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Freedom of the Borough Committee
19 Sep 2017 - 19:00 to 00:00
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Standard Items
1 Apologies for Absence


Councillors Dheer (Chair - Part), Aslam, Dhami, Kohli, Manro, Sabiers (in the chair), Shaw and G Stafford.

Apologies for Absence  

Councillor Reece

2 Urgent Matters

There were none.

3 Declarations of Interest

Councillor Dheer left the meeting at the point when advised that his name was potentially amongst those nominated for an award. Councillor Sabiers was appointed as chair at this point of the meeting.

4 Matters to be Considered in Private

There were none.

5 Minutes
To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 22 November 2016.


That the minutes of the meeting held on 22 November 2016 be agreed as a true and correct record.

The Committee received a report from the Head of Democratic Services outlining the criteria for admitting Honorary Aldermen and Honorary Freeman and asking the committee if they wished to recommend creating any further Honorary Freemen. The Committee also considered the arrangements and associated costs for the awards.


i. That, following the nomination agreed at the last meeting (Eileen Harris), the Freedom of the Borough Committee had no further nominations for the award of Honorary Aldermen

ii. That in addition to the nominations agreed at the last meeting (Brian Reeves and Harvey Rose), the Freedom of the Borough Committee accepted the proposals to nominate Ranjit Dheer, Yvonne Johnson, Ian Potts and Tony Young for the award of Honorary Freemen in recognition of their eminent services to the borough while serving as members of the Council and through their involvement in community or charitable organisations.

iii. The Committee noted and agreed the arrangements for making the awards:

a) that each award needs to be bestowed through the vehicle of a Special Council meeting. This committee will make a resolution to the Special Council meeting.

b) for the two awards, two meetings are required as they cannot both be awarded at the same meeting. It is proposed to run two meetings consecutively on the same evening.

c) that these meetings take place on 9th January 2018.


d) for Honorary Alderman it is proposed to present a framed certificate.

e) for Honorary Freeman it is proposed to present a certificate, rather than a scroll as hitherto, and present a specially designed badge which could be worn at civic occasions.

iv) The Committee noted the financial implications, as detailed in the report, and that the costs would be funded through the Member Services budget.


Reason for Decisions and Options Considered

It has been the usual practice, though it is not obligatory, for each administration to confer some honours during the final part of their term of office. There are two honours that can be bestowed.

a). Honorary Aldermen

The Council may appoint Honorary Aldermen as detailed in appendix 1 of the report.

b) Honorary Freemen

The Council may appoint Honorary Freemen of the borough as detailed in appendix 2 of the report.

The committee were asked to consider if they wish to make any additional awards.


No other member attendance information has been recorded for the meeting.
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Councillor Natasha Ahmed-Shaikh Councillor Shital Manro
Councillor Roz Reece  
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No absentee information has been recorded for the meeting.

Declarations of Interests

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