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24 Feb 2015 - 19:00 to 22:00
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Standard Items
1 Urgent Matters

Any urgent matters arising since the despatch of the agenda that the Mayor has agreed should be considered at the meeting.

There were none
2 Apologies for Absence


Councillors Ahmed-Shaikh, Aslam, Khan and Reen gave their apologies.

3 Declarations of Interest

To note any declarations of interest made by members.

Councillors Dheer, Kaur-Dheer, Mahfouz, Murtagh, Tailor, L.. Wall and  R. Wall by virtue of their employment or a relative’s employment in a Local Authority.

Councillor Sumner in regard to allotments and Councillor Young in regards to clinical waste.

4 Matters to be Considered in Private


There were none

5 Minutes

To approve as a correct record the minutes of the Council  meeting held on 27 January 2015


The minutes of the meeting of 27th January 2015 were agreed with the addition of noting  that Councillor Murray was appointed to the Employment Appeals Panel.
6 Mayor's Announcements


The Mayor announced that his guests for the evening were students and teachers of St Benedicts School, Ealing.

 He said that Ealing Abbey  will be holding their annual civic mass on Sunday 22nd March 2015.

His next charity fund raising event will be Jazz and Curry on 25th February and he asked members to contact the Mayor’s Secretary if they wished to attend any of the civic masses.

The Mayor said he would participating in the London Mayor’s Sponsored 5 mile walk on his birthday, Sunday 1stMarch 2015 and urged all members to sponsor him.

He reminded members that if they wanted to host a ward reception in the Mayor’s Parlour they should contact the Mayor’s Secretary to arrange dates.

Finally he congratulated Cllr Gareth Shaw on the birth of his daughter on 30th January 2015 and Councillors Dheer and Kaur Dheer on the birth of their grandson on 24th January 2015.

8 Petitions from Members of the Council
Submitted under Council and Committee Procedure Rule 9.


Councillor Millican presented a petition from the residents of Lindsey House, South Road, W5 asking for the reinstatement of the serving hatch between the kitchen and dining room.

9 Questions from Members of the Council
To deal with questions of which notice has been given in accordance with Rule 10 of the Council and Committee Procedure Rules.

Question 1

Councillor R. Wall asked the Portfolio Holder for Housing Employmernt and Skills

"Does the portfolio holder share my concern about the record number of evictions recorded in the borough last year?"

Councillor Anand replied
There has been record numbers of evictions from private rented sector properties in Ealing. Tenants of assured-short-hold tenancies in the private sector now account for 57% of households that become homeless in Ealing. This reflects increased rent levels, supressed Local Housing Allowance rates and the value of the private rented sector becoming increasingly unaffordable particularly for larger households input of the Governments benefit caps. This is a very concerning development for the borough. I am worried that many families within the borough may be priced out of their own neighbourhood. 

Councillors  R. Wall and Dabrowska  asked supplementary questions

Question 2

Councillor Millican asked the Portfolio Holder for Children & Young People

"Do you join with me in supporting the Home Office Prevent Strategy and the new Coalition Government's Counter-terrorism Bill as it is being promoted in our schools?"

Councillor Rai replied

Councillors I am sure you are aware that the Prevent strategy is one part of the Governments Counter Terrorism strategy, aimed at stopping people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism by responding to the ideological challenge of terrorism and those who promote it.

On the 12 February the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 received Royal Assent, which provides powers for the Home Secretary to place restrictions on travel, and  also included is  a new statutory duty for local authorities (and other public authorities such as police, prisons, education and health) to have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism.

The Act provides for the Home Secretary to issue statutory guidance, and as is, detailed is awaited.

Ealing has been well placed with its existing work through the Prevent Co-ordinator and the EPAREX project which was funded by the EU, and efforts across the Council to mainstream Prevent,  into the overall Safeguarding provision.

OFSTED have already placed the principles of Prevent into their inspection regime, and the prevent team within Safer Communities has already commenced a programme of training for staff in schools, which I am confident will prove successful.

As for whether I support the Home office strategy, in principal the government’s efforts to tackle radicalisation is welcomed.  However, I do have some issues with its implementation. It’s not just me that has these concerns, we saw last year that not even the then secretary of state for Education, Michael Gove, and Home Secretary, Theresa May could agree on it. We all agree on the need to tackle the issue but there are many different views on how best it could be done in practice.

Councillors Millican and Manro asked supplementary questions

Question 3

Councillor Busuttil asked the Portfolio Holder for Transport and Environment

"Does the portfolio holder agree that under the current Mayor of London, who abolished off-peak fare caps back in January - that he has unfairly disadvantaged hard working commuters, especially those working to/from and within the Borough of Ealing, with double digit fare rises?".

Councillor Mahfouz replied

The short answer is I agree. The slightly longer answer is that I believe the constant increase in fare prices above inflation by this mayor has unfairly disadvantaged commuters across our borough. It is just another pressure on local residents who have had to live through a cost of living crisis brought about by the policies of this Tory-led Government.

Councillors Busuttil and R.Mann asked  supplementary questions

Question 4

Councillor Shaw asked the Portfolio Holder for Health & Adults’ Services

"Can the portfolio holder update us on the proposals for maternity provision within the borough?"

Councillor Tailor replied

"In 2012 North West London CCGs and NHS Trusts developed the “Shaping a Healthier Future” programme which included plans to consolidate maternity services on six sites in North West London and cease maternity deliveries at Ealing Hospital.

The next meeting of the Ealing Clinical Commissioning Group Governing Body is scheduled to take place on 18 March 2015.  It is expected that at this meeting the board will consider the timing of the proposed service changes including the transition of maternity services from Ealing Hospital to other sites."


Councillors Shaw and Morrissey asked supplementary question,

Question 5

Councillor Theresa Mullins asked the Portfolio Holder for Children and Young People

Tackling child sexual exploitation should be a priority for this borough.  Why is it taking you so long to produce the action plan, which was promised at the October Cabinet meeting?

Councillor Rail replied

I am delighted to launch Ealing’s newly published Tackling CSE strategy today, which I will be discussing with the Shadow portfolio holder. Our CSE strategy is very comprehensive and covers the 3 key priorities of Prevention; Protection and Prosecution. Ealing Children's Services and our partners have in the last two years, made significant progress in dealing with CSE, but key learning from Rotherham has helped us to refine and update our strategy as well as communicate more effectively about the risks and impact of CSE. 

Incorporated into this strategy is the learning from Rotherham, much of which I am pleased to say we were already doing in Ealing, such as multi-agency approach and understanding that children have to be listened to and believed.

Keeping children safe, continues to be my top priority.  

Councillors Theresa Mullins and Midha asked supplementary questions 

Question 6

Councillor Summers asked  the Portfolio Holder for Children and Young People

"Could the portfolio holder update the council what return the council has seen for its investment in expanding and improving local schools?"

Councillor Rai replied

The council has a very substantial programme to expand and improve primary and special schools in response to the growing demand for places in the Borough.  The increase in demand will begin to affect High Schools from 2016.

With regard to the schools we have expanded, the Council has prioritised wherever possible, those schools that are rated as good our outstanding by OfSTED. Of the 33 primary schools that we have agreed to expand, 29 are rated by OfSTED as good or outstanding which places us in the top quartile nationally. All of the special schools we have expanded are rated as good or outstanding.

Expansion programmes can place extra burdens on senior leaders but of the 20 primary schools that have been inspected 6 increased their grade and 10 were good or outstanding.

Councillors Summers and Roz Reece asked supplementary questions

Question 7

Councillor Proud asked the Portfolio Holder for Health and Adult Services

Do you believe you are serving the needs of our most dependent and vulnerable service users by closing Carlton Road Day Centre?

Councillor Tailor replied

Ealing Council's budget has been cut by more than 50% by the Coalition Government; the money we have available for services will be cut by £183m by 2018. We have to save £96m by 2018.

The Adults Services budget continues to face increasing demographic pressures meaning that the scope for savings has diminished over the past four years increasing the pressure to find additional savings.

In adults services we are focussing our resources on those with the greatest need. That is why in all of our proposals we will assess people’s needs and allocate them a personalised budget accordingly. This will give people more control over their own care and is the only fair of sharing our diminishing resources.

The proposals for Carlton Road to identify revenue savings were part of the savings proposals. The proposed saving was close to £0.5M taking into account re-provision through personal budgets.

Specifically we are continuing the process of personalisation that has been successfully carried out by this authority over several years now.

All customers using Carlton Road are eligible for social care support. All customers will receive ongoing support to meet their assessed health and social care needs. Given the huge cuts we are facing the choice is not between closing Carlton Road or not closing it, it was between taking this saving and finding alternative provision or finding savings from other areas of our adult budget. This is the impossible position the Tory-led government has put us in.

Councillors Proud and Nagpal asked supplementary questions

12 Reports from Officers
  1. pdf Appendices 1-10 (1630Kb)

Councillor Johnson moved the report

Councillor Bell seconded the report 

Councillor G. Stafford responded

Councillor Steed moved an amendment to the report

Councillor Malcolm seconded the amendment

Councillor Bell responded.

Councillor Young responded.

Councillor Malcolm responded.

Councillor Mahmoud responded.

Councillor Sharma responded.

Councillor Millican responded.

Councillor Dheer responded.

Councillor Sumner responded.

Councillor Mahfouz responded.

Councillor A. Stafford responded.

Councillor Rai responded.

Councillor Proud responded.

Councillor Tailor responded.

Councillor Reece responded.

Councillor Walker responded.

Councillor Kumar responded.

Councillor Anand responded.

Councillor Mullins responded.

Councillor Steed summed up

Councillor G. Stafford summed up

Councillor Johnson summed up

After a vote  the amendment was lost


After a recorded vote 


Councillors Ahmed, Anand,  Bagha, Bell, Blacker, Byrne, Camadoo, Cogan, Conlan, Crawford, Crawford, Dhami, Dheer, Kaur-Dheer, Dhindsa, Gavan, Gordon, Gulaid, Hynes, Johnson, Jones, Kang, Kelly,  Kohli, Mahfouz, Mahmoud, G. Mann, R. Mann, Manro, Martin, Mason, McCartan, Midha, Mohan, Murray, Murtagh, Nagpal, Padda, Rai, Raza, Rodgers, Sabiers, Sharma, Shaw, Summers, Tailor, Walker, L. Wall, R. Wall, and Woodroofe, 


Councillors Ball, Busuttil, Dabrowska, Seema Kumar, Malcolm, Millican, Joy Morrissey, Theresa Mullins, Proud, Roz Reece,  Stafford, Stafford, Steed Sumner and Young.

Council agreed

1.1.           Revenue Budget and Medium Term Financial Strategy

1.1.1.       Considered and approved the budget for 2015/16 of £249.863m as summarised in para 4.7.4. and appendix 2;

1.1.2.       Considered and approved the refreshed Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) for 2015/16 – 2018/19 (appendix 1);

1.1.3.       Considered the advice of the Executive Director of Corporate Resources on the levels of reserves and robustness of estimates in setting the budget as required by Section 25 of the Local Government Act 2003 (para 5.11);

1.1.4.       Noted the financial risks and pressures set out in section 4 and in particular para 4.6;

1.1.5.       Noted the total savings of £72.588m and the growth of £5.473m approved by Cabinet through the budget review processes for the period of the refreshed MTFS, 2015/16 – 2018/19 as set out in paras 5.2 – 5.4 (see appendices 3a, 3b and 3c);

1.1.6.       Approved the draft Schools budget of £296.598m and agreed that any changes to the budget reasonably required as a result of the final 2015/16 DSG settlement are delegated for decision to the Executive Director of Children and Adults Service following consultation with the Executive Director of Corporate Resources (see para 5.8);

1.1.7.       Noted the MTFS financial projections for 2016/17 to 2018/19 (para 4.7.4 and appendix 1);

1.1.8.       Noted that the General Fund balance is scheduled to remain the same at £15.4m for 2015/16 and noted the forecast levels of earmarked reserves as set out in appendix 6 (see para 5.13);

1.1.9.       Noted that funding within the draft revenue budget includes the Government’s offer of a council tax freeze grant for 2015/16 and agreed that this offer should be accepted (see para 4.3);

1.1.10.     Approved the Parking Account 2015/16 set out in Appendix 4 (see para 5.6);

1.2.           Capital Programme 2014/15 to 2018/19

1.2.1.       Approved the revised capital programme of £671.642m, set out in para 5.18.2 and appendix 8 including the new capital projects, totalling £75.429m, recommended for inclusion set out in para 5.17 and detailed in appendix 7, the revised capital strategy set out in appendix 9 and the removal of capital savings from the capital budget as set out in paragraph 5.16.2;

1.3.           Treasury Management and Pension Fund

1.3.1.       Approved the overall Treasury Management Strategy including the associated Prudential Indicators and Annual Investment Strategy as set out in appendix 10, annexes 3 and 5 (see para 5.21);

1.3.2.       Approved the Treasury Management Policy Statement attached as annexe 1 to appendix 10;

1.3.3.       Noted the Director of Finance will implement the Treasury Management Strategy under existing officer delegated powers set out in annex 2 to appendix 10;

1.3.4.       Approved the Minimum Revenue Provision (MRP) policy outlined in annex 4 of appendix 10;

1.3.5.       Noted that the Pension Fund and West London Waste Authority cash is also managed in accordance with the Treasury Management Strategy (2.7 to 2.11 of appendix 10);

1.4.           Council Tax and Business Rates

1.4.1.       Noted the GLA Band D precept of £295.00 for 2015/16, a 1.3% reduction compared to the 2014/15 GLA precept (para 5.9);

1.4.2.       Noted that the Executive Director of Corporate Resources calculated under delegated authority on 15 January 2015 the amount of 104,595.86 as the Council Tax Base, (the number of properties in Bands A-H in the Borough, expressed as an equivalent number of Band D units for the year 2015/16) in accordance with regulation 3 of the Local Authorities (Calculation of Council Tax Base) Regulations 1992 (as amended) made under Section 33(5) and 34(4) of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 (para 5.22.1);

1.4.3.       Noted the estimated surplus of £5.229m on the Collection Fund as at 31 March 2015, of which £5.965m is the Ealing share available to support the 2015/16 Budget (para 5.22.2). The remainder is split between the DCLG (deficit of £1.965m) and the GLA (surplus of £1.229m).

1.4.4.       Noted the Council’s share of the business rates income forecast for 2015/16 at £41.665m agreed under delegated authority by the Executive Director of Corporate Resources (see para 5.23).

1.4.5.       Considered and approved:

  • a Council Tax requirement for the Council’s own purposes of £106,537,715;
  • a basic amount of Council Tax at Band D for Ealing’s Services for 2015/16 of £1,059.93 - a 0% tax increase; and
  • an overall Band D Council Tax of £1,354.93 including the GLA precept.

1.4.6.       Agreed the calculations as set out below for 2015/16 that have been prepared in accordance with Sections 31A and 31B of the amended Local Government Finance Act (LGFA) 1992:


Table 1: Section 31A (LGFA 1992 - amended) Calculation


Aggregate of the amounts which the Council estimates for the items set out in Section 31A (2) (a) to (f) of the LGFA 1992



Aggregate of the amounts which the Council estimates for the items set out in Section 31A (3) (a) to (d) of the LGFA 1992



Calculation of the Council Tax requirement under section 31A (4), being the amount by which the sum aggregated at (A) (above) exceeds the aggregate of (B) (above).


(A)          Is gross expenditure and transfers to reserves.

(B)          Is gross income and transfers from reserves. This includes RSG and surpluses transferred from the Collection Fund.

(C)         Is the Council Tax requirement.

1.4.7.       Noted that the calculation of the basic amount of Council Tax required is as follows, calculated by dividing the Council Tax requirement by the Council Tax base for 2015/16 (referred to as Items R and T respectively, in Section 31B of the LGFA 1992 (amended)):

Table 2: Section 31B (LGFA 1992 - amended) Calculation


LB Ealing’s Council Tax requirement  - (calculation shown in table 1)



Council Tax base for 2015/16



Tax per Band D Property


1.4.8.       Agreed the calculation made in accordance with Section 36 of the Local Government  Finance Act 1992, the following amounts for Ealing's services in 2015/16 (see Table 3).  These being the amounts given by multiplying the amount shown as ‘Tax per Band D Property’ (Table 2 above) by the number which, in the proportion set out in Section 5(1) of the Act, is applicable to dwellings listed in a particular valuation band divided by the number which in that proportion is applicable to dwellings listed in valuation band D, as the amounts to be taken into account for the year in respect of categories of dwellings listed in different valuation bands;

Table 3: Ealing Council tax by band of property



















1.4.9.       Noted that for 2015/16 the GLA, the major Precepting Authority, has stated the following amounts of precepts issued to the Council, in accordance with Section 40 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992, for each of the categories of dwellings shown below:

Table 4: GLA precept by band of property



















1.4.10.     Having calculated the aggregate in each case of the amounts in recommendations (1.4.8) and (1.4.9) above, in accordance with Section 30(2) of the Local Government Finance Act 1992, approved the following amounts to be set as the amounts of Council Tax for 2015/16 for each of the categories of dwellings shown below:

Table 5: Total Council tax by band of property (Ealing council tax and GLA precept)



















1.4.11.     Determined that, with reference to principles approved by the Secretary of State under Section 52ZB Local Government Finance Act 1992, the level of Council Tax for Ealing is not excessive and as such no referendum is required (para 5.22).

1.4.12.     Determined that, as the billing authority, the Council has not been notified by the GLA that its relevant basic amount of Council Tax for 2015/16 is excessive and therefore the Council is not required to hold a referendum in accordance with Section 52ZK of the Local Government Finance Act 1992.



Councillor Johnson moved the report
Councillor G. Stafford seconded the report.

 After a vote 

  1. Council approved the attached Pay Policy Statement (appendix “1”) and noted the supporting appendices “2”, “3” &“4”;
  2. Full Council approved a policy, for 2015-16, to pay the London Living Wage (LLW) rate or above to direct employees (whether permanent or fixed term ) and to ensure agency workers are paid the LLW;
  3. Full Council noted that decisions on proposed remuneration packages of £100,000 and above will be determined by Chief Officer Panel, in accordance with their existing terms of reference; and
  4. Full Council commended to Governing Bodies of Schools that they consider paying the LLW rate to schools based employees (whether permanent or fixed term) and to agency workers working in Schools

Report from the Executive Director of Corporate Resources.

Councillor Johnson moved the report
Councillor G. Stafford seconded the report.

After a vote Council 

1.1         Noted the proposed creation of shared services for Internal Audit, Counter Fraud and Investigation Services and other functions as outlined in this report.  The Shared Service to be hosted by LB Ealing, with effect from 1 April 2015 or as soon as possible thereafter with the London Boroughs of Brent and Hounslow and other authorities as approved by the Executive Director of Corporate Resources in consultation with the relevant Portfolio Holder.


1.2         Agreed that LB Ealing will accept the delegation of certain functions from other local authorities which are non-executive functions in accordance with the constitution of LB Ealing in respect of the shared services for Internal Audit and Counter Fraud and Investigation Services and such other functions agreed by the partner authorities.


1.3         Authorised the Executive Director of Corporate Resources to enter into arrangements and inter authority agreements with the London Borough of Brent and the London Borough of Hounslow as to the terms on which the functions delegated to LB Ealing will be performed.


1.4      Noted that the proposed shared services would entail LB Ealing accepting the delegation of certain functions from other local authorities which are executive functions in accordance with the constitution of LB Ealing, and that the decision to accept the delegation of such functions to LB Ealing is a decision for the executive.


1.5         Delegated to the Executive Director of Corporate Resources in consultation with the relevant portfolio holder, authority to enter into future arrangements and inter authority agreements with other authorities in respect of the non-executive functions delegated to LB Ealing in connection with shared services for Internal Audit and Counter Fraud and Investigation Services.


1.6         Noted that following the signing of the respective inter authorities agreements and on commencement of arrangements that staff be transferred under TUPE to LB Ealing from Brent and Hounslow respectively.


1.7         Authorised the Head of Audit and Investigation to discharge the non-executive functions of the other authorities which are delegated to LB Ealing in accordance with the arrangements described above.


1.8         Authorised the Director of Legal Services to make any amendments to the constitution of LB Ealing which are required to give effect to the above.



Report from the Director of Legal and Democratic Services.

Councillor Gordon moved the report
Councillor Roz Reece seconded the report

Council agreed to:

 1.1  Amend the constitution as set out in appendix 1,

1.2  Authorise the Executive Director of Corporate Resources, following consultation with the three party whips, to determine the terms of reference and membership of the proposed new Local Pension Board,  the manner in which such members may be appointed and removed and the terms of their appointment, and

1.3  Authorise the Director of Legal and Democratic Services, following consultation with members of the Constitution Review Group, to amend the Contract Procedure Rules to achieve compliance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015


13 Appointments to Committees and Other Bodies

Councillor Gordon moved and Councillor Roz Reece seconded the following appointments


Governor Name

Governing Body

Term Start

Term End

Political Affiliation

Appointment Type

Date Approved

Cllr  Swaran Padda

Lady Margaret Primary School






Mr Ian Potts

St Gregory's Catholic Primary School






The meeting finished at 21.31.
14 Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of Council  will be held on 14 April 2015.
The next meeting of Council  will be held on 14 April 2015.

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