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Local Development Plan Advisory Committee
19 Jul 2018 - 19:30 to 21:15
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Standard Items
- Briefing
Note that for Committee members an introduction to and background of the Local Plan will be held at 19.00.
The meeting was preceded by an introduction to the Local Plan Making for members to understand the background to the deliberations of the Committee.
1 Apologies for Absence
2 Urgent Matters
Any urgent matters that the Chair has agreed should be considered at the meeting.
There were none.
3 Declarations of Interest
To note any declarations of interest made by members
There were none.
4 Matters to be Considered in Private
There were none.
5 Minutes
To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 26th November 2015.
The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed though noting a comment from the member of the public who wanted additional layers of information added to the Council’s Interactive Adopted Policies Map.
6 pdf Terms of Reference (163Kb)

Councillor Mason introduced the report and set out how he saw the Committee operating.

He pointed out that it offered a one-off opportunity to discuss and decide on the future shape of the form and structure of the Borough for the next 20 years.

Noting that the hierarchy of planning law provides a framework, within that there are choices to make about how we shape our towns, neighbourhoods and communities particularly in regard to the big challenges that lie ahead.

The key questions to explore were

  • Are we seeing enough homes being built?
  • Is there enough space for employment?
  • Can we better protect and enhance our green spaces?
  • Are our transport networks fit for the 21st century?
  • Do we have the right schools, healthcare facilities, leisure opportunities?
  • How do we respond to the changing needs of high streets and town centres?
  • What more can we do to conserve our heritage whilst also moving into the future?
  • Are our residents engaged and involved in shaping the future of their place?

Councillor Mason then indicated the Terms of Reference and hoped these would for the basis of achieving the following

1: Members have a better understanding of the planning policy framework, and the role of the NPPF and London Plan in setting the context for our own Local Plan

2: Members have an appreciation of the administration's priorities in future changes and new directions of travel for the Local Plan (both in terms of direct changes identified within our manifesto/corporate plan]

3: Members have a better understanding of the key debates shaping the Local Plan and the built environment, and how we attempt to settle these debates through the use of the evidence base (sustainability, viability, density, land availability)

4: Members have had an opportunity to consider how we can increase the diversity of voices contributing to place shaping in the Borough, particularly in respect of how we will be progressing the local plan process and timetable. 

Members resolved

  1. Recommendations


    1. To agree the Terms of Reference for the Committee
    2. To agree a provisional work programme and meeting dates

  2. Reason for Decision and Options Considered


  1. In 2008 the Overview and Scrutiny Committee set up a Specialist Scrutiny Panel to examine the Local Development Framework (LDF) as it was being worked on and to make recommendations on the best way of ensuring member engagement with the LDF in the future.


  2. The Panel met for two municipal years and included, in its recommendations to Cabinet, that an advisory body be set up to ensure continued member engagement in the LDF processes.

  3. On 24th May 2011 Council set up such a body, the Local Development Framework Advisory Committee.

  4. The Committee met sporadically based on plan making requirements and last met in November 2015. With the new administration and their priorities Council, on 22nd May appointed members to the Committee.


  5. The Terms of Reference (TOR) of the committee are attached as appendix 1.

  6. The Committees is asked to agree these, modified as necessary.

  7. Member discussion on the various topics is the prime purpose of the Committee, however, evidence from the public can provide valuable insights into deliberations to inform the decision-making body. The TOR sets out a clear protocol for the way in which the public can contribute to the Committee and how the deliberations of the Committee will be recorded.

  8. This protocol is purely about how the Committee works and has no relation to the wider plethora of activities that undertaken in the forming of the Local Plan.Any public submissions are purely designed to assist the Committee in giving advice to the decision maker in regards to agenda items.

  9. Any evidence received from the public is specifically not a substitute for making written or oral representations for development plan documents that are subject to the formal process and mechanism of examination in public (including the public hearings into SPDs or other plans). Entirely separate procedures exist in this instance and will be publicised on the council's web site, when appropriate.
7 pdf LDPAC July 18 (181Kb)

Steve Barton presented the report which set out the project plan and timetable for producing the Local Plan. This was essentially in three parts

  1. The Development Strategy.

    This part of the plan will reflect sub- regional arrangements and plans as many issues are cross Borough Boundary.


    Councillors Donnelly and Costigan contributed to the debate along with contributions from members of the public, Susan New, Will French, James Guest, Anthony Lewis and Bob Gurd.

    Key points mentioned included:


    • Housing targets appeared quite challenging and Ealing had given a robust response to the Mayor
    • There was no sub-regional retail plan each Borough was producing their own as would Ealing
    • “Key Diagrams” were a spatial expression of key policies setting them out in a visually comprehensible way
    • The new Local Plan would exactly reflect the London Plan where it was appropriate and to avoid incongruence between the two plans but would also include Ealing specific elements where these were necessary
    • Conservation Areas would be reviewed
    • There would be consideration of including a Basements Policy as part of the process.


  2. Development Sites/ Development Management

Councillor Costigan and Will French, James Guest and Susan New raised various issues.

  • The need for a development framework for Ealing Town Centre
  • Concern over small sites
  • Whether there would be a “Call for Sites” (there would at the most advantageous time)
  • The desire to avoid putting a quantum on site capacity
  • The necessity to attract inward investment
  • The Plan would be one comprehensive but concise document avoiding the necessity to produce additional thematic SPDs.

There was also a discussion of the best way of ensuring public and stakeholder engagement that involved a much wider cross section of the public than hitherto and would ensure that the public endorsed the Plan.


There was then a brief discussion over the content of future meetings of the Committee.


These would follow many the themes in the emerging plan including

  • The Statement of Community Involvement
  • Housing issues
  • Employment and Retail issues
  • Review of Metropolitan Open Land including sports facilities, green spaces as well as the whole of the physical and social infrastructure
  • Conservations and Characterisation matters.


Councillor Manro asked for clarity on how decision making would enable higher levels of density to be achieved. Steve Barton said that making the best use of land and optimising development opportunities were keen components of the emerging NPPF and London Plan and there would need to be guidance in the local plan on density.” 


Susan New and James Guest raised questions over Housing Trajectory- i.e. the growth in numbers of units and the extent they reflected targets and on the need for Health and Transport provision to be taken into account.

The latter would be covered under the infrastructure theme while the former would form part of items for the next meeting that would concentrate on Strategic Housing Policy with an outside speaker.



  1. Recommendations


Members agreed to  


  1. Note the revised Local Development Scheme attached at Appendix 1.


  2. Note the Local Development Document Profiles in Chapter 3 including the proposed structure, format and timetable for the revised Local Plan.


  3. Note that the LDS will be shortly published on the Council’s web-site



8 Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held on a date to be confirmed.

The meeting ended at 21.01.

The next meeting would be organised for the autumn.

Paul Najsarek, Chief Executive, 19th July 2018

Additional Meeting Documents


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Councillor Fay Block Councillor Deirdre Costigan
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Also in attendance at the meeting were:


Councillor Lewis Cox


Steve Barton- Strategic Planning Manager

 Ian Weake - Principal Planning Officer

Sam Cuthbert - Principal Planning Officer

Keith Fraser - Head of Democratic Services

Members of public who  attended the meeting.

Will French - Save Ealing Centre

Bob Gurd - Ealing Civic Society

James Guest - Ealing Fields Residents Association

Anthony Lewis - The Conservation Forum

Evelin Matley -  Resident

Victor Mishiku - The Covenant Movement

Susan New -  Resident