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Boundaries Panel
25 Oct 2018 - 19:00 to 21:00
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5 Minutes
That the minutes of the last meeting of the Boundaries Panel held on 13 February 2018 be agreed as a true and correct record.
To approve as a correct record the minutes of the Boundaries Panel held on 13 February 2018.

Keith Fraser, head of democratic services, introduced the report setting out the proposals and reasons for the proposals as discussed in the working group meetings.


Proposed new ward on Southall Gas works site

Members discussed the proposal to create an additional ward in Southall to cater for the projected increase in population and electorate due to the development on the Gas Works site.  The proposal was for this to be a two-member ward, and also to split the current three-member Southall Broadway ward into a two-member ward.  This proposal would increase the number of councillors in Ealing from 69 to 70. 


Members were informed that indications were that the number of homes completed and ready for occupation by 2022 would be smaller than original estimates had shown. Members were concerned about the late notification of the projected population on the Southall Gasworks site which had decreased to 624 homes being built and occupied by 2022, and stressed that they would have preferred to have had time to analyse these figures before this meeting.  However, members were advised that the Boundaries Commission would be making its decision based on the projected electorate figures for 2024 and the Council was required to provide figures based on the 2024 projection.  Members noted that there would be an under-deployed ward for two years but asked what the projected figures were for the Southall gasworks site in 2028.  Helen Harris agreed to look into this and to provide this information to members after the panel.


Ross Jackson, Head of Elections explained that the number of electorate in the new ward would be dependent on trend and nationality of the residents, and between 2022 and 2026 it could grow substantially.  Keith Fraser explained that a boundary review is triggered if more than 30% of wards are + or – 10% in numbers of electorate.  If there was a situation where two or three wards were out of kilter then the Council could ask the Boundaries Commission for a review.


Helen Harris advised that there were detailed population statistical predictions across the borough; the commission worked on the basis of electorate rather than population and the figures presented had been estimated as far as officers were able with the tools available.


Councillor G Stafford proposed a new single ward between the railway line and Uxbridge Road in Southall, using Lady Margaret Road as a dividing line between Lady Margaret and Dormers Wells wards; this was not agreed by the Panel which agreed the option of the new ward on the Southall Gas Works site as detailed in the report.


Copley Close

Members considered whether Copley Close was best positioned within North Hanwell ward or Pitshanger ward. Members considered the impact of including Copley Close in each of these two neighbouring wards in terms of population – which would place North Hanwell ward close to the 10% tolerance threshold, and in terms of the point that Copley Close had a W7 (Hanwell) postcode and might have a more natural community connection with North Hanwell.  Members voted and AGREED by a majority that Copley Close would be located within Pitshanger ward.  Councillors Ball and G Stafford did not agree with this proposal.


East Acton

Members noted that the makeup of this ward was considered at the working group and that the suggestion to move Wells House Road from North Acton to East Acton was not viable.


Greenford Green

It was noted that Cllr Kelly preferred for Hicks Avenue and surrounding roads to be included in Greenford Green but it was accepted that this did not work due to the number of electorate in the area.



Members requested that further details be added to the context and background of the proposed boundaries before submitting to the Commission.  Any further details for the context/background should be sent to Keith Fraser for inclusion in the final report.


Members accepted the boundaries as proposed on the map appended to the report subject to further details on their context and background being expanded for the commission. Councillors Ball and G Stafford did not agree with this proposal.


Names of Wards

The names for the 24 wards in Ealing were discussed and members agreed to recommend the following names to the Boundary Commission:


East Acton

South Acton

North Acton (formerly Acton central)

Acton Green (formerly Southfield)

Hanger Hill

Ealing Common

Ealing Broadway

Pitshanger (formerly Cleveland)



South Ealing (formerly Northfield)

Hanwell Broadway (formerly Elthorne)

North Hanwell (formerly Hobbayne)

Dormers Wells

Southall Broadway – reduction to from three, to two-member ward

West Southall (new ward on Southall Gasworks site) – two-member ward

Norwood Green

Southall Green

Lady Margaret

Greenford Broadway

Central Greenford (formerly Greenford Green)

North Greenford

Northolt West End

Northolt Mandeville



That the Boundaries Panel:

agrees to recommend to the Boundaries Commission that the number of wards increases from 23 to 24 (22 three-member wards and 2 two-member wards) leading to an increase in councillors of 1 from 69 to 70, with recommended names of each ward listed above.

requests further details on the context and background to the recommendations be forwarded to the Head of Democratic Services for inclusion in the final submission.

subject to any final changes required, approves the submission to the Local Government Boundaries Commission for England, in connection with the LGBCE’s review of Ealing ward boundaries.

authorises the Director of Legal and Democratic Services to make any final changes to the submission to the LGBCE on behalf of the Council within the deadline.


Reason for Decision and Options Considered

The LGBCE is an independent body, responsible for determining the electoral arrangements of local authorities across England. The LGBCE aims to review all areas about once every fifteen years (the last review in Ealing was in 1999), and it is now London’s turn within the LGBCE’s programme.  The review covers the overall number of councillors, the names, number and boundaries of wards, and the number of councillors in each ward.  The LGBCE makes recommendations, and the final decisions will be taken by parliament.  In practice, parliament nearly always accepts LGBCE recommendations.

Paul Najsarek, Chief Executive, 17 October 2018
Councillor Shaw (Chair)


The meeting ended at 8:45pm


The minutes should be read in conjunction with the agenda for the meeting. They are subject to approval and signature at the next meeting of this Committee.

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