the Council (and its partners) to both highlight best practice and address the quality concerns within our local care and support market, which include:

    Ealing has a formal position not to place residents with services rated by CQC as inadequate. In this circumstance the Council formally suspends all future placements with the provider.

  • A Joint Quality Assurance Panel has been established by the Council with Ealing CCG, the CQC and Ealing Healthwatch to share intelligence re: service provider quality issues (the panel meets every 2-months)
  • Council officers attend the Ealing CCG Quality & Patient Safety Committee to share intelligence with NHS colleagues
  • A Registered Managers Network has been established in Ealing by Skills for Care and hosted by Adults Services to engage with local managers and deputies. The network focuses on leadership, improving quality, workforce development.
  • Ealing has Provider Forums in place to engage with Care Home and Domiciliary Care providers. There are also client specific Provider Forums for Mental Health and Learning Disabilities
  • Ealing’s social care training department offers free accessible training to the local independent social care workforce (Council and CCG commissioners are currently working together to develop a wider health and care training offer.
  • Ealing CCG actively offers providers access to both medicines management support and to a quality assurance nurse role.
  • Council and CCG safeguarding leads are working closely together to improve the Provider Concerns process in Ealing
  • Council officers are currently participating in two sub-regional care home forums covering the issue of quality - one via the NWL CCGs and one via the West London Alliance

 Councillors Conti and asked Kelly supplementary questions

 Question 3

Councillor Summers asked the Portfolio holder for Housing

“In light of the Grenfell Tower disaster, can the portfolio holder for Housing update us on the situation in Ealing with regards to high rise towers?”

Councillor Anand replied

“Councillors will first join me in sending our condolences to all of those affected by the tragic events at Grenfell and wish to express our gratitude to all of those who have responded to this unprecedented event of a scale we have not seen. 

Rightly, we have all taken a hard look at our own housing portfolio, and the safety of Ealing residents.  I am grateful to Ealing colleagues who through OSC reviewed our immediate response.

In relation to Ealing’s own Housing Stock and buildings we have been assured that none of our buildings have ACM. We have a strong track record of improving fire safety arrangements in all of our Housing Stock - and we have accelerated our programme that was agreed last year by Cabinet.

Across the rest of the borough, we continue to work with owners of buildings to ensure the safety of our residents.  Our building control teams and Housing colleagues are working with private owners and social landlords, to ensure we respond quickly and effectively to government guidance.

Each building is unique, with a different set of related fire protection measures, and these are all assessed together to ensure the safety of residents and users of buildings.  I am pleased to be able to report that no building in Ealing has been identified to require any immediate work following the fire, and that all building owners are working closely with the relevant professionals to respond to the learning that is now being shared across the country.

 Councillors Summers and Millican asked Supplementary questions 

 Question 4

 Councillor Young asked the portfolio holder for Transport and Environment

Does the Portfolio Holder believe that it is right to use video evidence to fine people for "envirocrime" without any warning?”

Councillor Mahfouz replied

In terms of Kingdom and littering enforcement, video footage is not used as evidence. This is a record of the appropriate issuing of the FPN and alleged offenders are made aware that the interaction is being recorded.

The offence is not captured on camera and the evidence is provided by witness statements.

In connection with flytipping, at present we have only one mobile CCTV camera in place (Mansell Road alley). Temporary mobile CCTV cameras are not targeted at individuals but at a location and therefore under RIPA regulations, there is no requirement to warn of installation.

CCTV in these cases is a useful deterrent where we can post images of offenders but as we don’t know who they are or where they have come from, action against individuals isn’t really possible. The only video images we have used as evidence, is in connection with commercial waste, where generic town centre cameras have captured individuals leaving premises and flytipping. In these cases, action is taken against the business not the individual.Councillors Young and Padda asked supplementary questions 

 Question 5

Councillor Ahmed-Shaikh asked the portfolio holder for Community Services and Safety

Following the terrorist atrocities at London Bridge, Finsbury Park, Westminster Bridge and Manchester & given the recent spate of acid attacks across London; can the portfolio holder update us on steps taken to keep our residents safe?”

Councillor Dheer replied,

“Ealing’s Prevent Team has continued their outreach activity with key community leaders in Ealing in the aftermath of recent terrorist attacks. This has resulted in the expansion of Ealing’s Prevent Community Network group, with members representing local mosques, faith groups and community organisations working with the team in identifying key community projects to strengthen community resilience around the risks of radicalisation on the borough.

This includes;

  • Building Community Resilience project which supports young people to apply critical thinking skills when presented with extremist narratives,
  • Somali Community Resilience project which engages local Somali parents and young people on the dangers of radicalisation,
  • Muslimah Matters project  which supports hard to reach Muslim women and girls to engage and contribute to mainstream society,
  • Community Prevent Outreach project which will engage communities on the risks of right wing extremism and also focus on engaging institutions that require support on radicalisation risks.
  • Last year 641 residents were engaged through project activity and 4221 frontline staff including social workers and teachers were trained by the Prevent Team to increase their understanding of risk and where to seek further support.
  • The Council have also supported individuals and families who require safeguarding interventions around the risk of radicalisation through their multi-agency Channel panel, which is part of the council’s social care process.

Further to this Ealing Police, the Council and partner organisations will continue to adopt a strong partnership approach to ensure vigilance and respond effectively to any potential risk posed to Ealing residents.” 

Councillors Ahmed-Shaikh and Theresa Mullins asked supplementary questions 

 Question 6

Councillor Seema Kumar asked the Leader of the Council

“My home and car was vandalised during the recent General Election causing distress to my daughter when she discovered this criminal damage. Does the Leader believe that actions such as these are a threat to democracy and should be utterly condemned?”

Councillor Bell replied

“Yes of course”.

Councillors Seema Kumar and Midha asked supplementary questions


As the time allocated for questions had passed Councillor Steed was unable to ask his question and would receive a written answer.  

12 Reports from Officers

Councillor Bell moved the report

Councillor Johnson seconded the report

Councillor G. Stafford responded

Councillor Malcolm responded

Councillor Mason responded

Councillor Young responded

Councillor Sabiers responded

Councillor Conti responded

Councillor Tailor responded

Councillor Proud responded

Councillor Mahfouz responded

Councillor Sumner   responded

Councillor Rai responded

Councillor Theresa Mullins responded

Councillor Johnson responded

Councillor Millican responded

Councillor Malcolm summed up

Councillor G. Stafford summed up

Councillor Bell summed up



After a vote Council:


  1. Considered the draft Corporate Plan Update for 2017-18 and approved the same subject to the outcome of the exercise at (b) below, and

 (b)  Authorised the Chief Executive, following consultation with the Leader, to make any amendments to the Corporate Plan Update required by Council prior to publication as a final document.


At this point the guillotine fell.


Councillor Sabiers moved the report

Councillor Young seconded the report


Council agreed unanimously


  1. To note and comment on the effectiveness of and improvements to scrutiny during 2016/2017
  2. To note and comment on the Scrutiny Work Programme for 2017/2018

Councillor Gordon moved the report

Councillor G. Stafford seconded the report


Council agreed unanimously to approve the changes to the constitution set out in the appendix.  

  1. pdf Appendix 1 - Investment in LA as at 310317 (107Kb)
  2. pdf Appendix 2 - Prudential Indicators (21Kb)
  3. Appendix 3 - Private and Confidential- Lending List
    • Information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person (including the authority holding that information);

Councillor Johnson moved the report

Councillor G. Stafford seconded the report


Council agreed unanimously to

  1. Note the Treasury Management activities and performance against targets for the 12 months to 31 March 2017.
  2. Note the council’s governance and reporting arrangements which is in line with CIPFA’s best practice recommendations, as set out in paragraph 7.
  3. Note the council’s investments in other Local Authorities as at 31 March 2017 (set out in Appendix 1).
  4. Note the Prudential indicators outturn for 2016/17 (set out in Appendix 2).
  5. Note the council’s current lending list (set out in confidential Appendix 3).
  6. Note that the council continues to operate a dual Treasury Management strategy for managing the General Fund (GF) and the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) debt.
  7. Note the position on Pension Fund investments, since Pension Fund cash is being invested separately from the council.


13 Urgent key decisions exempted from call-in

No  key decisions have been exempted from call-in since the last meeting of council:

14 Appointments to Committees and Other Bodies

Councillor Gordon moved the following appointments and nominations

Councillor G. Stafford seconded these which were agreed.


SRP1 (VAWG) - Cllr Summers to replace Cllr Kaur Dheer

SRP 2 (Licensing) - Cllr Kaur Dheer to replace Cllr Summers

Overview & Scrutiny - Cllr Joy Morrissey to replace Cllr Alex Stafford

SRP3 (Future Ealing) - Cllr Joy Morrissey to replace Cllr Joanna Dabrowska

South West Middlesex Crematorium - Cllr Joy Morrissey to replace Cllr Greg Stafford

SACRE Cllr Joy Morrissey to replace Cllr Roz Reece.


Lucy Taylor to replace Pat Hayes as Director of Broadway Living.

Gary Redhead to replace Pat Hayes as Director of each of the three companies below:

  • Future Ealing Ltd
  • Future Ealing Phase 1 Holdings Ltd
  • Future Ealing Phase 1 Ltd


Keith Townsend, to be appointed as Director of Ealing Business Waste and Recycling Ltd. 


15 Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held on 10 October 2017.

The meeting finished at 21.33.

The next meeting will be on 10th October.

Additional Meeting Documents

  1. pdf Answers to Written Questions (155Kb)
    1. pdf 14 wf (49Kb)
    2. pdf 31 FOI 1 (64Kb)
    3. pdf 31 FOI 2 (34Kb)

Declarations of Interests

Member NameItem Ref.DetailsNature of DeclarationAction
No declarations of interest have been entered for this meeting.


Visitor Information is not yet available for this meeting