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(2019/20) Scrutiny Review Panel 4 (Leisure)
28 Nov 2019 - 19:00 to 21:30
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5 Minutes
To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 3 October 2019.

The minutes of the last meeting held on 3 October 2019 were agreed, subject to the following amendments:

Fourth paragraph on page 6 of 130, should read “Cllr Hitesh Tailor added that the parents from the deprivation areas would not have the money to do this.”

Third paragraph on page 8 of 130 should read “Cllr Hitesh Tailor remarked that attendance had been dropping at the various Carnivals.

Second paragraph on page 9 of 130 should read “Cllr Paul Driscoll remarked that Gunnersbury Park was now a West London-wide park with £36m investment and whether it was perceived for bigger events.

Chris Bunting, Assistant Director of Leisure, and Julia Robertson, Sports Development Manager, introduced the report to thePanel. Members noted that the number of sedentary people in the Borough was a primary concern for Ealing Council. Due to inactivity, this group had a much higher risk of health problems.

The Active Ealing team working in partnership with the two leisure contractors GLL trading as Better and Sport and Leisure Management trading as Everyone Active had made available a range of indoor and outdoor facilities and activities for specific target groups including young people, older adults and people with disabilities to help them become, and stay, more active.

This partnership way of working ensured a joined-up approach to community sports development, as well as health related project development. Through regular meetings and effective communication, the Active Ealing team ensured that facility programming and community development work continued to meet the needs of local people, resulting in an increase in sporting activity being reported across the borough.

Chris Bunting provided feedback on data collected by Better and Everyone Active from users of the borough’s sport and leisure facilities; it was reported that swimming was most popular amongst users for its greater overall physical benefit. Dependent on funding being secured, providing more swimming pools for public use would be beneficial to the wellbeing of residents. To meet the demand, discussions were ongoing between the Leisure Department and local schools with their own pools on how these could be made available for public use.

The collection of statistical data was of mutual interest to the two contractors and the Active Ealing team as the data collected could be used for a number of different purposes including contributing to the planning of new facilities by showing demand for certain activities as well as providing the individual with greater understanding about how to be more physically active.

It was also stated that public sport and leisure facilities generally had a lifespan of between 25 and 30 years depending on a number of factors including level of use and original design and that any new facility was designed to accommodate people of all ages and abilities.

Mesba Ahmed, the Founder and Chief Executive of London Tigers, explained to the Panel the work of the organisation.

London Tigers registered as a charity in 2003, starting work originally in East and North London before expanding to Ealing. It is a charitable organisation that focuses on reaching out to disadvantaged groups in areas of known deprivation, working with hard to reach people.

London Tigers Sports Complex in Spikes Bridge Park opened in 2014 under a 25 year lease from the council, it has grass football and cricket facilities, an indoor hall that doubles as a dance studio and meeting room, a well-equipped kitchen and changing rooms, plus a dedicated car park. This new facility is home to London Tigers Development Centre’s for Football and Cricket with junior and senior teams playing at competitive level, a Youth Club for local youngsters, junior activity programmes as well as women’s fitness sessions.

London Tigers encourage children to take part in a wide range of activities and to become members of the sports clubs on site by promoting and running school holiday activity camps, as well as community projects and youth activities.

Some of the challenges faced at the sports complex included antisocial behaviour, vandalism through unauthorised usage and damage, drug misuse, prostitution, homeless people getting into the three minibuses and the need to replace the inherited low fencing on the 3G pitch.
London Tigers are working with the Police and the Council’s Parks Service to try to tackle these issues, one solution being the installation of CCTV cameras to act as a deterrent and to help reduce antisocial behaviour.
The original facility development project was used by Sport England as a case study for good practice and Councillors from other local authorities had visited the sports complex to learn about the successful Southall model in engaging the local community through sports and leisure activities.

Lee Doyle (Chief Executive Officer), Chris Barratt (Education Manager), Pete Shears (Head of Intervention) and Luke Skelhorn (Operations Director) of Brentford FC Community Sports Trust (BFCCST) informed the Committee of the work of BFCCST within the community. BFCCST work alongside Brentford Football Club and work in partnership with an extensive network of organisations, including both Hounslow and Ealing councils. The Trust is currently working with both councils on the Gunnersbury Park Sports Hub project and will be delivering a wide range of year round activities for people of all ages and abilities.

BFCCST is an organisation embedded in the community, employing nearly 100 staff to run a large portfolio of programmes across education, employability, sports participation, health and community engagement spanning over three decades. The Trust use the lure of sport to educate, motivate, heal and inspire people from all backgrounds.  For example, through sports they linked 40 young carers to local employers e.g. Hilton Hotel, Syon Park, etc. They had also helped identify undiagnosed conditions e.g. special education needs, emotional and behavioural issues, etc. in some young people and referred them to the appropriate professional services for the right individual support.

Sports and health related programmes currently being delivered in Ealing include school based pupil participation activities and teacher support, post 16 education in partnership with high schools and development programmes for 5 – 15 year olds. Community engagement projects include the Be Inspired and Parks Football projects in Northolt and Southall, as well as the Kickz project in Northolt. Education based projects include Brighter Futures in partnership with Ealing’s Safe Team and the Danny Fullbrook Journalism Project.

Projects working with young carers and people with disabilities and additional needs include the Ealing young carers support project, Deaf Volunteers project covering sports coaching and IT roles, support of local disability football clubs based in Perivale and Hanwell and support to Adult Deaf Clubs specifically a Women’s group in Greenford.

In recognition of this extensive and very successful community programme, BFCCST has won the ‘Football League Community Club of the Year’ award four times. Looking to the future BFCCST has recently, joined the European Football for Development Network and aligned its strategy with the United Nation’s sustainable development goals.

Some of the issues highlighted by Members included:

  • Acknowledged the need for continued partnership working in the sustainability of sports provision in the borough. 

  • Targeting of disability participation: heard that council funding had been cut in 2016, resulting in the loss of two officer posts providing specific programmes for older people and people with a disability or additional needs.  There is now only one member of staff whose role is to organise representative teams for the annual London Youth Games, host the Ealing Sports Awards and offer support to local voluntary sports clubs and other organisations promoting and delivering sport.

  • Partnership working sees the Council working in partnership with community-based clubs and organisations to promote opportunities for people to be active and play sport in Ealing. For example, the promotion of PACE Charitable Trust, who provide activities, Boccia in particular to people with disabilities and additional needs; the promotion of swimming lessons for people with a visual impairment run at  Northolt Leisure Centre, by Ealing Swimming Club, Everyone Active and Metro Blind Sport and supporting the Young Ealing Foundation to organise an open forum to discuss disability sport in Ealing.

  • The Warren Farm development will see QPR Community Sports Trust working in Ealing; BFCCST and QPR Trust have a very good working relationship and work well together furthering local community projects. It was noted that QPR had provided £250,000 to fund community projects as part of the warren Farm development.
  • Whether the school premium money could be used for activities involving young people – school decide how to spend this money appropriately. 
  • Promotion and publicity of the BFCCST programmes: heard that their marketing and communications officer undertook this with sustainability in mind so that activity promotion would continue if/when finite project funding came to an end e.g. websites, leaflets, social media, national publicity as well as via the housing and residents’ associations on estates.
  • School holiday camps: learnt that these were popular and often encouraged further interest especially from youngsters who may not usually take part in activity.
  • Girls and Women’s cricket teams: heard that London Tigers currently have 20-25 young girls (under 14 years old) playing cricket.
  • The need for the London Tigers to engage more with people living in social housing estates within the borough and that this would depend on securing funding to carry out this specific work.    


The Panel commended the presentations and the work of organisations in the local communities particularly with the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups.

Harjeet Bains, Scrutiny Review Officer, updated the Panel on their operations since the last meeting.


On Tuesday 12 November 2019, Councillors Burke and Nagpal attended the Let’s Go Southall summit at the Dominion Centre, 112 The Green, Southall, UB2 4BQ.


They informed the Panel that the Let’s Go Southall summit was a gathering to bring out a range of people across the community in Southall to explore opportunities for boosting physical activity in the area. The aim of the summit was to improve health by reaching out to the residents who were the ‘stay at home’ people. The summit brought out residents who were already active but nevertheless keeping active people motivated. Southall was a vibrant and energetic place and the Summit embraced get up and dance.


Members were informed by Members’ feedback that improving health and wellbeing in our neighborhoods was of vital importance to the residents and physical activity was a top priority.

The two Councillors were impressed with the event and even twittered to raise awareness.  However, there was still a need for more participation.  The bhangra exercise was well received as it signified that activity did not have to be boring.  However, it was acknowledged that Southall was a poor area with huge challenges e.g. high car usage in the area.  Several events involving the local GPs were being arranged to inform people of healthy living.


The following site visits were planned:


  • On Saturday 14 December 2019 at 12:00-16:00 – Annual Awards Ceremony of the PACE Charitable Trust at Havelock Community Centre, Southall.


  • On Friday 17 January 2020 at 16:00-18:00 - observe the sporting events for young carers that have been arranged by Brentford Football Club Community Sports Trust at the Horizons Education and Achievement Centre, Hanwell.


  • On Saturday 11 January 2020 (time tbc) -,

attend the London Tigers Sports Complex in Spikes Bridge Park, Southall.


  • On Saturday 11 January 2020 at 12:00-16:00 – attend multi-sport session

    involving young disabled people which is facilitated by the PACE Charitable

    Trust at the Havelock Community Centre, Southall.


  • On Wednesday 26 February 2020 at 18:00-19:00 – tour of the arts facilities at the Questors Theatre and/or the University of West London and thereafter hold the Panel meeting at one of these venues.


The Panel noted that the main item for consideration at the next meeting was the Arts Provision in the Borough. Invites were due to be sent out to representatives of the Arts Council, Ealing BEAT and The Culture Diary to give evidence on this topic.




  1. That the Panel noted and approved the Panel Operations report and Work Programme.

8 Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held on 26 February 2020.
The next meeting was due to take place at 7.00pm on Wednesday 26 February 2020.

The meeting ended at 9.30pm


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