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14 Apr 2015 - 19:00 to 22:00
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Standard Items
1 Urgent Matters

Any urgent matters arising since the despatch of the agenda that the Mayor has agreed should be considered at the meeting.


There were no urgent matters
2 Apologies for Absence


Councillors Ahmed, Byrne, Cogan,Dhindsa, Seema Kumar, Mohan and Summers all gave their apologies
3 Declarations of Interest

To note any declarations of interest made by members

There were none
4 Matters to be Considered in Private

There were none.
5 Minutes

To approve as a correct record the minutes of the Council meeting held on 24th February 2015.


These were agreed.
6 Mayor's Announcements



The Mayor said he was delighted to announce that Beth Rutherford had won the Young Parking Professional of the Year Award at the British Parking Association Awards and also that Ealing Parking Services were commended for Parking in the Community Award. He thanked the members who supported his No Hurry, Plenty Curry charity fund raising event. He then said that his final charity event would be Celebrating 50 Years of London Councils on Sunday 26th April at 7pm at BoOf restaurant. He wished Happy Vaisakhi to all those celebrating. He then told Council that under Rule 2 he had moved item 12A up the agenda to allow Mr John Beastall, Chair of the Standards Committee to introduce his report.
7 Petitions from Members of the Public
Submitted under Council and Committee Procedure Rule 9.


a). Mrs Brenda Hawkes of Kent Gardens W13, presented a petition signed by 57 residents stating

 We, the undersigned, residents of Kent Gardens, wish to have the HH CPZ (Controlled parking zone) extended to include Kent Gardens. We call upon the Council to:

1 Recognise that  as  a  main  road  Kent Gardens  is  not  able  to  safely accommodate closely parked commuter vehicles all day.                                                ·

2    Act upon this petition by carrying out a new consultation on this proposal in Kent Gardens to extend the HH CPZ to include Kent Gardens.

Councillor Mahfouz replied

“I appreciate the strength of feeling in Kent Gardens about this issue. This CPZ was one of the first issues I dealt with in 2010 and I was asked to review the decision.

We knew at the time that there would be a knock on impact elsewhere. We have introduced dual use bays nearer to Ealing Broadway to encourage people to individuals to park away from your road.

Kent Gardens was consulted as part of the CPZ policy in 2013. The results of that consultation showed that there were roads in favour, including Kent Gardens by a small margin but it is council policy to consider consultations on an area wide basis not street by street.

A majority of residents in the area were against expansion of the CPZ in that consultation. So we were unable to proceed with expansion.

We are aware of the ongoing issues in Kent Gardens and one of the changes that have been made has been additional yellow lines to prevent parking at pinch points. We can consult again on a wider basis but any expansion would need the support of a wider area in order to be introduced.

We are not in a position to fund the initial consultation but it may be something your ward forum may wish to consider”.

b) George Lafford Chair of CASH (Campaign for Sheltered Housing) presented a petition signed by 200 residents stating

 C.A.S.H would like to ensure that the regeneration process, particularly where older people are concerned, is fair and robust. In addition, C.A.S.H wants to ensure that future regeneration projects on other estates that have sheltered housing schemes will be problem free.


Councillor Anand replied

“Mr Mayor this borough is making care for the elderly and helping them maintain an independent life a key priority. That is why we have reviewed our provision of sheltered housing in the last council and why we redeveloping sheltered housing that is no longer fit for purpose.

Only South Acton has sheltered blocks on any Ealing Council estates currently undergoing comprehensive regeneration. Blocks affected are:

•           Harleyford Manor (37 units – proposed for redevelopment end 2020)

•           Arundel House (22 units – proposed for redevelopment mid 2018)

•           Pembroke House (39 units – proposed for redevelopment mid 2019)

We know there is an over-supply of sheltered housing in the Acton area when compared with demand.

The widely-consulted master plan for the estate (approved in September 2012) envisages there will be 50 flats for those aged over 55 built within phase 7 of the development. This is prior to the demolition of any of the three existing sheltered blocks.

Careful pairing of decanting phases with new build phases means that the majority of people only need to move once. The decanting proposals do not envisage so-called “double decanting”.

It is important to note that none of the sheltered blocks at South Acton will be required for redevelopment until mid-2018 at the earliest, with the last of the blocks not being needed until early 2021. All prospective tenants at South Acton have been advised of the proposals to regenerate the estate since the approval of the master plan in 2012.

The Council’s Cabinet agreed to special proposals in relation to the decanting of the South Acton sheltered blocks at its meeting in March 2015. This includes:

•           Conducting enhanced housing needs surveys at an early juncture

•           Working closely with carers, relatives and sheltered housing wardens to develop personalised move plans for each resident

•           A longer time period for decanting than for general needs housing

Residents were informed at the last CASH meeting on 11.3.15 that we currently have 63 void flats across all our 34 sheltered schemes. 22 of these are bedsits.

Of the remaining 41 voids, 31 are in the Acton / Ealing Area –

•           29 flats in Acton

•           1 flat in Ealing

•           1 flat in South Ealing

This gives a snapshot of the opportunities to move.

Extensive consultation took place as part of the development of the master plan during 20010-11, with well over 600 households providing feedback via door-knocking and other engagement exercises. There were also six public exhibitions. The sheltered blocks at South Acton were included within this consultation exercise and were, additionally, visited by regeneration team staff before the developer selection process (2008) and after the selection of the developer partner (2010). These meetings took place at the common rooms of each of the blocks and were well attended. Individuals who were housebound were visited in their individual flats.

Regular quarterly newsletters are sent to all households at South Acton including the sheltered blocks and one of the sheltered housing residents is represented on the governance body for the regeneration programme, the Community Board. This meets bi-monthly and comprises a broad range of elected and seconded stakeholders.

Many of the recent concerns stemmed from worries around phasing, communal facilities, emergency pull cords and laundry facilities. All of these items are to be factored in to the over 55 blocks. A request was made at the meeting for increased communication with the sheltered block affected.

Mr David McKay raised the issue of regeneration at a CASH meeting on 10.9.14,

At the following CASH meeting on 22.10.14 officers attended to explain the current regeneration position and outlined that there had been previous consultation with residents and that there would be 50 over 55 self-contained units built as part of phase 7.

Following the CASH meeting on 11.3.15 members of the Resident Involvement team have visited the South Acton sheltered schemes (at their coffee mornings) to talk through individual concerns. The questions raised at these meetings have been turned into easy accessed FAQ’s and are to be distributed to all sheltered residents on South Acton.

We will continue to invite members of the regeneration team to CASH meetings throughout the course of the regeneration of South Acton in order to keep dialogue open between CASH and the project team/developers.

I would like to thank CASH for bringing their petition and I hope we can continue to work positively with them on resolving the issues they have raised”,.


c) Mr David Perridge of the Grange W5 presented a petition signed by 158  residents stating

 1.  The Grange Estate is the major part of the The Grange and White Ledges Conservation . The Grange Estate comprises two tower blocks and 80 two- or three-storey town houses in terraces all within a landscaped area.

 2.  Each household has a single share in The Grange Residents' Company Ltd, GRCL, which was· set up in the 1960s by a Court Order to run the Estate and to ensure its appearance and its essential facilities were maintained. Shareholders elect Directors who act through a property management company to fulfil the terms of the Order. The GRCL is non-profit making and its Directors are unpaid.

 3.  The Directors undertook a survey of residents to assess the impact of the proposal to have wheelie bins instead of the current system of recyclable and non-recyclable waste collection. In all, 55 households were against the proposal, two were indifferent, one was positively in favour and in 22 cases no answer could be obtained despite six visits at varying times.

 4.  There would be considerable practical difficulties in implementing the proposal for the use of wheelie bins.

 5.  The great majority of houses have dustbin cupboards which are not tall enough to house wheelie bins, not deep enough to house two, and have a sill under their door .which opens onto a step which links the front door and fore­ court. In all such cases the bins would have to be stored in front of the house, much to the detriment of the appearance of a Conservation Area.

 6.  The approach to  some houses is on an incline. Older residents would find it hard to push wheelie bins.

 7.  Even numbered houses 78..:.86 The Knoll and 40-28 Heronsforde form an 80. metre long terrace whose gardens back on to Castlebar Rod but without gates to it. Their fronts face an Estate pathway that links The Knoll and nine steps descending to Heronsforde.  Waste collectors would have to push wheelie bins all the way to The Knoll. Moreover, some of the houses have steps up or down to the pathway. Currently, collectors take waste to one or other of the roads by aggregating the recyclable waste into larger bags or by · carrying several black bin bags at a time.  Wheelie bins would be far less practical.

 8.  No.9 and 11 Heronsforde have a similar but worse choice between 80 metres to The Knoll or 14 steps down to Heronsforde compounded by steps down to the Estate pathway.

 9.  The Directors would welcome the opportunity to show Councillors or an appointed Officer around the Grange Estate to see at first hand the · difficulties that wheelie bins would present.

Councillor Mahfouz replied

 “In regard to flats we are not looking to make introduce wheelie bins to flats. I think it would be useful to arrange a meeting with you to clarify what changes will be made on the roads that have been referred to.

In relation to houses we are faced with the consequences of having to find £93m of savings. Even after bringing in changes like the wheelie bins there will still be a £29m gap we need to find.

We are looking to achieve a recycling rate of 50% by 2018. We will need to make significant changes to make that a reality. This is one of those changes. Neighbouring boroughs have already brought in similar changes and the system seems to affective in those areas. These changes will result in savings of around £2m to the council which is a significant saving given the financial climate we are in”

8 Petitions from Members of the Council
Submitted under Council and Committee Procedure Rule 9.


a)    Councillor Dabrowska presented a petition signed by 50 residents concerning a telecommunications mast in Ealing Green

b)   Councillor Young presented a petition signed by 69 businesses in W13 on issues around the monthly The Avenue Vintage and Antique Market

c)    Councillor Busuttil presented a petition signed by 419 residents in Southfields Ward against the introduction of Wheelie Bins

d)   Councillor Steed presented a petition signed by  345 attendees from the London Buddhist Vihara   concerning the abolition of religious exemption parking permits

9 Questions from Members of the Public
Submitted under Council and Committee Procedure Rule 9.
To consider any questions from members of the public, due notice having been received.


Mrs Marie Lowe of W3 asked the Council

 “Would the Councillor confirm that Ealing Council has made changes to its policy for consulting residents on Planning Applications in their neighbourhood and say what these changes are?”

 Councillor Bell replied

 “Cabinet in December 2014 approved savings of £30k to commence in year 2105/16 to substitute neighbour notification letters by display of site notices for planning applications.  The notices would be placed outside the development site.  This meets the statutory requirements for publicity of planning and related applications, and would avoid problems experienced with reliance on the postal service for delivery.

 The proposal has been advised to Regulatory and Scrutiny Committee meetings and discussed with representatives of residents associations, amenity groups and conservation area advisory panels at various Planning Services user groups.  Officers are currently progressing the proposal through the decision-making process.

 The Council will continue to consult local residents associations and amenity groups by letter or email, and will advertise certain categories of applications, particularly larger proposals, in the press.


10 Questions from Members of the Council
To deal with questions of which notice has been given in accordance with Rule 10 of the Council and Committee Procedure Rules.

Question 1

Councillor Millican asked the Portfolio Holder for Health & Adults’ Services   

How much is Ealing Council reducing its public health budget for sexual health services?

Councillor Tailor replied

As part of the Budget Strategy 2015/16 report, Cabinet considered various proposals at its meeting on 20 January 2015.

The schedule of savings included proposals to re-prioritise services to be funded using Public Health Grant income.  A review of corporate priorities, Health and Wellbeing Strategy priorities, performance in relation to the public health outcomes framework, and the London Health Commission recommendations had been undertaken and it was proposed that the public health grant funding be re-profiled on these areas including the wider determinants of health.  This would mean reducing spend in some of the areas that had previously been funded by the public health grant.  The council’s statutory public health requirements would still be met.

The areas for re-profiling the public health grant are:

•           Giving all children a healthy start to life

•           Getting Ealing fitter with better food, more exercise, and healthier living

•           Making work a healthy place to be in Ealing

•           Helping people in Ealing to stay healthy

•           Caring for the most mentally ill in Ealing so they live longer

•           Enabling residents to do more to look after themselves

•           Enabling residents to find jobs and stay in work

•           Reducing violent crime

Alongside this re-profiling, it is proposed to reduce investment in other commissioned public health services totalling £6.525m in 2015/16, £1.663m in 2016/17 and £2.439m in 2017/18. The January Cabinet report sets out a proposal to reduce the sexual health element of the Public Health Grant from £5,330,000 to £2,849,000, a proposed reduction of £2,481,000. Consultation has now been carried out, and officers are collating the outcomes, which will be reported to Cabinet in May.


Councillors Millican and Mason asked supplementary questions.


Question 2

Councillor Busuttil asked the Portfolio Holder for Transport & Environment

“Given that AMEY has failed for 3 years in street cleansing and missed collections, hugely, and with regard to your plans for wheelie bins, how can AMEY be trusted to make this operational change work?

Councillor Mahfouz replied

There is a high level of confidence that Amey can deliver the proposed changes to the waste and recycling collections system following the changes to the contract that have recently been made.


Councillors Busuttil and Sumner asked supplementary questions.


Question 3

Councillor Kelly asked The Leader of the Council

“Does the Leader of the council welcome the positive proposals that the Labour party's manifesto makes on devolution and health and social care?

Councillor Bell replied

I’ve read the Labour party’s manifesto and I would recommend it to everyone. What’s more it is also costed. I welcome the Labour manifesto that was launched yesterday and I look forward to working with the next Labour Government to deliver it from May onwards.

Labour is committed to real devolution for English councils and I look forward to working alongside former Ealing Councillor Hillary Benn when he delivers this £30bn devolution of funds as Secretary of State. Under Labour we will get real powers for skills, employment a new deal on housing and control of all of our business rates growth. This will make a big difference.

I’m also looking forward to Andy Burnham’s plans to link health with social care and mental health around the whole person. We all know that councils face a financial time-bomb in paying for the cost of social care and only Labour is promising the drastic reform needed to meet this challenge.

Councillors Kelly and Dabrowska asked supplementary questions.

Question 4

Councillor Joy Morrissey asked The Leader of the Council

“Does the Council welcome the hard work Angie Bray have done in supporting local residents in their efforts to combat the dangerous level of pollutions at Horn Lane?

Councillor Bell replied

“I am sure that starting from May 8th Rupa Huq will do a much better job representing the residents of Horn Lane and all of Ealing Central and Acton.”

Councillors Joy Morrissey and Midha asked supplementary questions.


Question 5

Councillor Raza asked the Portfolio Holder for Health & Adults’ Services

 “Can the portfolio holder update us on the latest CQC inspection of West Middlesex hospital?”

Councillor Tailor replied

“Following an inspection by the CQC in November 2014 West Middlesex Hospital Trust was given an overall rating of ‘requires improvement’. The report was particularly critical of the A&E department stating "There were insufficient numbers of nurses on duty in A&E to care for patients safely given the severity of patients' symptoms and the geographical layout of the department,"

This is particularly concerning as the full effect of the changes to Ealing Hospital have not yet been completed. How West Middlesex will cope with the increased demand from closures to A&Es across North West London is particularly worrying.

This report as well as the assessment that Northwick Park requires improvement gives further evidence of why the Shaping a Healthier Programme needs to be reviewed as a matter of urgency. It gives me no pleasure at all to say that our warnings about the impact of these changes are being proved correct.

Councillors Raza and Roz Reece asked supplementary questions.


Question 6

Councillor G. Stafford asked the Portfolio Holder for Finance, Performance & Welfare

 “Can the PH confirm that the increase in members allowances, which the Conservative Group vote against, came into effect in January this year and does she not now agree that in the current financial situation this was an ill judged use of residents Council Tax?"

Councillor Johnson replied

“I can confirm that the cost of members to local taxpayers has been reduced by a reduction in the budgets for members support staff.”


Councillors G. Stafford and Padda asked supplementary questions.


Question 7

Councillor Woodroofe asked The Leader of the Council

“What message does the Leader of the Council have for the voters of Northfield ahead of the coming bye-election?”

Councillor Bell replied

The advice I would give is that they should vote Labour, in both the national and the local by-election. It is this Labour council that has funded school expansion, protested hospital closures, installed more CCTV, frozen council tax, increased recycling, delivered more apprenticeships and delivered investment in our parks. If people support that record they need to vote for it and I’m sure they will.

I would like to wish Cllr Reen all the best in the future and I look forward to Anita MacDonald becoming the next councillor for Northfield ward.

Councillors Woodroofe and Theresa Mullins asked supplementary questions.

11 Motions with Notice
To deal with motions where notice has been given in accordance with Rule 11 of the Council and Committee Procedure Rules.
11.1 Shadow Cabinet Motion

 The Leader of the Council's Housing situation.

 Councillor G. Stafford to move

 This Council notes the following:

 There are approximately 11,000 people waiting for social housing in Ealing.

 The Leader of the Council's declaration of interest dated 24 May 2014 lists his pecuniary interest in land as two properties in borough.   However, he has now confirmed that one of these properties is in fact owned by A2 Dominion Homes Limited, a registered social landlord.

 That the Leader of the Council has received a charge from the Council which has not been declared.

 That the Leader of the Council and his family have switched where they are registered to vote a number of times between his social rented house and the other property including at points being registered at both addresses.

 The Code of Conduct for Members and the requirement to maintain a high standard of conduct following the general principles of “Selflessness; Integrity; Objectivity; Openness; Honesty; Leadership”.

Therefore this Council:

 Condemns, the Leader of the Council for decrying the lack of social housing in the Borough whilst occupying one himself, when owning another property in the same ward and the apparent hypocrisy this displays.

 Calls upon the Leader of the Council to publicly clarify his personal housing arrangement, the funding which has been received from the Council and the nature of his registration on the electoral roll.



Councillor G. Stafford moved the motion

 At the conclusion of Councillor G. Stafford’s speech Councillor Bell rose to give a personal explanation (Rule 14.4) in response to the points made by Councillor G. Stafford.

 At the conclusion of Councillor Bell’s personal explanation, Councillor D Crawford immediately rose and proposed a motion (Rule 12(10)) that given Councillor Bell’s personal explanation the meeting precede to next business.

 Councillor Gavan seconded Councillor D. Crawford’s motion.

 After a vote Council agreed to move to next business.

11.2 Other Motions for Debate

 See Overleaf

pdf 11.2 Motion (73Kb)

Councillor Ball moved the motion

Councillor Malcolm seconded the motion

Councillor Mason responded.

Councillor D. Crawford responded.

Councillor Ahmed-Shaikh responded.

Councillor Conlan responded.

Councillor Kelly responded.

Councillor Jones responded.

Councillor Woodroofe responded.

Councillor Rai responded.

Councillor Blacker responded.

Councillor Bell summed up.


After a vote the motion was lost.

11.3 Motions not for Debate

None received
12 Reports from Officers

Mr John Beastall introduced his report and said it had been a good year for members' conduct.

When he had concluded his introduction Councillor Gordon moved the report and Councillor Roz Reece seconded it.

Council agreed  the report
13 Appointments to Committees and Other Bodies

Councillor Gordon moved the following appointments
Councillor D.Crawford seconded the appointments


Governor Name

Governing Body

Term Start

Term End

Political Affiliation


Revd Ajay More

Vicar's Green Primary School




New Governor

14 Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of Council will be held on 12 May 2015.

The next meeting of Council will be held on 12 May 2015

Additional Meeting Documents

Declarations of Interests

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No declarations of interest have been entered for this meeting.


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