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2 Mar 2021 - 19:00 to 22:00
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Standard Items

This meeting will be a virtual meeting and therefore will not take place in a physical location following regulations made under Section 78 of the Coronavirus Act 2020. This meeting can be viewed by following this link:



1 Apologies for Absence

To note any apologies for absence.



There were no apologies for absence.


2 Declarations of Interest

To note any declarations of interest made by members.



Councillor Bell declared that he was a member of the Transport for London Board. However he always recused himself from any decisions involving funding to local authorities, including Ealing, to prevent conflicts of interest.


Councillors Sharma and Sumner declared they had Council allotments, however these were not disclosable pecuniary interests so they would remain in the meeting when the Budget Strategy was discussed.


3 Matters to be Considered in Private

To determine whether items contain information that is exempt from disclosure by virtue of Part 1 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972.



There were no matters to be considered in private.


4 Minutes

To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 15 December 2020.



Resolved: That the minutes of the meeting held on 15 December 2020 are agreed as a correct record of proceedings.


5 Mayor's Announcements

The Mayor congratulated Councillor Nagpal on the birth of her son, and Councillor Sumner on the birth of his first grandchild.


The Mayor's had received his first COVID vaccination in January and had ensured that he had filmed and published the occasion on the Council's Facebook site to encourage others to get vaccinated.


Charity work undertaken by the Mayor had continued despite the COVID regulations. The Mayor had attended a virtual lockdown musical in aid of his chosen charity, the Descendants. He had also appeared in a thank you video for Ealing Together to thank residents for their hard work supporting their communities during the pandemic.



6 Questions from Members of the Public

Submitted under Council and Committee Procedure Rule 9. To consider any questions from members of the public, due notice having been received.


Mr Alastair Mitton asked the following question to Councillor Mahfouz, Cabinet Member for Finance and Leisure:


There is strong and widespread support for establishing Warren Farm (and surrounding Brent River Park Meadows) as a Local Nature Reserve. Noting the council's recently adopted Climate and Ecological Emergency Strategy, will the council now instruct officers to prepare a report on the Brent River and Canal Society's vision, which includes options for public access and a nature reserve?


Councillor Mahfouz responded:


The Council is currently drafting a sports facilities strategy which will review the strategic need for sports facilities across the Borough, including Southall.


On that basis we can't rule out the use of Warren Farm sports ground for community sports facilities provision in the future.


We are aware of the local campaign in support of a nature reserve in this location and in my opinion, there is a real opportunity to collaborate to support both the climate emergency strategy and sport strategy by respecting public access and promoting biodiversity.


7 Questions from Members of the Council
To deal with questions of which notice has been given in accordance with Rule 10 of the Council and Committee Procedure Rules.

Councillor Rice asked Councillor Mahfouz:


How much would the government have had to spend to ensure no resident in Ealing faced a Council Tax increase in April?


Councillor Mahfouz responded:


Mr Mayor this is a very important question. Ealing Labour has delivered 10 years of council tax freezes for this borough – if we had a choice, we would not be raising council tax.


The truth is that Tory government funding has assumed that every local authority will raise council tax this year. They’ve given us so little funding that we were faced with a choice between compromising support for the most vulnerable or raising council tax.


This is a Tory council tax bombshell. The direct result of a decade of austerity in local government and now on top of that, a broken promise to refund the cost of responding to a health crisis unprecedented in our lifetimes.


The answer to the question is £7.2 million.


Councillor Ball asked Councillor Bell:


How many London councils have removed or announced that they are removing LTNs?


Councillor Bell responded:


Mr Mayor, it’s a shame to be presented with a question tonight that could have been answered by google.


The council doesn’t keep a comprehensive list, but officers are aware that the following Boroughs have removed LTNs:


Sutton: 5 LTNs withdrawn but plans to re-consult on 2 of them.


 Croydon 1 LTN withdrawn, but are considering options to reinstate it


 Wandsworth: 6 LTNs withdrawn with no plans to reintroduce them


 Redbridge: 2 withdrawn with no plans to reintroduce them


Councillor Dabrowska asked Councillor J Anand:


Do you agree with me that closing the Stirling Rd Waste and Recycling Centre in Acton will cause real inconvenience to the people of Acton and Southfields?


Councillor J Anand responded:


Mr Mayor, Councillor Dabrowska knows that this one of the measures we are having to take to balance the council budget.


While we will always be as ambitious as we can for Ealing, there are things in this package that we didn’t want to do because of the huge savings targets we are faced with.


Mr Mayor, if Councillor Dabrowska would like to reverse any of the cost savings plans we’ve been forced to make, she is welcome to join the Ealing Labour campaign against Tory austerity. She would be very welcome, and if she still has Alex Stafford and Joy Morrissey’s phone numbers she might even be able to take the campaign to Tories in Westminster.


Councillor Tailor asked Councillor Rai:


Would the portfolio holder tell us the current status of the South African variant of Covid-19 and vaccinations in Ealing?


Councillor Rai responded:


As part of the national NHS Test and Trace programme, a case of the South African variant of the Covid virus was detected in Ealing that was not related to any travel abroad. As a response, a number of interventions were carried out locally with the aim of containing the spread of this variant in the community.


A total of 8,968 COVID-19 tests have been completed and returned for testing. Any samples found to be positive for coronavirus by NHS Test and Trace have been sent off for further analysis to determine which strain of the virus those people had. The council is awaiting confirmation of the results of this extra testing by NHS Test and Trace.

We would like to thank the population of Ealing for their support and engagement in these interventions. Stay-at-home messages were re-enforced across Ealing and particularly in the area where to variant occurred and tracing of contacts helped individuals to self-isolate to prevent spread.


People living and working in the immediate vicinity to the individual infected with the SA variant were asked to test using home test kits. 90% of the targeted population engaged in this exercise.


Following the identification of further unlinked cases of the SA variant in Ealing, we have now started a second phase of local interventions.


These interventions aim at containing any further spread of the variant and generally support trying to bring down rates as low as possible before the national restrictions are eased.


The main interventions are communication of stay-at-home messages, a wide range of intensified testing offers locally including testing for people with symptoms, testing for asymptomatic individuals who have to leave the house for essential trips, such as work.


We are now planning for the integration of asymptomatic testing in schools and the community to enable the next steps of the roadmap for the lifting of restrictions, beginning with the opening of schools.


68,371 people have been vaccinated in Ealing via PCN sites, including you Mr Mayor! I want to reiterate that the vaccine is safe, tested by some of the best scientists in the world and will help protect people from Covid-19. I urge everyone to get their vaccine as soon as they are eligible.


We’re delighted that the NHS has rolled out the vaccine effectively and will continue to do what we can to support it.


This is a welcome change from the government lagging behind on testing and providing such confusing advice over the last few months.


Councillor Kumar asked Councillor Rai:


To date, how many people have been vaccinated against Covid-19 in the borough?


Councillor Rai responded:


In Ealing, 68,371 vaccinations have been delivered through numerous centres since December. These include Ealing Town Hall, the Dominion Centre, CP house in Ealing, as well as care homes and housebound residents. In addition to GP practices, some local pharmacies have been providing Covid vaccinations.


You will all know that nine cohorts have been identified and prioritised by the government and we are currently vaccinating Cohort 5/ 6 - the overs 65’s and the 18-56 high risk group.


You will be notified of your vaccination coming up by your GP. If you are in one of the cohorts of over 65s or are in a high-risk group and have not heard from your GP, please call your practice.


Just to give you some idea of the reach of the vaccination programme - in the over 80’s category, just under 80% have been vaccinated and for the over75’s – the number sits at 86.2% and over 70’s its 86.3%.


In terms of health and social care staff just over 4, 321 have been vaccinated out of a total of 7,945.


We continue to distribute vaccination information jointly with NHS partners through all channels of communication and through local community engagement networks.


The Council have delivered a series of Covid-19 information sessions with voluntary sector, faith leaders, care home managers and council staff, in order to provide opportunities for discussion, sharing facts about vaccine and its development and sharing where to find sources of information, including translated materials and videos, to promote to the community.


Outreach and pop-up clinics are planned to reach into sections of the local community.


First pilot for homeless people was also completed last week with 30 people being vaccinated and of course we want to make sure that this vaccination programme is inclusive and plans are being drawn up to make sure we maximise our reach.


We are now looking at how we may be able to deliver a more mobile vaccination service to make sure that we vaccinate those residents that are vaccine hesitant or unable to access the service through the usual channels. That’s not to say that some work has already been undertaken through the media.


Councillor Dhadwal asked Councillor J Anand:


Can the Portfolio holder comment on the council's stance with regards to the Farmers Protest in India?


Councillor J Anand responded:


Thank you for your question Cllr Dhadwal. You have raised an issue that is of real concern to many residents of Ealing. We have all watched these protests of historically unprecedented size, in which many of the Borough’s residents have family or friends participating. There is concern locally about the heavy-handed way in which the Indian police have approached these protests, as well as the impact that the proposed reforms will have on property rights of ancestral land in India.


At Ealing Council, we aim to Educate, Amplify and Support the concerns raised by residence of our Borough who have witnessed the harsh treatment of Farmers peacefully protesting against Three New Agricultural Bills.


Firstly, it is important to highlight, this is not just an Indian issue. Nor is it religiously motivated. This impacts everyone around the world. Simply put, without Farmers there is no Food.


This is the Largest Protest in History, and includes Women, Men, Children and elderly from all backgrounds demanding a response from the Indian Government. Questions arose, when three new Laws were agreed undemocratically.


It is nearly six months since peaceful protests first began across India. The “Andolan” meaning demonstration, seems to be showing no signs of abating. The concerns raised by Farmers across India, have been met with harsh Police brutality to control crowds of Farmers who were questioning these reforms. Severe methods of crowd control from tear gas, water cannons, physical assault and “Lathi Charge” have been witnessed across the world. There has been no justification behind such strong methods of dispersal. This raises concerns, to all who are watching on the Human Rights and the Freedom of Speech of Farmers, who are directly impacted by these new reforms.
Human Rights violations have been highlighted throughout this protest, from the prevention of basic food and water supply to protestors, cutting the internet and the pushing out false media, to isolate the communication of peaceful protestors. It is only through the power of Social Media, and the voices of all concerned that we are here today discussing such a relevant issue for our generation.


In December, both myself and the leader of the council wrote to the Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, expressing those concerns on behalf of our residents, particularly those with ties to the states of Punjab and Haryana. We urged Mr Raab to make urgent representations to the Indian High Commissioner, asking for a moderation of the approach being taken by the Indian government in response to these protests. We also called on him to ask for an opening of political dialogue to resolve the underlying dispute so as to protect the long-established rights and interests of many British Indian residents of Ealing and other parts of the UK.


Unfortunately, we have yet to receive a response from the Foreign Secretary, but we will continue to use what influence we have to make those requests.


We entirely understand the strong feelings raised by these proposed reforms. However, we would also strongly urge that anyone in Ealing who wants to make their views heard does so through forms of protest, that comply with the current Covid restrictions in order to help protect public health locally.


Let us put this in context, this is believed to be the biggest protest in history, and whilst our understanding of the issues in the UK is somewhat lacking – we need to acknowledge that as a global citizen we need to stand in solidarity with those who face oppression and violence.


Councillor Young asked Councillor Mahfouz:


In the past five years, how much has the GLA precept gone up?
Please quantify by percentage and actual amount.


Councillor Mahfouz responded:


Mr Mayor, this question perfectly demonstrates the parallel universe the Ealing Tories live in.


The GLA precept is going up to make up for a decrease in Tory government funding, just as local authorities all over the country are being forced to raise council tax.


If the Ealing Tories are this concerned about raising the GLA precept, they should speak to their mates in Westminster. Two of their ex colleagues once sat in our council chamber.


Why not ask them to advocate for families up and down this country who have suffered through the appalling management of Covid, only to be faced by a tax increase because the government has failed to fund the pandemic response.

Year GLA Band D precept (£) Increase(£)   Increase (%)
 2016/17  276.00    
 2017/18  280.02  4.02  1.5%
 2018/19  294.23  14.21  5.1%
 2019/20  320.51  26.28  8.9%
 2020/21  332.07  11.56  3.6%
 2021/22  363.66  31.59  9.5%




The 2021-22 Budget Strategy and Council Tax Resolution was moved by Councillor Mahfouz and seconded by Councillor Bell.


Councillor Steed moved and Councillor Malcolm seconded the following amendment (additions in bold):


1.2 Notes the strong public outcry over the proposal to close Stirling Road waste and recycling centre.


1.3 Considers and approves the Revenue Budget for 2021/22 as summarised in Appendix 1, subject to permanently retaining the Stirling Road waste and recycling centre at a total revenue cost of £173k to be funded:


a. in 2021/22 by increasing the savings in the Marketing and Communications budget to 10% to realise an additional saving of £42k plus reductions in councillors' basic allowances and special responsibility allowances of £20k;


b. in 2022/23 by further reductions in councillors' basic allowances and special responsibility allowances of £111k; and


c. by reprofiling the proposed £9k reversal scheduled for 2023/24 and 2024/25 to be due in 2022/23.


Councillors Mahfouz, Bell, Young, Steed, Malcolm, Stafford, G Mann, Millican, Ball, Dhindsa, Dabrowska, J Anand, Kumar, Rai, Sumner, Driscoll, Camadoo-Rothwell, Johnson and Rice debated the report.


A vote was taken and the amendment FELL.


In accordance with Council Procedure Rule 16.7 (Recorded vote required on full council budget decisions), a recorded vote was taken on the recommendations within the budget report with the votes recorded as follows.


FOR: Councillors


M. Ahmed, J. Anand, P. Anand, Anjum, Bell, Blacker, Block, Burke, Camadoo-Rothwell, Chohan, Conlan, Costigan, Cox, D. Crawford, K. Crawford, Dheer, Dhindsa, Donnelly, Driscoll, Gordon, Jammu, Johnson, Kaur – Dheer, Kelly, Lusuardi, Mahfouz, Mahmood, G. Mann, R. Mann, Manro, Martin, Mason, Midha, Mohan, Murtagh, Nagpal, Rai, Raza, Rice, Rooney, Sahota, Sabiers, Sharma, Shaw, Summers, Tailor, L. Wall, R. Wall, and Woodroofe.


AGAINST: Councillors


Ball, Busuttil, Dabrowska, Kumar, Malcolm, Millican, Stafford, Steed, Sumner and Young.


ABSTENTIONS: Councillor Gulaid.


Resolved: That Council


1. Considered and approved the Revenue Budget for 2021/22 as summarised in Appendix 1.


2. Considered the advice of the Chief Finance Officer (Section 151) on the levels of reserves and robustness of estimates in setting the budget as required by Section 25 of the Local Government Act 2003 (Appendix 0, section 11).


3. Noted the financial risks and pressures set out in the report to Cabinet of 9 February 2021 (Appendix 0, section 4 and section 15).


4. Approved the Parking Account 2021/22 (Appendix 0, paragraph 5.11 and Appendix 5).


5. Approved the draft Schools budget of £288.006m and agreed that any changes to the budget reasonably required as a result of the final 2021/22 DSG settlement be delegated for decision to the Executive Director of Children, Adults & Public Health following consultation with the Chief Finance Officer (Section 151) (Appendix 0, section 7).


6. Approved for the Chief Finance Officer (Section 151) to agree appropriate actions to comply with the revised DSG guidance, including agreeing the appropriate Deficit Recovery plan for DSG (Appendix 0, section 7).


7.Noted that the General Fund balance was scheduled to remain the same at £15.919m for 2021/22 and noted the forecast levels of earmarked reserves (Appendix 0, section 11 and Appendix 10).


8. Noted the total savings of £11.142m, of which £2.514m related to General Fund (Appendix 0, paragraph 5.2.6 and Appendix 2 ) and £14.829m of growth held centrally (Appendix 0, paragraph 5.2.2) approved by Cabinet through the budget review processes for the period of the refreshed MTFS 2021/22 to 2024/25.


9. Approved the new General Fund capital programme additions totalling £7.395m (Appendix 0, paragraph 9.3 and Appendix 6).


10. Approved the revised Capital Programme of £1,120.420m (before additions), as set out in Appendix 0 (section 9) and Appendix 7.


11.  Approved the Treasury Management Strategy including the associated Prudential Indicators and Annual Investment Strategy (Appendix 0, section 10 and Appendix 9).


12. Approved the Treasury Management Policy Statement (Appendix 9).


13. Noted the Chief Finance Officer (Section 151) will implement the Treasury Management Strategy under existing officer delegated powers (Appendix 9).


14. Approved the Minimum Revenue Provision (MRP) policy (Appendix 9).


15. Noted that the Council manages the cash on behalf of the Pension Fund and West London Waste Authority in accordance with the Treasury Management Strategy (Appendix 9).


16. Approved the Capital Strategy (Appendix 8).


17. Approved the Flexible Capital Receipts policy (Appendix 8).


18. Noted the allowed increases in the social care precept and the referendum limit of the council (Appendix 0, paragraph 5.7.2).


19. Approved officer recommendation of an increase of 3% for the Social Care Precept and an increase of 1.99% for Council Tax in 2021/22 (Appendix 0, paragraph 4.5.1).


20. Noted the Greater London Authority (GLA) Band D precept of £363.66 for 2021/22 (Appendix 0, paragraph 5.6.2).


21. Noted that the Chief Finance Officer (Section 151) calculated under delegated authority on 31 January 2021 the amount of 117,138.0 as the Council Tax Base, being the number of properties in Bands A-H in the Borough, expressed as an equivalent number of Band D units for the year 2021/22; in accordance with regulation 3 of the Local Authorities Calculation of Council Tax Base Regulations 1992 as amended made under Section 335 and 344 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 (Appendix 0, paragraph 5.7).


22. Noted the forecast Collection Fund position for 2020/21 (Appendix 0, paragraph 5.8).


23. Noted the Council’s share of the business rates income forecast for 2021/22, as approved by the Chief Finance Officer (Section 151) (Appendix 0, paragraph 5.9.1 and Appendix 1).


24. Approved charge of an additional 300% premium on top of standard council tax for properties which have been empty for more than 10 years with effect from 1st April 2021 (Appendix 0, paragraph 5.7.7).


25. Approved the current Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme to continue for the financial year 2021/22 (paragraph 5.7.14, Appendix 0).


26. Approved and supported the payment of council tax by agreeing to fund the Council Tax payable by Ealing care leavers taking up accommodation within the Borough and which would be administered through a local council tax discretionary discount scheme under Section 13A(1)(c) of Local Government Finance Act 1992 (paragraph 5.7.21).


27. In respect of the calculation and setting of Council Tax, the Council considered and approved: 1) the council tax requirement for the Council’s own purposes for 2021/22 is £152,395,321 [Item R in the formula in Section 31B of Local Government Finance Act 1992, as amended (the “Act”)] 2) acceptance of the social care precept 3% on council tax; 3) a basic amount of council tax at Band D for Ealing’s services for 2021/22 of £1,300.99 - a 3% increase for the social care precept and a 1.99% increase for Ealing’s share; and 4) an overall Band D council tax of £1,664.65 including the GLA precept.


28. Agreed the calculations as set out in Table 1 below for 2021/22 that has been prepared in accordance with Sections 31A and 31B of the amended Local Government Finance Act (LGFA) 1992:



 Aggregate of the amounts which the Council estimates for the items set out in Section 31A (2) (a) to (f) of the LGFA 1992

(a) = Council's gross expenditure and transfers to reserves


 Aggregate of the amounts which the Council estimates for the items set out in Section 31A (3) (a) to (d) of the LGFA 1992 

(b) = Council's gross income and transfers from reserves. This includes RSG and surpluses transferred from the Collection Fund. 


 Calculation of the council tax requirement under section 31A (4), being the amount by which the sum aggregated at (A) (above) exceeds the aggregate of (B) (above).

(c) = Council's council tax requirement. 




29. Agreed the calculation of the basic amount of council tax required is as follows (see Table 2), calculated by dividing the council tax requirement by the council tax base for 2021/22 (referred to as Items R and T respectively, in Section 31B of the LGFA 1992 (amended)):


   Council Tax Requirement (see Table 1 (C) £152,395,321  
 (D)  Council tax base for 2021/22   £117,138.0
 (E)  Tax per Band D Property  £1,300.99



30. Agreed the calculation made in accordance with Section 36 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992, the following amounts for Ealing's services in 2021/22 (see Table 3). These being the amounts given by multiplying the amount shown as ‘Tax per Band D Property’ (Table 2 above) by the number which, in the proportion set out in Section 5(1) of the Act, is applicable to dwellings listed in a particular valuation band divided by the number which in that proportion is applicable to dwellings listed in valuation Band D, as the amounts to be taken into account for the year in respect of categories of dwellings listed in different valuation bands.


31. Noted that for 2021/22 the GLA, the major Precepting Authority, has stated the following amounts of precepts issued to the Council, in accordance with Section 40 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992, for each of the categories of dwellings shown in Table 3 below.


Valuation Band A B C D E F H
 Banding Factor 6/9 7/9 8/9 9/9 11/9 13/9 15/9 18/9
 Ealing's Council Tax  £867.33 £1,011.88  £1,156.44 £1,300.99 £1,590.10 £1,879.20 £2,168.32 £2,601.98 
 GLA Precept  £242.44  £282.85 £323.25   £363.66  £444.47  £525.29 £606.10   £727.32
 2021/22 Total Council Tax  £1,109.77  £1,294.73  £1,479.69  £1,664.65  £2,034.57  £2,404.49  £2,774.42  £3,329.30



32. Having calculated the aggregate in each case of the amounts in recommendations 1.31 and 1.32 above, in accordance with Section 30(2) of the Local Government Finance Act 1992, approved the amounts in Table 3 to be set as the amounts of council tax for 2020/21 for each of the categories of dwellings, as set out in table above.


33. Determines that, with reference to principles approved by the Secretary of State under Section 52ZB and 52ZC of the Local Government Finance Act 1992, the level of council tax for Ealing is not excessive and as such no referendum is required (Appendix 0, paragraph 5.7.2).


34. Determines that, as the billing authority, the Council has not been notified by the GLA that its relevant basic amount of council tax for 2020/21 is excessive and therefore the Council is not required to hold a referendum in accordance with Section 52ZK of the Local Government Finance Act 1992.




Resolved: That Council


  1. Noted and had regard to the report and recommendations of the London Councils’ independent panel, ‘The Remuneration of Councillors in London 2018'.

  2. Approved the proposed Ealing Members’ Allowances Scheme for 2021/22, as set out in Appendix 1 to this report.



Resolved: That full Council


  1. Approved the proposed Ealing Members’ Allowances Scheme for 2021/22, as set out in Appendix 1 to this report.

  2. Agreed that the Constitution be amended to reflect the revised Code as approved.

  3. Noted and supported the proposal to change the pre-application process to enhance transparency by publishing pre-application material at the time that a formal planning application is submitted for the proposed development.



Resolved: That full Council


  1. Approved the attached Pay Policy Statement (appendix 1) and noted the supporting appendices 2, 3, 4 and 5.

  2. Approved a policy, for 2021-22, to pay the real Living Wage ({rLW} formerly known as the London Living Wage [LLW]) rate or above to direct employees (whether permanent or fixed term) and to ensure agency workers are paid the rLW. The rLW will be paid for the time periods during which employees are carrying out what might be described as (for example) the normal duties of the post. However, it will not be paid for the time periods on which employees are on a standby shift, or a sleep-in shift, and not carrying out the normal duties of the post.

  3. Noted that decisions on proposed remuneration packages of £100,000 and above will be determined by Chief Officer Panel, in accordance with their existing terms of reference.

  4. Commended to Governing Bodies of Schools that they 11 Page 311 of 3582 consider paying the rLW rate to schools based employees (whether permanent or fixed term) and to agency workers working in Schools.



The following amendment was moved by Councillor Millican and seconded by Councillor Ball:


Agrees that the new Victoria Hall Trust Committee has five three councillor members and three five independent fully voting members


A vote was taken and the amendment fell.


Resolved: That full Council


  1. Considered the contents of this report.

  2. Approved the changes to the constitution set out in the appendix.

  3. Noted that the recommendations of this report, with regard to the Victoria Hall Trust, are put forward on the recommendation of the General Purposes Committee.

  4. Thanked the General Purposes Committee for its extensive and diligent work as the Victoria Hall Trust.

  5. Agreed that the new Victoria Hall Trust Committee has five councillor members and three independent fully voting members.

  6. Appointed Ms Dippy Chaudhary and Mr Ian Patterson as independent members of the Victoria Hall Trust Committee, both for a term of four years from 2nd March 2021.

  7. Authorised the Director of Legal and Democratic Services, following consultation with the party whips, to recruit and appoint a third independent member of the Victoria Hall Trust Committee, following an open recruitment process.


13 Appointments to Committees and Other Bodies
To approve appointments to Committees and Other bodies (circulated separately).

Resolved: That


  1. Councillor Deirdre Costigan replaces Councillor Kamaljit Dhindsa on Licensing Committee.

  2. Councillor Kamaljit Dhindsa replaces Councillor Peter Mason on the Chief Officer Appointments Panel.

  3. Councillors Kamaljit Kaur Nagpal (Chair), Miriam Rice, Gareth Shaw, Ranjit Dheer and Nigel Sumner are appointed to the Victoria Hall Trust Committee.


14 Urgent key decisions exempted from call-in

The following key decisions have been exempted from call-in since the last meeting of council: 

a) Local Restrictions Support (Open) & (Closed) Grant Schemesand Christmas Support for Wet-Led Pubs Scheme (CSP)

Reason for urgency: 

  •  The government have issued this fund for the purpose of emergency payments to support businesses affected by Covid-19.
  • We are under pressure from central government to ensure payments are provided to affected businesses as soon as practicable and we will have to provide weekly progress updates via Delta which will then be reported back nationally by BEIS/CLG in public environment.
  • The report is late because the government only confirmed the scheme, the conditions that apply to it, and the funds available under it, within the last few days.


b) COVID-19 Community Testing Support Measures

Reason for urgency:

  • The council has been successful in its bid for government funding to set up and run an asymptomatic COVID 19 testing programme across the borough. 
  • The council needs to engage a third-party contractor to deliver the service on its behalf. An urgent decision is required in order to put the contract in place, mobilise the service within the binding deadlines set by government, take all required ancillary measures, and to meet the council’s aspirations to do its part to halt the spread of this devastating disease.


c) Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) Support for BusinessesAffected by Covid Impacts

Reason for urgency:

  • The government had issued this fund for the purpose of emergency payments to support businesses affected by Covid-19
  • The Council was under pressure from central government to ensure payments were provided to affected businesses as soon as practicable and we would have to provide weekly progress updates via Delta which would then be reported back nationally by BEIS/CLG in public environment 
  • The report was late because the government only confirmed the final scheme, the conditions that apply to it, and the funds available under it, within the last few days.



Resolved: That the urgent key decisions exempted from call-in be noted.


15 Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on 27 April 2021.



The next meeting was scheduled to take place on 27 April 2021.


Declarations of Interests

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No declarations of interest have been entered for this meeting.


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